Jung Ryeo Won+Ji Jin Hee+Park Yoohwan – High Cut Vol 69

Pretty, Hottie, and Baddie in one issue? Count me in.

I keep going back and forth from this blog to High Cut’s website, just to have a look at Jung Ryeo-Won’s flawless self..and I think I have to put this issue’s featured people here. Too much things going to be missed if I decide to let go of this one.

Jung Ryeo-Won is currently starring as the forever fantastic Baek Yeo-Chi in History of the Salaryman. She one of the reasons I’m going to check it out in the nearest time (the other one responsible for it is Hong Soo-Hyun) and to be honest, I think she brings in some of the quirkiness of the character inside this photo shoot. But she’s always flawless and beautiful no matter what she’s doing. To top that one, I love her hair color!

Pineapple = Hawaii = Aloha~

So like Yeo-Chi right here 😀

Prettiness all over the screen~

Unlike her, Captain Ji Jin-Hee isn’t interested in being the pilot all the time. He’s putting away the uniform of Kim Yoon-Sung in Take Care of Us, Captain for the time being and turns into a sleek guy. He almost looks like an actor from the 70s..but no worries, he still owns my heart as one of my ahjusshi crushes. muehehe.

I know, I know. That’s your flowers~


Next, the ever faithful, kind, cute, (insert all the good adjectives describing a person here) Lee Moon-Kwon in the recently-ended A Thousand Days’ Promise returns into the limelight as a bad boy! Surprise, surprise! Park Yoohwan has completely thrown away the good guy image to be featured in High Cut. This concept seems quite familiar, huh?

“Always keep the faith”..Must be his brother’s influence 😉

Love the shoes..

This one..hmm..the pose, and even the pants are somewhat familiar!

Again, the shoes are love ❤

source : HIGH CUT official website

3 thoughts on “Jung Ryeo Won+Ji Jin Hee+Park Yoohwan – High Cut Vol 69

  1. Jung Ryeo-Won is terrific in History of a Salaryman. Totally kickass funny while you sympathize with her. Not sure why some of the shots in the drama makes her red hair look hideous while in these photo shots they look great.

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