Magazine Monday – Hong Jong Hyun

I cannot believe that it is already October – another year is coming to an end and sometimes I don’t even realise it. As with the time, dramas come and go at great speed. It feels like Moon Lovers (or Scarlet Heart: Ryeo) just aired yesterday, but we have gone beyond the drama’s half-mark. Some of the acting performances from the ensemble cast are one of the best and this brings me to the star of our feature, Hong Jong-hyun who plays 3rd Prince Wang Yo, the main antagonist of the show. I think I have newfound appreciation for the actor because his portrayal of the villainous character has been quite impressive – he has this strong presence that I feel whenever he is in front of his brothers. I’m sure they feel it too, especially the younger ones.

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Magazine Monday – Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye

I am bringing back Magazine Monday with the leads from SBS’s latest medical drama Doctors, and they are none other than Kim Rae-won and Park Shin-hye who star as neurosurgeons in the show. The overall tone of the drama is light-hearted, coupled with some medical cases in the mix. Doctors has also been putting out a massive cameo parade as more episodes are released, and the special appearances include those from Im Ji-yeon, Han Hye-jin, Namgoong Min and Lee Sang-yeob. Despite the short screen-time, we get to see them show their best acting chops in solid performances. Yoon Kyun-sang also stars in Doctors as another neurosurgeon, and you can visit his feature here. Onto the pretties! 🙂

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Park Hae Jin for HIGH CUT

The online buzz that the popular webtoon Cheese In The Trap generated has increased with its drama version. The hype has been around since the drama premiered early last month, and the show has only garnered more fans over the past 12 episodes aired. Various magazines have courted the leads for pictorials and Park Hae-jin, aka Yoo Jung sunbae has been featured on the cover of HIGH CUT Volume 168, its latest issue. His co-star Seo Kang-joon playing Baek In-ho has many pictorials which you can find in his gallery 😀

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Magazine Monday – Park Hae Jin

The star for the week is actor Park Hae-jin, who plays Yoo Jung in the Mon-Tue cable drama Cheese In The TrapThe television ratings have been hitting new peaks every week, which is great for the production team and cast! It’s even better to know that filming for the drama is completed; the cast even had a wrap-up party! I haven’t started watching the drama yet, but I definitely hope to strike it off my to-watch list soon 😉 Check out the various pictorials he has had, classified into 3 segments ❤

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Lee Jong Suk for HIGH CUT

After his drama Pinocchio alongside Park Shin-hye, actor Lee Jong-suk took a break from the screens and this year, we finally get to see him on the cover of HIGH CUT Volume 166! In an interview with the magazine, the model-turned-actor said that he promised himself that he would act in at least three projects this year. Who is looking forward to his dramaland comeback like me? 😉 I last watched him in Doctor Stranger; Pinocchio has been on my to-watch list for a while now, I’ll have to make time for it!

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Magazine Monday – Lee Chun Hee

The celebrity of this week is actor Lee Chun-hee, because this is my dedication post to him after having completed I Remember You recently. Starring as Kang Eun-hyuk, he presented his humorous and charismatic sides making the drama more enjoyable despite it being a less major role. Being a model-turned actor, he has lots of pictorials which show how handsome he is! He is so photogenic it’s like he was born to be in front of the camera ❤ This time, I am organising the pictorials into a few themes. Read on to find out! 😉

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Two Leading Men for High Cut Vol. 163

Suave actors Ji Jin-hee and Park Seo-joon grace the pages of HIGH CUT’s December issue. Each of them have starred in various dramas and movies this year, appearing regularly on the small screen in particular. I really like both pictorials so I couldn’t not put them up on the blog haha~ Thank you HIGH CUT magazine for the eye candy!

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Magazine Monday – The Leads of She Was Pretty

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you artistic shots of the leading kings and queens who starred in one of 2015’s hottest romantic comedies! Warning: If you are on data plan, you might not want to open this image-heavy post.

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December Spreadelicious: The Cover Men

It’s already holiday season for the magazines as their December edition slowly make their way into the market, and this means new pictorials for us! A number of male stars have been chosen to be the cover models for the magazines and I find it a rare occurrence since most of the time, the covers are dominated by female stars and models. I’m just happy to see a pictorial but I won’t complain at all for this feast!

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Kang Dong Won for High Cut

It’s a season full of treats for Kang Dong-won’s fans following the premiere of his latest movie, The Priests this week. He’s been working diligently under the radar, filming a slew of movies this year, and he also appeared on a variety show after more than ten years. Will this be his first step to make his drama comeback too? We can only hope and wait for it ^^ At least HIGH CUT understands our hearts because they are featuring him not for one, but two consecutive issues of the magazine! He’s their favourite star, after all~

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