[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 6

This episode was really about how something so mundane can affect a person’s life be it for good or bad. Mu-Yeol faces his harshest challenges yet and we also get a glimpse into our main characters’ pasts and how they came to love baseball.

As Eun-Jae leans in to kiss Mu-Yeol, Mu-Yeol’s eyes open slightly, but her eyes open even wider. They stare at each other for a few minutes before Mu-Yeol falls asleep again. In the danger zone, she quickly grabs all her belongings and run out the door; she doesn’t even bother wearing her shoes, just grab and run! She stands out the in the hallway and berates herself.

Episode 6: A pitcher who gets substituted (Gang Pan) before taking the mound.

[In general, it means quitting something involuntarily.]

Mu-Yeol wakes up and thinks that it must have been a dream.

The next morning, Eun-Jae is hesitant to ring the doorbell of Mu-Yeol’s apartment, but she didn’t have to as Mu-Yeol opens the door. Mu-Yeol laughs when the door hits her and asks why she is just standing there. Then he gets concerned, thinking it’s a hard hit (aww he cares!), however Eun-Jae responds with a why which causes him to say he’s not going to bite her.

Eun-Jae asks how he’s feeling and he still feels dizzy. He asked her when she left which causes her to look alarmed, but no need to be, the cold was really strong.

Two baseball players ask Dong-Su if he got what they wanted, but he says not yet since the team has a budget right now. Dong-Su’s two former teammates greet him awkwardly before leaving to hit the showers. The two talk about how weird it is for Dong-Su to be manager since he was always their sunbae (senior); maybe the Director did this to show what would happen if they did terrible? Mu-Yeol overhears all of this and looks sad about it. He goes over to where Dong-Su is and sets up a hangout at Marilyn’s at 7. Reporter Go, who is using the computer, overhears this.

Reporter Go heads over to Marilyn’s earlier and disguises himself as being in the chauffeur service and handing out memo pads. The owner is busy putting on makeup and just tells the worker (Hong Jong Hyun, yay!) to let Reporter Go do his work. He goes into a room marked reserved and places a direct transmitter in there. He sits in his car to see if the device works and it’s loud and clear. He looks at the pictures of Yumi, thinking he’s got it in the bag this time.

Mu-Yeol walks in and is greeted by the owner happily, the worker looks at him for a few moments. Eun-Jae sees Mu-Yeol staring at her lips which cause her to get fidgety, but he just wanted to tell her that her lips were bleeding. She should take care of herself since she’s a girl even though she looks like a man (ouch). Eun-Jae tells him to get her some stuff, but he doesn’t hear it as he’s preoccupied with checking his phone. Dong-Su finally comes and Reporter Go puts on the ear phones.

Dong-Su apologizes for being late due to not knowing how to use excel. Mu-Yeol tells Eun-Jae to leave and Reporter Go expects him to talk about the previous incident. However what Mu-Yeol wanted to discuss was about Dong-Su being manager; he wants him to quit since it’s hard on Dong-Su and the team. Mu-Yeol offers him a new job at a shoe store that he’s a sponsor for. If it’s a money issue, Mu-Yeol wants to help him with that, but that’s not it. Dong-Su’s doing this because he likes baseball. Reporter Go looks defeated as this wasn’t what he wanted. Mu-Yeol tells him to at least listen to the president of shoe company since he’s coming here right now, but Dong-Su can’t; he left in the middle of work to meet him.

Dong-Su leaves and Reporter Go greets him, however he just walks away. Meanwhile, Eun-Jae is busy taking selcas (self camera) to see that Dong-Su left and the waiter was walking into the room. There’s a loud crash so Eun-Jae runs in to see the waiter severely beaten up by Mu-Yeol who’s very angry. The show must love Reporter Go for the both of us as Reporter Go sees police cars suddenly pull up to Marilyn’s. He’s able to get some shots of Mu-Yeol being arrested and getting into the police car.

