[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 6

This episode was really about how something so mundane can affect a person’s life be it for good or bad. Mu-Yeol faces his harshest challenges yet and we also get a glimpse into our main characters’ pasts and how they came to love baseball.

As Eun-Jae leans in to kiss Mu-Yeol, Mu-Yeol’s eyes open slightly, but her eyes open even wider. They stare at each other for a few minutes before Mu-Yeol falls asleep again. In the danger zone, she quickly grabs all her belongings and run out the door; she doesn’t even bother wearing her shoes, just grab and run! She stands out the in the hallway and berates herself.

Episode 6: A pitcher who gets substituted (Gang Pan) before taking the mound.

[In general, it means quitting something involuntarily.]

Mu-Yeol wakes up and thinks that it must have been a dream.

The next morning, Eun-Jae is hesitant to ring the doorbell of Mu-Yeol’s apartment, but she didn’t have to as Mu-Yeol opens the door. Mu-Yeol laughs when the door hits her and asks why she is just standing there. Then he gets concerned, thinking it’s a hard hit (aww he cares!), however Eun-Jae responds with a why which causes him to say he’s not going to bite her.

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