The Princess’ Man: an Afterthought

The last episode’s credit rolled out, and without me myself realizing it, I’m already sobbing between tears, watching each and every character’s smiles flashed in front of my eyes. I have never thought that I would become so attached with this sageuk, moreover I aimed to watch it until the end in the shortest time possible. Without any warning, it entered my heart, little by little, and that had me crying at the sight of any touching moments. That’s what I experienced while I watched a drama with heart, called The Princess’ Man.

Words travelled, and the love people had for this show was and still immense. I am fortunate to be able to indulge into it, though my journey started quite late than others. The effects are the same to me as what other people experienced. To me, this sageuk keeps lingering in my mind, whether when I’m asleep or awake.

Treat this not as a review, but as an afterthought of a viewer about her favourite show. Then, should there be anyone who hasn’t seen this, stay away, for this might contain spoilers.

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Heartstrings: a Latecomer’s Review

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When you’re at the school, the thing that the teachers hate the most is their students coming late to the class. The latecomers would be the targets for chalks, dusters, books, marker caps, pen holders (ouch!), or simply ‘words of wisdom’ from their teachers. That scenario, thankfully, never happen in kdrama land, where everyone is allowed to enjoy it as they like without being pressured. It’s never too late for someone to enjoy what other have enjoyed and moved on. So that’s being me, in the case of Heartstrings a.k.a You’ve Fallen for Me. Months after it ended, the feeling has finally kicked in, and I decide to watch it. And it’s a ride with completely different feelings compared to the first time I watched it.

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