Jang Dong Yoon in Full Bloom for 1stLook Vol 190

It has been almost three months since The Tale of Nokdu ended, yet I could still hear Nokdu’s voice at the back of my mind. Jang Dong-yoon himself is busy with various appearances everywhere, from award shows and TV programs, to fanmeetings and filming schedules. As much as I miss seeing him on my screen, it seems like we have to wait for a while since his upcoming drama Search is slated for airing in the second half of 2020 instead of the initially rumoured May broadcast. Hence, it is a nice surprise to have him featured on the colourful, vibrant pages of fashion magazine 1st Look, bearing flowers and HAZZYS bags recently. I might as well stare at the pretty while waiting for my physical copy to arrive!

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Kim Min Jae – GRAZIA February 2020 Interview

There was something that he thought was more important that being the main lead; ensuring and verifying whether he has matured as he learns about work and life. That is the reason for Kim Min-jae to choose Park Eun-tak’s character again, this time for the second season of Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim/ Dr. Romantic.

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Time to Hunt Actors – VOGUE February 2020 Interview

Lee Je-hoon, Ahn Jae-hong, Park Jung-min, Choi Woo-shik. The four actors who have written their own history in movies cross paths by chance in the film Time to Hunt.

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Kim Seon Ho – ARENA HOMME+ November 2019 Interview

Kim Seon-ho said this: “I am a slow person. The opportunities, however, came to me much earlier than expected; to the point of making me think that it was something more than what I deserved.” Thus, the present Kim Seon-ho is not even sure if he is doing his best enough at each moment. This is coming from the same Kim Seon-ho, whose ardent wish is not to bring misfortune and hardship caused by him, upon people around him.

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