[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 12

I had waited for a plot line like this for a while, I mean, you have fart jokes already, why not kick it up a notch and do an episode about the toilet and pooping haha. Yeah, you read right.

This was Prince Jung and Jong Hyun’s time to shine as they both battle it out against different things.

Episode 12: It All Comes Down to the Toilet

Dodo and Sumi are admiring Dodo’s ring, she lets Sumi borrow it for a while. Sumi’s making jap chae (clear glass noodles) and gives it to the vampires to eat while they practice their chopstick skills with beginner’s chopsticks (hehehe they’re Pororo!). They all like it and start eating it while Sumi tells Manager Shin about Dodo’s diamond. However, the diamond’s not on her finger, she freaks out and says she’s dead if she doesn’t find it. She looks over at Prince Jung and sees the diamond in the noodles. Too late, he swallowed it. She tries to open his mouth forcefully but is pulled away.

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