Reporter Go offers to take the injured waiter to the hospital. At the police station, people are shocked to see the famous baseball player being there. The police officers do the standard conduct of writing down identification, but even if Mu-Yeol refuses to say anything, they know who he is. The waiter was punched because he swore first. In the car, Reporter Go does his own interrogation and from the waiter, he learns that Mu-Yeol just punched him without any reason. Reporter Go thinks that maybe Mu-Yeol is bad after all.

Mu-Yeol and Eun-Jae walk out of the police station; he decides not to call Tae-Han because he’ll just get mad. Plus, it’ll be done with once Mu-Yeol reaches an agreement with the other party. They go back to see the bar owner who tries to contact Reporter Go for information about which hospital the waiter is at, but Reporter Go ignores her call on purpose.

The waiter has some cracked ribs and will be hospitalized for five weeks which is the perfect opportunity for Reporter Go to get some more information. He finally introduces himself, not as a chauffeur, but a reporter. Reporter Go acts as his representative and asks what the waiter wants from Mu-Yeol aside from the hospital fees and heartfelt apology. The waiter isn’t sure what he wants since he’s not familiar with this kind of situation.

Mu-Yeol and Eun-Jae are back at his apartment, but Eun-Jae leaves. She tells him not to use his fists so much next time and he just nods. When she’s gone, he thinks back to what happened and how the waiter whispered something (which is inaudible to us).

Reporter Go is telling his company that he has big news. He seems to have something against Mu-Yeol since he’s so focused on Mu-Yeol’s downfall. The news hits town the next day with ajusshi calling Eun Jae’s brother, Chang-Ho, to celebrate. On the other side, things are not looking so good as Tae-Han finds out about it also through the newspaper. Tae-Han wants to know what exactly happened at the bar. Meanwhile, Eun-Jae is bombarded with reporters while on her way to picking up Mu-Yeol. She bursts out in anger and psychs them out before heading inside.

Tae-Han and Reporter Go get information from Mu-Yeol and the waiter respectively. Mu-Yeol claims that the waiter said something first while the waiter says Mu-Yeol just started punching him. Mu-Yeol says that he wasn’t even drunk while the waiter says he was. Mu-Yeol says he swore, but the waiter states why would he swear at someone he doesn’t know. Basically, their claims are conflicting with each others.

Tae-Han does damage control and tries to prevent the claim of Mu-Yeol being violent because of drunkenness. He also plays up the fact that the victim is not able to be contacted. Reporter Go stays with the waiter and we find out he has no parents.

Mu-Yeol and Eun-Jae are stuck but they devised a plan to get him out by having Mu-Yeol disguise as a delivery guy and Eun-Jae sneaking out later. They also make use of the actual delivery guy to dress up as Mu-Yeol. They head over to Dong-Su’s place and Mu-Yeol wants to know if he knows the waiter because Mu-Yeol thinks the waiter knows him. Woo-Hyeon and Su-Young come back, the reporters are at their home now.

Reporter Go takes a little trip to the waiter’s home. By the way, the waiter’s name is Seo Yoon-Yi. Yoon-Yi lives with his grandma in a small home and looks very studious. Reporter Go takes a pitiful picture of Yoon Yi’s grandmother in front of a cross…boy, he sure has PR skills.

Tae-Han checks on the situation with the people working on PR, another article has come up about how tuition fees increase causes a student to drop out, pretty much a sob story on the victim. Meanwhile, Moo-Yeol is sulking in the car with Eun-Jae, wondering why these things always happen to him. She tells him that flies go to where places smell and he shakes his head at her analogy. Eun-Jae thought he would be used to all the criticism by now. Mu-Yeol would have held back, but the person criticized not just him, but other people. She said he still should have held it in, Mu-Yeol gets his point across when he says something bad about Son Dong-Ryul (Seagull’s pitcher).

