[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 7

One time he’s worshiped (and also cursed) by many, but a slight turn of event makes him being stepped on easily. This is probably one of the biggest problem Mu-Yeol has ever experienced in his career, and I can’t help but to feel sorry for him. And people around him, especially the loyal Eun-Jae.


Mu-Yeol tenderly tends Eun-Jae’s wound on the forehead. He puts the band-aid on her and she looks at him with an unfathomable expression (but it’s killing me! ><). He then tells her to go home after having a hard day protecting him. Eun-Jae walks out slowly, her hand touching the band-aid from Mu-Yeol. Mu-Yeol brings down an old box and look through a book with handwritten sentences of a child, probably his diary.

Episode 7: After all, it ends up as a back up play.

*[Back up play  – To support the back of teammates’ defense to help or to fill the missing spot]


Dong-Soo wakes up early in the morning to pick up the newspaper only to find Mu-Yeol standing like a stalker in front of his door. Mu-Yeol refuses his invitation to go inside and starts to tell him about what he’s thinking about. He can stand other people hating him, but not Dong-Soo. He pleads his hyung not to hate him. Dong-Soo stops whatever he’s going to say. Mu-Yeol quickly leaves and Dong-Soo is about to go back into his house when he takes a look at the newspaper. He’s shocked and tries to run after Mu-Yeol, but he’s gone.

The thing that surprises him: the news about Mu-Yeol being officially banned from baseball has made into the headline.


Eun-Jae has also found out about the news and goes to Mu-Yeol’s house. She tries her best not to look too sad and greets the housekeeper ahjumma. However, she is a step too late: he’s gone and left behind his room in a complete mess. Eun-Jae looks around and see his diary lying on the bed. One of the sentence reads, “I like baseball more than I like mom.” A flashback comes in between, with Mu-Yeol reading his diary about how he stayed behind at the practice field to play as he couldn’t do so at home. He’d die if he won’t be able to play baseball, because that’s what he loves the most, more than his love towards his own mother.


Dong-So comes to Mu-Yeol’s house to help locate his whereabouts, but he’s nowhere to be found. The housekeeper ahjumma suggests them to report to the police but Dong-Soo disagrees as Mu-Yeol’s baseball career might end for good if this news gets out to the public. Reporter Go and Yoon-Yi are both deeply immersed in their own thoughts after finding out about the headline.


Both of them are probably thinking over about what they did to him. That doesn’t imply to Kevin Jang, who keeps thinking about his dream of moving and bonuses from Mu-Yeol that would disappear soon.The PR team of Red Dreamers has already had enough of the incident and starts putting all the news about Mu-Yeol away. The only group of people that is happy with the recent happening is Blue Seagulls’ supporters, and that implies to Eun-Jae’s family, except for her. While her family and Dong-Ah are having a very nice seafood dinner while celebrating the news, she’s alone outside, pondering about Mu-Yeol.


The day changes, but Eun-Jae is still replaying Mu-Yeol’s question to her: does she think he’s crazy enough to beat someone without any reason? She absent mindedly says no to that question. Dong-Soo repeats the sentence that Mu-Yeol wrote: If he doesn’t play baseball, he’d die. He concludes that the only way to keep him alive is to allow him play baseball again. So off he goes to ask for the player’s association to help Mu-Yeol, but the response is negative.


Eun-Jae, on the other hand, chooses another approach to solve it. She calls for a ‘meeting’ with fellow members of Mu-Yeol’s anti fan cafe (in which she’s the admin). The other members (two of them from the Mu-Yeol’s egging incident) are surprised to learn that she’s actually the hardcore admin in the site. She tries to persuade them to do a petition to bring back Mu-Yeol into the baseball scene, so that they’d have someone to be cursed and hated (LOL), and eventually sustaining their fan cafe’s existence. Well..an anti fan cafe isn’t that useful if the person they hate isn’t there anymore, right?


She also brings home the box containing Mu-Yeol’s diary and tells Dong-Ah to read them to looks out for the possible place he might have gone to. Dong-Ah suspects that Eun-Jae is doing all this not because she’s his bodyguard, but because…he knows her secret. hehehe. Eun-Jae lets out a sigh of relief. Dong-Soo is also trying his best by searching for people who might be willing to sign the petition for bringing Mu-Yeol back. It’s not an easy job as they need someone as powerful as..Manager Kim. Manager Kim can feel someone is calling his name. haha.

Eun-Jae sighs about the difficulty of bringing Manager Kim to their side. Dong-Ah says it’s actually easy as robots like him run on batteries. pfffttt. Eun-Jae can see which direction the conversation is heading to and leaves her, but Dong-Ah has another way to make the robot as their hidden weapon.


So, they set up a meeting with Manager Kim and Dong-Soo. At first, Dong-Soo tries to use the club’s role to help the players but fails. Eun-Jae is upset about Dreamers’ bad policy and thinks that her Seagulls is even better in terms of taking care of the players, but then Manager Kim says that’s why the team got second place. Haha. Eun-Jae almost give him a warning punnch but gets stopped by Dong-Soo. Manager Kim almost leaves when finally, Dong-Ah speaks up. She begins talking about investment, return and risk; the things that Eun-Jae and Dong-Soo don’t have a single idea about them.

Things that Dong-Ah said might sound logic to him (only the battery knows its robot well after all^^) as in the next scene, he discusses about the positive and negative effects of helping Mu-Yeol to play baseball again with his boss. The boss smiles and nods in agreement to what he says. Then, Manager Kim gives the order to his underlings in order to revoke the ban on Mu-Yeol.


