[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 5

Watching porn is a normal everyday activity. Kisses can hunt you down. Oh, wrong. Even the lips can be something addictive to a woman with the name Yoo Eun-Jae, minus the kiss. That’s what I learned from this episode. Finally, I understand why they put the “this program is for 15 years old and above only” before each episode 😀


So..the episode starts with Eun-Jae alone in her bed, replaying Mu-Yeol’s words about having something and someone that’s so precious to him. She denies it and rolls around, while Mu-Yeol return to his house with Kevin, still in gloom after the loss of his necklace.

Episode 5: A Long Rundown

*[Rundown – A situation where a base runner is caught up between bases. In general, it is used to describe the dilemma of embarrassment.]


Mu-Yeol, still in the same suit, goes over to Dong-Soo’s house,where both the husband and wife are surprised by his sudden arrival. He’s still not in the mood but doesn’t say anything to Dong-Soo and Su-Young. He leaves after a couple of beers but his friends know that he’s still thinking about someone: Jong-Hee.


The next morning, Eun-Jae heads to Dong-Soo’s house, bearing a fruit basket with her. She apologizes profusely towards Su-Young and pleads her to receive the fruit (I want to show my sincerity! hehe). Su-Young explains that Mu-Yeol dated her junior and four of them were so close during their college years. Eun-Jae asks when they broke up but soon covers up her peaking curiosity, saying that it’s just her responsibility as his bodyguard. Truthfully, she still finds it’s hard to believe Mu-Yeol was that kind of loyal man, different from his bad-tempered, playboy nature nowadays.

Cut to Manager Kim, who’s at Dong-Ah’s place (kyaaa!) to further discuss about the stalker’s letters. She’s suspecting that the stalker has an interest on the eyes as he keeps writing about eyes in the letters and the methanal usage that can make people blind. Manager Kim gives her the latest letter and asks her what she wants as he’d like to give her a gift for her help. Dong-Ah says, “Honey?” and laughs in a creepy sexy way while Manager Kim looks at her sans any emotions. Her laugh ticks something in her memory about the woman who tried to frame Mu-Yeol.


While explaining her early days as a writer (and how she watched and collected porn movies because of her friend and project) , Dong-Ah reveals her collection of porn on her bookshelves and finds the one that she’s looking for. They sit together to watch the video while Manager Kim hears her explanation about the scammer and the woman comes out on the screen. It turns out that she’s a porn star and the laugh that Dong-Ah acted before was hers.


And just like it isn’t awkward already, Eun-Jae walks in and hears some weird sounds coming from the TV. She’s so surprised to see Manager Kim and Dong-Ah, caught watching porn together (hahaha!). She closes her eyes and withdraws herself from the room slowly..before Manager Kim tells her to stay as he wants to discuss something. She rolls her eyes at the video, quite surprised when he wants to talk with her during that crucial time. LOL


Manager Kim talks with Eun-Jae (while Dong-Ah is still watching the movie LOL) about the scammer and after confirming that the scammer didn’t contact Mu-Yeol yet, he decides to leave. Dong-Ah is still excited about what she found out and wants Eun-Jae to watch the porn video. Eun-Jae chides her, saying that this isn’t the right time to do so since Manager Kin is still there. hehe. But when Dong-Ah says the scammer woman is in the video, Eun-Jae is taken aback.


That one sends Eun-Jae running to Mu-Yeol’s house early in the morning, the next day. She shows the porn movie to him and Mu-Yeol shrieks in surprise (I particularly love this scene!). Recovering from the shock, they watch it together and start searching for the woman’s name: Yumi, probably an alias. Suddenly, someone comes to Mu-Yeol’s house, and it’s Kevin. He walks in and finds both of them are watching the porn together. Hahaha!


He’s so angry at Eun-Jae and makes her recite one of the rules of being his company’s bodyguard: Don’t watch any ‘special’ movies with their clients. He wants to give her more of his words, but Mu-Yeol suddenly appears in front of the door. Mu-Yeol requests that his bodyguard is to be replaced. In the elevator, Eun-Jae asks why he wants to change, Mu-Yeol feels it’s necessary as the problem is getting bigger (I have the feelings that he cares for her safety too! awww~). Another reason: because he can’t stand Kevin’s sunglasses, even indoors. hihi.


They go somewhere and wait for someone while having a heart-to-heart talk. Eun-Jae directly asks about the ring and says she knows it from her own feelings. She then teases him for blushing and even pokes his cheeks! Then, Dong-Ah walks towards their car, wearing a flirty outfit. She reports what she found out from her porn writer friend: no contact, but another clue. Both Eun-Jae and Mu-Yeol’s eyes flick in interest.


