[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 10

Episode 10 Recap: The Fancy Dinner Santa Claus Mystery.

Real Title: Santa Claus’s Secret

So the episode starts off with the boys and the supermarket and do I see new haircuts for everyone?? They all look around in amazement and Prince Jung sees a kid sit on a cart with his parents pushing him. Cue Prince Jung in a cart himself while they push him; he looks like a little kid and it’s so cute! Jong Hyun gets a kick out of spinning him around.

They walk by a counter where a worker is handing out free samples of food. Soo Hyuk tells Prince Jung that it’s dangerous so he’ll try it out first. He eats another one and tells them that it’s not bad. The lady offers one to Hyun Joong and Prince Jung who both decide that it tastes pretty good. So they go crazy eating the samples while Jong Hyun declines. He’s more curious about what the lady is cooking next, is it something dangerous?

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