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Life As A Joseon King and Queen Series

These are the translations of Life as a King (왕으로 산다는 것) series and Life as a Queen (왕비로 산다는 것) subseries of A Walk Down the History Lane (역사 산책) series by Professor Shin Byung-joo. The former was featured on MK Economy from 2015 until 2016 and a book of the same title was published in 2017, while the latter is being published on Nongmin News. This is intended for educational purpose only; feel free to use the English translations but please link back to the respective pages 🙂

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These are the selected posts and pages we have worked on ever since the blog was found years ago (and counting). Here at the talking cupboard, there’s a little of everything: recaps, reviews, pictorials, interview translations, and posts about Korean culture. You can find the complete archive at the Directory List. Happy exploring, and leave a comment or two, just to let us know that people find these useful too 🙂 Click on the pictures to go to the posts and pages!





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