[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 7

One time he’s worshiped (and also cursed) by many, but a slight turn of event makes him being stepped on easily. This is probably one of the biggest problem Mu-Yeol has ever experienced in his career, and I can’t help but to feel sorry for him. And people around him, especially the loyal Eun-Jae.


Mu-Yeol tenderly tends Eun-Jae’s wound on the forehead. He puts the band-aid on her and she looks at him with an unfathomable expression (but it’s killing me! ><). He then tells her to go home after having a hard day protecting him. Eun-Jae walks out slowly, her hand touching the band-aid from Mu-Yeol. Mu-Yeol brings down an old box and look through a book with handwritten sentences of a child, probably his diary.

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