Dong-Ah finds another movie that Yumi starred in and they return to Mu-Yeol’s place to watch it. She warns them beforehand that the movie is extremely dull and slow. Throughout the movie, Eun-Jae and Mu-Yeol brace themselves to watch it until the end, while Dong-Ah is yawning. They look like they’re about to die from watching when Manager Kim drops by for some business with Mu-Yeol.


He’s surprised to see Dong-Ah there (hihi!) and even orders takeaway meals for four of them. They watch the movie together and Manager Kim even puts his jacket over Dong-Ah’s revealing leggings. He then compliments the movie, saying that it is good movie. That earns him not one, but two death glares from the nearly-half-dead Eun-Jae and Mu-Yeol. hehe. Mu-Yeol tells him (in a tired voice LOL) to focus on the faces, not on the story.


While Mu-Yeol is trying to catch his stalker, Dong-Soo is alone, looking at his pictures during his peak years as a baseball player. He empties is locker at Red Dreamers’ office, at the same time Mu-Yeol is having a contract signing event in front of the press. Dong-Soo closes his locker door for the last time, marking the end of his baseball career with Dreamers. He cries silently, and Reporter Go approaches him.


Dong-Soo addresses him as sunbae(senior) and says that his love for baseball is nothing compared to Reporter Go. He pulls out his name tag on the locker, telling the reporter he’s been doing it for the past 25 years. He looks at Mu-Ye being surrounded by the reporters while Reporter Go watches over him.


Eun-Jae gushes over Mu-Yeol’s over-the-top compensation money for his contract, and Yumi also hears about it on the news. On the next signing event, she finally shows herself in front of Mu-Yeol. Eun-Jae quickly goes to stand behind him to protect him. He tells Yumi about his missing thing. Yumi flashes out her wicked grin and shows him the necklace with the ring around her neck.


Mu-Yeol tries to take the necklace from her but Eun-Jae is faster and warns him that it’s not the suitable time to do so. Reporter Go senses something is going on and quickly takes interest in Yumi. Mu-Yeol doesn’t  waste any more time and writes his phone number on the ball for her. She walks out and leaves with the other man, but unknown to them, Reporter Go takes some pictures of their car’s plate number.


He gets the info about the man: someone who has the record of blackmail cases and the figure behind the scammer. Mu-Yeol and Eun-Jae are anxiously waiting for the call from Yumi, but the blackmailers are busy preparing for the meeting with Mu-Yeol. Eun-Jae is getting bored after the long wait, but an incoming call makes Mu-Yeol jolts in surprise. After receiving the call, they go to somewhere, with Reporter Go tailing them secretly.


They arrive at a club, where Yumi and the man are already waiting. At first, Mu-Yeol is being impatient but soon, he begins to tolerate her. When she starts to talk about the ring and the initials on it, he tells Eun-Jae to wait for him outside. The camera is set up, and Yumi prepares for her act.


She tells him about her hate for people who are too eye-catching and her desire to bring them down (guess that this has something to do with her own experience as a famous actress demoted to porn star). She opens the window and holds the necklace outside. Mu-Yeol tries to grab it from her hand, resulting in a struggle between them and they end up on the couch with Mu-Yeol on top of Yumi.


The position they are in are not too good for a man and a woman, plus with Yumi starts to scream, Eun-Jae and the man run into the room. Yumi is still in her acting mode and asking for help and Mu-Yeol quickly takes the necklace from her hands. Eun-Jae is surprised to find them like that and Mu-Yeol defends himself, saying that he didn’t do anything. She’s fast enough to think and quickly closes the door, blocking the man and other workers from entering the room and causing more havoc.

Eun-Jae and Mu-Yeol block the door together. Yumi is surprised to see that Eun-Jae isn’t fooled by her acting. Eun-Jae says it isn’t about her acting (Your acting was pretty convincing! hehe) but it’s about Mu-Yeol.

Eun-Jae: I still understand this guy here. He hasn’t gotten himself to do something that low yet. Although he is selfish, a nuisance, and a super megalomaniac, ignorant, super bad temper, but still, he is not the kind of guy who would do such a thing.

Awww..here’s a ‘coming out’ statement from a really faithful and cute bodyguard like her!


Eun-Jae finds a quick solution to their problem: call Kevin (who’s sleeping wearing a night cap LOL) and ask him to save them. She promises him that he’d be able to move into a building with elevator if he manages to save her this time. So Kevin picks up his workers with a van and together with the sleepy men behind, he drives the van with his motivation of moving to a better place with an elevator keeps him going in the middle of the night.


