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Here at the talking cupboard, there is a little bit of everything: older drama recaps when we were filled with youthful vigor and rage; reviews of shows we love to hate and hate to love; rough translations of interviews and eye-candy pictorials to cleanse our minds and eyes; and my favourite thing to do when procrastinating which translates into a slew of Korean culture posts. These are just a few of them, and you can check out the Korean Culture page to see the complete list. Happy reading!

Photo Shoots and Interviews

I realize that Korean magazine pictorials featuring actors and actresses provide a different insight into their styling and also another way to get to know them better with the accompanying interviews. I used to share the pictorials and photo shoots on the blog while wishing that I could decipher what they were saying in the interviews. Once I have more confidence in my meager translation skills, I started translating the magazine interviews with my favourite actors and actresses. You might have noticed that I tend to stick to only a few celebrities since I want to pick up the words they frequently use in their interviews, and it is indeed a great way to get to know your favourites better. Check out the blog’s Directory List, the Magazine & Pictorial, and the Interviews & Articles tags for more. Enjoy reading, and please excuse the errors 😉

Life As A Joseon King and Queen Series

These are the translations of Life as a King (왕으로 산다는 것) series and Life as a Queen (왕비로 산다는 것) subseries of A Walk Down the History Lane (역사 산책) series by Professor Shin Byung-joo. The former was featured on MK Economy from 2015 until 2016 and a book of the same title was published in 2017, while the latter is being published on Nongmin News. This is intended for educational purpose only; feel free to use the English translations but please link back to the respective pages 🙂

King Taejo and the Disappearing Messengers
The Brain behind Cheonggyecheon Stream, King Taejong
King Sejong’s Tragic Family History
King Sejo and His Drinking Party Politics
Life as a Joseon Queen: an Introduction
Life as a Joseon Queen: Part 1
Life as a Joseon Queen: Part 2
Life as a Joseon Queen: Part 2.5
Life as a Joseon King and Queen: Part Extra

Archive: Kim Seon Ho

A collection of Kim Seon-ho’s magazine interviews translated by me here on the talking cupboard.

(clicking on the photos will bring you to the interview posts!)


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