Eun-Jae wonders what if he can’t play baseball anymore, he’ll probably be in prison or something which reminds Mu-Yeol of Babe Ruth’s comment so that must make Mu-Yeol on the same level as the Great Bambino. Eun-Jae jokes, does he mean Babe the pig? This earns her a little face smooshing (hehehe cute). Eun-Jae decides to sneak Mu-Yeol into her place, at least he’ll have someplace to go.

Dong-Su discusses with Tae-Han the situation and at this rate, Mu-Yeol will probably have to do community service. Tae-Han couldn’t find any information about Yoon-Yi and the only source is Reporter Go.

Back at Eun-Jae’s house, Mu-Yeol is reluctant to wear this cute Seagulls sweater with a monkey on a scooter. A monkey. On a scooter. How can he not want to wear that?! Mu-Yeol thinks it would be better to just wear nothing, which Dong-Ah can live with; she thinks it’s a good idea (LOVE HER). Eun-Jae pets Dong-Ah’s head, telling her good job, but she has no idea what Eun-Jae is talking about (hahaha).

Tae-Han goes over to Eun-Jae’s house and reports that they might find Yoon-Yi’s whereabouts soon. Mu-Yeol doesn’t know what “whereabouts” means so Tae-Han explains it means “where he’s at” (haha, oh poor baby, baseball’s really all he’s got). Once they find him, they’ll need to make an agreement, but first, food! Eun-Jae orders some Chinese food and just as the delivery guy comes, her family comes back.

Dong-Ah ends up throwing the shoes at Mr. Robot, who catches it with precision, and the two boys hide behind her bookcases.Mu-Yeol paid for the food too since the two girls didn’t have any money; during that scene, I love how Mr. Robot was protecting himself from being violated like Mu-Yeol was by Eun-Jae. It doesn’t help when Tae-Han opens up a cookbook too.  The two guys are hungry, but they can only hide and watch them eat as Eun-Jae’s family also curses Mu-Yeol. The family notes that Eun-Jae has changed since she “used to start her day cursing at Mu-Yeol and end it by cursing at Mu-Yeol” (haha). Dong-Ah changes the topic before they make Eun-Jae curse at Mu-Yeol.

Dong-Su goes and visit a Seagulls baseball player who used to play baseball with Reporter Go until middle school. Reporter Go stopped when he had a shoulder injury while riding a bike down the hill; a little boy came out of nowhere and Reporter Go ended up tearing ligaments.

Reporter Go visits Yoon-Yi and asks if he knew Mu-Yeol from baseball or somewhere else. Yoon-Yi doesn’t know Mu-Yeol at all. Reporter Go decides to help Yoon-Yi get a lot of money so he can go back to school. When Reporter Go leaves, Yoon-Yi takes out a photo of Mu-Yeol with his eyes stabbed out, the same one that Yumi got too. When a baseball rolls to Reporter Go at the hospital, he tries to throw it back, but it hurts so he ends up rolling it (it must be hard when you can’t do something you like).

Dong-Su meets with Reporter Go to ask him for a favor about Mu-Yeol because Mu-Yeol only has baseball. Reporter Go says that’s what all baseball players say, however, it’s different for Mu-Yeol. When he was younger, he was so pressured by his mother academically that he ended up not talking in Grade 2 and became a recluse, he even injured himself. The doctor told him to play baseball and that was when Mu-Yeol found something he loved. Mu-Yeol might have died or gone crazy had he not found baseball.

Eun-Jae wakes up to find Mu-Yeol practicing his swings and there’s this silent moment where she just admires how hard he works.

Dong-Su continues to tell the story of how his mom told him to stop playing baseball when he got better, but he still had to. After many fights, she told him to choose baseball or her, at that time, he was only 12. Eventually his parents divorced. After he finishes his story, he asks Reporter Go to not publish the story. Reporter Go is still reluctant, he’s bitter about how his life turned out and wondered constantly if he hadn’t turn the handle and just run the little boy over, his life could have been different.