They arrive at the club and act like some police officers to bring Eun-Jae and Mu-Yeol out. Then, a real patrol police car arrives at the scene, but they are already out of the place (and looks like they were involved in a very serious fight inside hehe). Reporter Go is still waiting outside of the club and he’s surprised to see someone driving Mu-Yeol’s car off. He checks the place out and overhears the policemen from the patrol team talking about some other officers who have taken care of the matter before they arrive. The scammer man goes to pick up the camcoder and misses Reporter Go by a step or two. Ah, kdramas and their usual traits..


Kevin and Co. go to a place (I think it’s Han River), where Mu-Yeol and Yumi have a talk. He’s wondering why she is living like that and before she leaves, he calls her ‘messenger girl’ gives her the movie DVD that she acted in, before she went for plastic surgery. He thinks that she’s much more attractive in the movie, although he couldn’t figure out it was her at first. He doesn’t want to see her again and leaves with Eun-Jae in his car. He then thanks Eun-Jae for her help and she ‘eats’ his apology. squee


Back at her home, Yumi watches the DVD that Mu-Yeol gave her and showed it to her scam partner. He gives her the video that they recorded with Mu-Yeol and she throws it out of the balcony. She explains to him (after their fight, probably) that her dreams were what made her like that.

Dong-Soo and Su-Young brings Woo-Young to meet his maternal grandmother, or Su-Young’s mother. She’s not that pleased after finding out about Dong-Soo’s retirement and Su-Young leaves her mother’s house in hurry. Woo-Young wonders why his mother isn’t in good terms with his grandmother, but his relationship with his mother isn’t like that. Dong-Soo looks over at his family with sad eyes.


Mu-Yeol is calm after retrieving the rings and the necklace and his temper has improves tremendously. Eun-Jae checks the internet whether there’s any news about Mu-Yeol, but there isn’t any. He teases her about being a scammer herself if she keeps checking his news,but she thinks he should be more thankful towards her for saving him. The housekeeper ahjumma just flashes a halfhearted smile when Eun-Jae complains about Mu-Yeol. Then, he gives a box containing a cellphone to her as his thank you gift. She starts calling him ‘Master’ and wraps herself around him like a koala. Cute! Even Mu-Yeol doesn’t push her down.


Their cute moment is interrupted by someone who’s waiting for Mu-Yeol at the parking bay: Yumi. He refuses to talk to her, but she’s quite persistent. She shows him the photo that someone sent her before she carried out the plan to blackmail him. Mu-Yeol is confused over the revelation, and Yumi eyes his hand, rough from all his training.


Then, she leans in and plants a kiss on Mu-Yeol’s lips. Eun-Jae stares at them, too dumbfounded about what’s happening in front of her. Yumi bids him goodbye and leaves with her partner, while both Mu-Yeol and Eun-Jae are deep in their own thoughts.


The kiss sends Eun-Jae into staring at Mu-Yeol’s pink lips for the rest of the day and she even stammers when answering Mu-Yeol for the first time! She starts having delusions of Mu-Yeol approaching her to give her a kiss and she ends up spending her night outside with her punchbag. hahaha!


Dong-Soo goes to fetch her son at the school, being the only father who does so there. He hears the baseball team having their training at the nearby field at watches them quietly. Woo-Young approaches him and saves him from having another teary scene. Meanwhile, Su-Yeong has landed herself a job as an art teacher and her expressions changes a little when she sees another teacher being pregnant. At their house, Dong-Soo tells her about his intention of being a manager, and she just follows what his decision is as long as he’s happy with it.


Eun-Jae is hanging around the Dreamers’ practice field and jotting down all the possible suspects of Mu-Yeol’s stalker: players, coaches, manager, and even the reporters.Reporter Go approaches her and invites her for a drink at her father’s restaurant. She knows about him writing the articles of her being Dreamers’ anti-fan and puts his name as the prime suspect. haha. Mu-Yeol sneaks behind her and blows into her ears, earning himself a whack on his chest. And he accuses her of being the prime suspect for the stalker as Manager Kim looks at the couple without any emotions.


