Moon, Suns, and Stars in Hanbok

Gosh, I’m such a fail when it comes to giving a title. Maybe some can guess that this post is about one of the dramas that premiered yesterday, and yeah, it is about the drama The Moon that Embraces the Sun. But I’m not going to recap it again, not when three great bloggers already delivered such great recaps: Fanderay, Ockoala, and Javabeans. I’m just amazed by the pretty hanbok they are wearing in the series, and I can’t help but notice some little features I haven’t talked about yet. For your information, I’ve already covered a lot of clothing, accessories, and footwear of Joseon Dynasty in another post here, so this is just a complimentary post for it. Part of the reason: thanks to the colorful first episode of MoonSun.

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[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 9

It was time for these two characters to shine this episode and boy did they not disappoint. It make you sad to hear about their lost loves. I’m already tearing up just thinking about it.

This episode reminds me of the Fox and the Hound, that old Disney movie from my childhood here.

Episode 9: Best of Friends and Long Distance Love (note: not the actual title, I made it up)

The vampires come running down the stairs as soon as they hear something in the living room. It turns out the girls has gotten a chicken as a present. They wonder what to do with it and when eating it is mentioned, Soo Hyuk starts to growl and turn.

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