[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 4

A glimpse of how hilarious this episode is, just look at Lee Dong Wook’s expression! hahaha!

This episode, we have confrontations, suspicions, hilarity, and mystery all in one package. I don’t know about you guys, but I love a drama where a small conflict isn’t drawn out.

Episode 4: Bone-headed Play

*[Bone-headed play – making a stupid play or a player makes that decision.]

Eun-Jae spies Dong-Su putting something in a cup of tea which she suspects to be poison and Dong-Su hands the drink over to Su-Young. She tries to open the screen door, but in her panic, she opens it on the wrong side. Dong-Su sees her and opens it for her, but she has already gone to the back. She runs and slides to Su-Young and tries to knock the drink of out of her hand. However it’s too late, she already drank it and it turns out to be herbal medicine since her throat wasn’t feeling well. Oops. They all wonder what she’s doing and Eun-Jae makes an excuse that she’s going to the toilet.

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