2012 Appreciation Post

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For various reasons, this year’s appreciation post is going to be longer compared to last year, simply because I watched quite a handful of dramas and I have a lot of things to be thankful for. I have to admit that 2012 isn’t the best year in my life as a student, but I’m grateful that I something that I can hold on to, just to escape the reality at times. Now that seems a little depressing O.O but student’s life is not normal without any sign of stress, right? Back to the dramas, I think I’ve watched more dramas this year and at one point, I even juggled eight currently airing dramas at that time. Crazy, but I managed to finish most of them.


Beware that this is probably going to take forever…

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Manager Kim and Reporter Go…

I’m not sure how many of you still remember them…but if you don’t, let me jog your memory a little bit. Think about Wild Romance and you’ll recall who these two were. Several months has passed since Wild Romance ended and the characters have disappeared slowly from our lives and the actors have moved on into their next project. Fate surely does its job well, bringing Kang Dong-Ho and Lee Hee-Joon together again in KBS2 weekend drama My Husband Got A Family. They even fall for the same girl! However, the lucky girl is not Dong-Ah; it’s actress Jo Yun-Hee.

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[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 16 Final

We flashback to before the girls were tossed into the water with the housekeeper switching Jong-Hee and Eun-Jae’s clothes sans shoes. Eun-Jae is still unconscious and Jong-Hee looks on with worry. The housekeeper spies Mu-Yeol’s car from above and lets the two know that he will only save one of them. Which one will he pick?

Housekeeper: The mind has many layers. Sometimes it’s even hard to understand your own mind. When one faces death, one’s true mind will be revealed. Which one of you he really loves, we will find out soon.

She puts a black bag over their face and tells them how it’s not fair, but only one of them will live. Basically, the girl he loves will die and the girl he doesn’t love will live, knowing that she wasn’t the one. The one who dies should be happy because she was truly loved. It’s a sick game for the housekeeper. The housekeeper claims that the wounded Mu-Yeol will forever be hers. She gets them up and  threatens to kill them if they move an inch.

Episode 16: Try hard til the end! The uncaught third strike!

Uncaught third strike is when the pitcher fails to catch the pitch of the third strike on a full count so the batter is not out. Basically means given an extra chance when one is in trouble.

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[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 15

If I’m to give another title to this episode, I’d write it like this: Stalkers’ Special.

The episode starts with the characters all being at separate places: Su-Young is with her son, Dong-Ah still reading books to figure out the stalker’s intention, and Jong-Hee  looking at Short’s picture. The stalker herself is probably doing some mental preparation in the eerie room, while Reporter Kim is regaining his consciousness. Manager Kim and Eun-Jae are rushing against the time, with Mu-Yeol being approached by someone so familiar to him at the training field: Dong-Soo.


Episode 15 : The Game-Determining Shortstop Decision

*[shortstop decision – the shortstop throws the ball in order to take out the runner close to the home plate.]

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[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 14

A woman walks into the dark room filled with Jong-Hee’s painting and it turns out to be Su-Young! She takes the box cutter and rips up every single painting without an emotion on her face. It’s like she’s in a trance.

Episode 14: Too Perfect, Sacrifice Fly

Sacrifice fly is a ball hit into the outfield which allows a teammate to score a run and sacrifices the batter’s chance to score.

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