Mu-Yeol finishes practicing and nearly gets scared to death by Eun-Jae who is huddled on the ground. He’s wiping his sweat on a Seagulls towel when he asks why they cheer for that team when they used to live in Choong Nam.

Eun-Jae: There was a time when things were hard for our family. At that time, we happened to see a baseball game. The Blue Seagulls were losing by a lot. A thought came to me though I don’t know how. Right at this moment…if the Seagulls win, then we’ll be okay as well. And… the seagulls won the game. It doesn’t really make sense, but…

Mu-Yeol: You’re right. Sometimes…a baseball game can save someone.

He hands her back the towel and ruffles her hair before saying goodnight. Reporter Go has a hard time putting on right arm in his long sleeve without being in pain, but he does it and starts typing his news article on Mu-Yeol.

Eun-Jae is washing the dishes when Chang-Ho asks her if she had seen his favorite sweater with the bear on it. She pretends to not know and he decides to look for it elsewhere. Meanwhile, ajusshi runs in with a newspaper article and tells them it’s time to celebrate. Mu-Yeol is staring at Chang-Ho’s sweater and shaking his head. Eun-Jae runs in with a newspaper which has the title: Mu-Yeol’s real reason behind the violence is a mental disease which gets Mu-Yeol riled up. She tries to cover his loud mouth since her dad hasn’t gone to work yet which ends up with both of them on the floor. Sleepy Dong-Ah walks by and says she won’t misunderstand this, anybody can see they are fighting (haha).

Reporters bombard the Mu-Yeol’s housekeeper with questions about his mental disease as well as Dong Su’s family and Kevin. Tae-Han tells one of the higher ups that Mu-Yeol was probably treated when he was younger for about a year; a worker comes up and tells Tae-Han they have found Yoon-Yi’s whereabouts. Tae-Han, Mu-Yeol and Eun-Jae go to the hospital where Yoon-Yi is at and Tae-Han asks him how Reporter Go could have found out that he was treated at a psychiatrist’s. Mu-Yeol thinks that Reporter Go must have done some sneaking around, Tae-Han decides to just focus on coming to an agreement. They go into Yoon-Yi’s room where they plan to offer him $100,000 dollars as compensation and all he needs to do is sign the papers. If he doesn’t sign now, the agreement will get a lot less.

Yoon-Yi signs it and Mu-Yeol tells him that Yoon-Yi does know him, doesn’t he? If not, how could he know that name that he told Mu-Yeol? Who told him? Yoon-Yi doesn’t say anything and doesn’t even have a chance to as reporters rush into the room. One of the reporters ask that Mu-Yeol hand a drink to Yoon-Yi while they take a picture and apologize. Mu-Yeol keeps this all in and hands him the drinks, however he doesn’t apologize and just walks away.

Tae-Han tells Mu-Yeol that he should have just apologized, but Mu-Yeol can’t, if he did then he acknowledges what Yoon-Yi said. Tae-Han asks when he’s going to tell him what Yoon-Yi said, but Mu-Yeol can’t. Mu-Yeol asks if Tae-Han even trusts him and that he didn’t believe even when Mu-Yeol said he was insulted first. Mr. Robot asks why it’s important whether he believes or not. Mu-Yeol walks away in disappointment and Eun-Jae follows him. When he gets home, he asks Eun-Jae if she just think he’s a crazy person which is why he hit Yoon-Yi. Eun-Jae isn’t able to utter anything and he just tells her to go.

The newspapers and media are all talking about Mu-Yeol and even the public doesn’t see him in a positive light anymore. Dong-Su goes to visit Mu-Yeol and he hears Mu-Yeol having a fight with his mother over the phone. She had called him to nag and she hasn’t even contacted him in 10 years. Dong-Su apologizes that it might have been his fault that Reporter Go wrote this article, he was trying to explain to Reporter Go what baseball meant to Mu-Yeol and since Reporter Go used to be a baseball player, he might understand. Mu-Yeol wonders why Dong-Su would hang out with Reporter Go and if he did this on purpose. Dong-Su tells him that he never wished for anything bad to happen to Mu-Yeol and Mu-Yeol is frantic about what happened.