They discuss about the recent blackmail case and the stalker case. Manager Kim tells them that for now, only four of them, including Dong-Ah, knows about the stalker. Eun-Jae assures him Dong-Ah won’t tell anyone about it since she has no family, no friend, and no job. When asked, Mu-Yeol thinks no one would want to kill him, but Eun-Jae and Manager Kim doesn’t think so. Manager Kim even quotes Cain and Abel’s story for people even kill for love. Mu-Yeol proves himself to be the most ignorant man ever existed when he thinks Cain and Abel are baseball players. pffft. Eun-Jae laughs over his ignorance.


On their way out, Mu-Yeol is being friendlier than always and teases Eun-Jae. She turns into a different person, sulking and avoiding direct contact with him. He thinks she’s being strange (actually, both of them are! LOL) and walks out to run into Dong-Soo, who’s busy with his new work. He promises to explain all of it to Mu-Yeol later.


Eun-Jae is being even weirder, blushing and fixing her hair like a normal woman. Even Mu-Yeol realizes this and feels it’s creepy for him to have her being happy all of a sudden. They go to a place where Mu-Yeol is having a modelling job, and Eun-Jae looks at his photo shoot partner with disgust. The woman smiles at him, sending a sign that she’s interested in him. In the washroom, the woman passes a paper with her phone number to her to be given to Mu-Yeol after confirming that she’s his bodyguard.


Mu-Yeol asks for the number from Eun-Jae (who has changed her hairstyle LMAO), but she refuses to give him, afraid he’ll cause problems again. She puts the number in her back pocket but he easily slides his hand to retrieve it. Embarrassed with her butt being touched by him, She tackles him, and off he falls into the swimming pool. The number written on the paper also fades after being soaked with water.


Dong-Soo is alone at the practice field. He picks up a bat and have a couple of swings. Reporter Go approaches him, having some talk about regret of leaving the baseball field. He’s sharp to see that the reporter holds the ball like a player, but he just says he played during his childhood.


Mu-Yeol is down with cold as a result of falling into the swimming pool and lies down on the bed for the whole day. Eun-Jae approaches Dong-Ah to ask about men’s sexiest moment, but the friend doesn’t give much thought about it. She starts to guess who’s the man that finally catches her heart, ranging from Mu-Yeol, Kevin Jang, and even Manager Kim. She warns Eun-Jae not to set her heart on Manager Kim, as he’s hers.


Eun-Jae goes to her father’s restaurant, where her father and brother are preparing meals for Blue Seagulls. She sees through her father’s good mood and she’s happy to know that he has a girlfriend. hihi. She looks around and an idea comes into her mind. Time for Blue Seagulls to enjoy their meal, but unfortunately, they’re one portion short. Poor guy, who can’t eat his meal.


At Mu-Yeol’s house,Eun-Jae arrives at the doorstep, but the housekeeper ahjumma doesn’t think it’s appropriate for her to see him. He walks out and invites her in. She gives him the food she brought for him: one of the packed food for the Seagulls. LOL She’s the culprit who took one of the meal portions! Mu-Yeol tells his housekeeper to leave and although she’s ruluctant to do so,she still leaves. Eun-Jae is surprised to find out that the ahjumma has been with him for the past ten years. They argue some more, mainly about Mu-Yeol touching Eun-Jae’s butt. He slaps her butt a couple of times, telling her that there’s no such thing as sexual harassment between them. hehehe!


A ceremony is going to be held, and Dong-Soo attends it in Mu-Yeol’s place. Reporter Go suspects him for lying again, but Dong-Soo says it’s true that he’s sick. The reporter tells him about Mu-Yeol’s recent involvement with scammers and Dong-Soo admits he doesn’t know anything about it. Seo Dong-Yul, the Seagulls’ player also attends the ceremony and greets Reporter Go. Dong-Soo finds out that Reporter Go played baseball during his middle school years, where the player and him met.

And..the stalker is still going strong, probably starting another plan. I think the person’s a woman.


Mu-Yeol has fallen asleep on the couch as Eun-Jae is preparing his tea. She tries to wake him up, but fails. She brings out the comforter and tucks him under it. Again, she’s mesmerized by those pretty lips of Mu-Yeol and keeps looking at him. After much hesitation, she looks around and slowly leans in.

[END of Episode 5]

Ahh..I don’t know exactly, how many times I laugh and sigh throughout this episode. Mu-Yeol is tuning down his temper, and Eun-Jae is becoming more feminine. I totally don’t have any problem with them changing over the course of this series, but I’m hoping that they at least keep their hilarious temper somewhere inside them, so the dumb and dumber bickering scenes will come out in between the angst and romance that’s coming soon. They are lovely, but I think their charms lie in their endless arguments.

