Park Yoo Hwan for Marie Claire

Actor Park Yoo-hwan is featured on December’s issue of marie claire Korea after his portrayal of Kim Joon-woo in the recently concluded drama She Was Pretty. I am glad that he is becoming more recognised after taking up this role and he has definitely won my heart! For now, let’s move on to the pictures ❤ I must say that he is really good-looking!

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[recap] K-POP – The Ultimate Audition: Episode 1

Since muchadoboutlove is recapping Micky Yoo Chun’s drama, why don’t I do his little brother’s?

Episode 1:


This drama starts off with the MBLAQ – It’s War music video where Lee Joon gets shot, it turns out to be footage used by the news reporters to discuss the spread of k-pop to European countries. They discuss M1 (MBLAQ) and how popular they are and how they could be a global group. They show MBLAQ dancing to Mona Lisa and an animated map shows an airplane flying all over Europe.

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