The Red Dreamer’s bus is tagged with a lot of hateful comments against Mu-Yeol and people are even throwing eggs at the bus. Eun-Jae goes to visit Mu-Yeol, but the housekeeper shakes her head and closes the door. Mu-Yeol is looking at all the cruel comments online and he’s even getting text messages telling him to go and die (aww).

The next day, Mu-Yeol enters a room full of directors who are having a conference about the situation. The board of directors are angry at him and even think it’s due to his mental problems, all Mu-Yeol can do is just sit there and take it. They ask him what did Yoon-Yi curse him with. Is it about baseball? Family? If he doesn’t tell them, they can’t help him. He keeps his silence.

Mu-Yeol walks out of the baseball stadium with reporters all over him and the public throwing cans at him. Eun-Jae blocks them and protects Mu-Yeol through it all. Eun-Jae is bleeding on the forehead, but she doesn’t say anything throughout the silent car ride. When they get to his house, he brings out the ointment and starts treating her forehead. Gosh, I can feel the awkwardness and tension.

[End of Episode 6]


I want more scenes with Mr. Robot and Dong-AHHHH!

Now that I got that out of my system, time to talk about the things that happened in this drama. There is some progress with the plot since generally in this drama, things are solved within that episode, but now there is finally some huge conflict involved. I’m just sad it had to be with Hong Jong Hyun, where did smartypants vampire boy go? D:

We finally see that soft spot Mu-Yeol has and the loneliness he had endured since a child and which is still present in his life. I don’t really have much to comment about this episode or maybe i’m just too tired and brain dead to put words together into a sentence.

Here, a pic to spazz about since I don’t have much to say ^^;

15 thoughts on “[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 6

  1. Thank you very much. I first thought that the drama would just focus on romance/comedy, but now mystery plays an important role. I can’t decide if I like this better. Hopefully it has much more light and funny scenes to enjoy. Since I watch it to relax after my classes.

    1. Yeah I like the whole mystery stalker thing but I hope that doesn’t take away from the core of the drama which is rom com.
      Hopefully things don’t get too dark since i’m loving the funny haha

  2. Haven’t watch episode 6 yet, because I couldn’t squeezed it into my sched. But, I’m cheating here and taking a peek. He-He! Couldn’t resist and spoiling myself in the process. Just wanted to know if there will be Tae-han and Dong-ah scenes. From your recap, it seems the tone is shifting to a more serious tone. Although I don’t mind watching the angst, i do hope they don’t loose the funny side of this show, since its what I love about it from the start.
    thanks again for your recap.
    oh by the way, looking at your screencaps, I noticed that the two pictures with close-up of Tae- han, aka Mr. Robot looks almost the same , with the same expression… lol, I thought they were the same pictures until I realized they have different person’s back that he was conversing with.

    1. yeah at first I wasn’t going to watch this either but then the owner of this blog said it was good, so i watched an ep and really wanted to recap it haha
      so we’re switching off! lol 😀
      yeah i really hope they don’t change the tone on us! >___< i like the funny!

      hahaha yeahh that's why I dubbed him Mr. Robot haha! :] the man of one face. LOL :]

    1. i totally know what you mean! 🙂 i could watch mu-yeol and eun-jae cuddle for one whole episode, plot or no plot lol

      1. I knowww the episode was sooo gooood but i just wish he’d show tiny little bit more,,,,hmmm i dunno affection lol and now his ex shows up -_- , Kill joy LOL

        1. yup i want something to happen between them, like a spark! like in american shows, out of nowhere, they start kissing, all that tension and everything just explodes! LOL

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