While the blackmail issue has been resolved and we know that the stalker is most probably a she, I can’t ignore the existence of Reporter Go. He definitely have some sort of history in his life from his extreme efforts in digging out details of Mu-Yeol’s misbehavior. And the way he hides his baseball history from Dong-Soo is quite fishy..Maybe an old grudge towards Mu-Yeol? Was he the one who made him quit baseball?

6 thoughts on “[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 5

  1. Thank you for your lovely recap. Been waiting for it eagerly.

    P.S. Really hope Manager Kim will fall for Dong-Ah. I love her because she is so unconventional 🙂

  2. Thank you for the recap.
    Me too, i would love more scenes with Manager Kim and Dong -Ah. Their weird personalities have chemistry. And its funny how i think that these 2 oddballs have greater romantic chemistry than our two leads. Although,i enjoy the endless bickering between our two leads, i have yet to feel a romantic connection between the two.

    Its so weird that manager’s Kim’s stoic personality is making me more interested in watching his expressions ( or lack thereof) whenever he is in the scene.I kept thinking he reminds me of something or someone since the first episode. And i finally realize that stoic expression reminds me of NEMO! Don’t get me wrong, i don’t mean to be insulting, I actually find him cute. Its just that wide eyed, tight-lipped expression reminds me of NEMO, albeit, Nemo has definitely a chirpier personality than our manager here.

    I’m watching Birth of the Rich right now, and its so interesting the vast contrast of Lee Si Young characters in both comedies. Lee SiYoung plays a Paris Hilton-like personality there. Kudos to her for not being afraid to ugly-fy herself to play this role. Its not just the hair, but her acting as well, she doesn’t seem to limit herself and makes those ugly unlady-like expressions and gestures with gusto. I’m sure some other actresses would shy away in doing such roles.

    looking forward to more of your recaps. 🙂

    1. you’re welcome, and thanks for dropping by 😀

      I agree with everything you said..and secretly, I wish that our main leads will never change, even if they fall in love. at some point, I feel like they’re brothers, moreover with Eun-Jae’s boyish looks 😉 and Manager Kim & Dong-Ah!! hopefully PD-nim and writer-nim won’t leave their story just like that towards the end, because I’m sure so many people are anticipating their romance! plus in the relationship chart, Dong-Ah is shown to have love line pointing towards Manager Kim, so I’m hoping for him to reciprocate her love! ❤

      BotR shows a more feminine side of LSY, though in the drama, her character is quite crazy too. hehe. I respect her for her passion in acting and I think she's set to blend into Eun-Jae's character, even if it's going to ruin her image. She is doing a great job alongside Lee Dong-Wook and both of them are fantastic and wacky in their roles! It's sad the ratings isn't going up..but I really want the team to know that this show is loved by many people overseas! 😀

  3. First of all, applause for giving us such a detailed recap despite being so busy. Just have to salute your patience to record all the minute details.I hadn’t noticed that Dong Ah had gone all dressed up to meet her friend. Great to know Dong Ah has a friend other than Eun Jae! 🙂
    I too wish the drama makers could get to know how much the i-fans are enjoying this drama. I too haven’t laughed over a drama recently as much as I have over WR. The characters themselves are so funny that when they get together, there is bound to be lots of hilarity. I mean DA and Manager Kim= laughs. The same with Eun Jae and Mu Yeol. I too hope they carry on their bickering even with whatever is coming up next.

    The writer has also been doing a great job with the stalker track. There are so many false leads she/he has left that it does require close watching to try to understand who is behind all this and it makes WR all the more exciting!

    Agree with everyone out here about LSY. I know they initially thought of YEH for this role, but now I can’t imagine anyone else as Eun Jae. She n LDW are really matching each other every step of the way.

    The next recap will be from ur hostel, huh? Hope u won’t be too busy to do the recaps! 🙂

    1. awww..thanks for the compliment! I just have to record everything because all of them are too cute! though my words aren’t comparable to their amazing acting 😀 those who aren’t watching this drama is missing a great laugh! and the recent episodes proves that it’s not only about a ‘wild romance’: the drama itself has broader context than normal rom-coms~

      ha! hadn’t you mention about YEH being the initial contender for EJ’s role, I won’t even remember that! glad LSY decided to take the drama because EJ is made for her! not that I harbor any hate towards YEH (actually, I adore her to bits!), but she has done a tomboyish role in Coffee Prince, so it might be repetitive if she decided to join this drama^^ LSY is nailing her every bit of acting chops!

      hihi..yes, I’ve arrived at my hostel, all ready to start the new semester..don’t worry, I’ll save some time to do the recaps! 😉

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