Korean Culture

Since I’m interested in the culture and tradition of Korea from watching all the sageuk or period kdramas, I decided to do some posts about it. I’m doing it slowly, one at a time, since I need to do some background reading about the topic I decided to cover.

For now, here’s the topics I’ve covered, mainly inspired by kdramas:






Work(s) in progress:

  • (Grand?) Hanbok Glossary
  • Facts, Fictions, and Factions of Joseon: Kings and Political Strife Over the Centuries
  • Royal Kings and Princes of Joseon Dynasty

Drafts on hold:

  • Joseon Government Positions

Possible future post(s):

  • Joseon Time
  • Food

If you have any inquiries or suggestions about something you’re curious about, do drop me a comment or two. I’ll look around for you and share the knowledge (^^,)


51 thoughts on “Korean Culture

  1. i’m a big fan of kdramas esp. d period dramas which i learned from u was called sageuk.really thanks for d posts u’ve made.waitin’ 4 ur post in joseon gov’t positions.wish u also write about educ.of d joseon people; tradition,ways superstitions on inducing pregnancy, being pregnant, giving birth,care of d newborn baby etc.
    Hope u write more&more posts about d wonderful,evr interestin’& d one i love d most: Korean Culture

  2. Hi there,

    Do you think you would consider doing posts on the famous family clans of Korea and notable people from those lines? Like the Andong Kim Clan, Cheongju Han Clan, Yeoheung Min Clan….and obviously the Jeonju Lee Clan needs no post since that’s the royal family of the Joseon dynasty. Just something I’ve been curious about and can only find so much about in English >.<

    PS I love your posts on historical korean fashion

    1. Hello KN.

      I’m so sorry for the extremely late reply. I missed your comment before and only saw it earlier today.
      That topic is certainly interesting! Thank you for your suggestion. I have never thought of it before ^^; I’ll be looking for more info but in the meantime, if you have any question, you can ask me!

      Thanks for the love ❤ It means a lot to know that people find the posts useful 😉

  3. I’m writing a novel loosely based on a Korean legend and all of the information you’ve posted on here has been helpful. Can’t wait for the Joseon Government Positions post, it’s what I’m researching now! Thank you for all of your posts!

  4. Hello! Your posts are really informative and they are interesting too!! I spent an entire night reading some of them. I just finished Moon Lovers, and is curious about how were the inner court was ranked in Goryeo, since I’m guess they didn’t have such a clear ranking as Joseon and there could be more than 1 queen. I would love it if you could a post on Goryeo women, or if you have any info about that off the top of your head. 🙂

  5. Hi! I love how influential your articles are. Can you do one about the Joseon army/military/royal guards? I’ve been searching everywhere for their titles.
    Thank you!

    1. Hello 🙂

      I have one draft sitting in my folder for the longest time about Joseon government titles but I haven’t had any time to write it properly. Maybe if you can point out what you want to know exactly, I can help you out by answering here ^^;

      1. Hello, when will you post about Joseon government position? I’m very interested in military/royal guard/podocheong/uigembu, but I can find only podocheong in wiki.

        Also, I’m looking for the right term how to address nain (when people talk to nain, how the people address them?), but I can’t find it anywhere. Can you answer my question?

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