At the bodyguard office, Eun-Jae bids goodbye to Kevin before she goes to find Mu-Yeol. Kevin prays for Mu-Yeol’s safety, so that he’ll get his bonus. hahaha! Then, she goes to get the clues from Dong-Ah, but the book lover finds Mu-Yeol’s diary boring. The only thing he wrote in the diary was about baseball. She’s not that happy when he always wrote about his dreams of tomorrow. Dong-Ah seems to have some issues about it and Eun-Jae looks at him with almost pitiful eyes. She tells Eun-Jae not to look at her with that kind of stare or she won’t be friends with him. Eun-Jae tip-toes silently in the middle of the night and successfully escapes from her house without waking up anyone.


Never going to give up on what he’s doing, Dong-Soo meets up one of his juniors in other baseball team to get his signature for the petition and even threatens him (in a playful way) to tell everyone about his bad habit of he doesn’t sign. On his way out, he run into Reporter Go and completely ignores the new enemy. But when Reporter Go suggests him not to do anything  to help Mu-Yeol, he can’t take it just like that. Dong-Soo tells him to believe what he sees in Yoon-Yi as he’ll believe what he know about Mu-Yeol.


Eun-Jae is looking around at a junior high school based on what Dong-Ah extracted from Mu-Yeol’s diary. She takes a peek inside the baseball store and suddenly, the school guard comes asking what she’s doing there. She’s being serious and starts asking about Mu-Yeol, but the guard is making fun of her. She quickly strikes out the details about the school.


He’s still shaken by what Dong-Soo told him earlier, so Reporter Go visits the bar where Yoon-Yi worked at to ask the owner more about him. She tells him more or less the same as what he can see: the boy is nice, kind, etc. He assures himself that his judgement is also correct this time.However, when the owner talks about CCTV, that ticks off something in Reporter Go’s memory: the voice recorder he placed inside the bar to eavesdrop on Dong-Soo and Mu-Yeol’s meeting. He rushes back to his home and starts to replay what has been recorded in his spy/detective kit. He’s frustrated when he realized that he turned the recorder off right after Dong-Soo left, hence he didn’t record anything on Mu-Yeol and Yoon-Yi’s meeting.

Dong-Soo also drops by the bar to ask about Yoon-Yi and he’s surprised to learn about someone who’s faster than him to ask the owner about Yoon-Yi. The said man is alone at his home, thinking about what might had happened between Mu-Yeol and Yoon-Yi.


Eun-Jae’s search meets another obstacle and she cringes. Suddenly, she sees a figure standing at the edge of a cliff, looking far away. She recognizes him: Mu-Yeol! Without any hugs or greetings, she launches onto him, her legs first. Yes, she delivers double flying kicks towards the unfortunate man, who turns out to be a guy who’s posing for photo with her girlfriend. pffftt. She quickly runs away before she’s caught and stumbles down in the process of running away. That’s oddball Eun-Jae.


The PR team of Red Dreamers is taking all necessary measures to improve the bad image that Mu-Yeol gained through the ban. His diary, in which he recorded his training are scanned and publicized. Even the kids are amazed by the intense training he made himself went through. His grade teacher also shows his school records, which improved tremendously after he started off with baseball. The housekeeper ahjumma is interviewed and she tells the press how he’s living his life.

Eun-Jae arrives at a very rural area by taking a bus and he walks into the forest although she’s alone. Somewhere in the forest, Mu-Yeol swings his bat for contless times already, but he’s not going to stop in the nearest time.


Dong-Soo comes home with tiredness and cold, but he’s still going strong in finding people who’d like to support Mu-Yeol, be it near or far. Su-Yeong wonders why he’s so kind towards Mu-Yeol, and Dong-Soo gives the analogy of being unable to watch someone so gifted to be wasted away just like that. Woo-Young complains about his father being not fun at all and his mother cheers him up.


It’s already dark and Mu-Yeol finally stops his endless training. His palm is already bruised from the excessive grabbing of the bat and he heads to somewhere with his gasoline light. Suddenly, he hears something. Somewhere inside the forest, Eun-Jae has stopped walking and trying to control her anxiety while planning on what to do once she finds the thug Mu-Yeol.


Mu-Yeol approaches her and she jumps in surprise. Eun-Jae then starts crying, the first time she ever did that in front of him. He then hugs her (awwww~) and pats her back to calm her. That’s super sweet, before Eun-Jae stops crying, realizing that they’re being in a super awkward position. She withdraws herself from the hug (after Mu-Yeol tells her to do so LOL) and leaves some stain of mucus on him. hahaha! He wants to leave, but Eun-Jae grabs his sleeve, afraid that she will lost him again. He pulls his sleeve, only to change the lamp to another hand and then, he grabs her hand firmly (major spazzing moment here!). They walk away, hand in hand.


At the hospital, Reporter Go is there for another visit to Yoon-Yi’s ward. He hesitates in front of the door and sighs loudly to himself. He only enters when the nurse (or Yoon-Yi’s fangirl) is going out. Things turn out to be awkward for both of them, all of a sudden. It’s like Reporter Go has lost his sharp tongue and just stands there, while Yoon-Yi is the one who does all the talking.


Still holding each other’s hands, Mu-Yeol brings Eun-Jae to the temple he stays at. While heating up themselves in front of the fire, Eun-Jae starts telling him about his action that makes everyone upset. She sighs at his idea of being a monk (as if he can control his womanizer trait). She doesn’t like his current self: giving up what he likes because of mere argument. He doesn’t have any evidence or witness to say defend himself, and he doesn’t want that someone to be dragged into the matter. That someone is Jong-Hee.


Reporter Go is asking about who Jong-Hee is to Yoon-Yi. At first, he plays dumb and acts like he doesn’t know what Reporter Go is talking about, but he easily falls into the trap and admits that he’s doing it because of money and Reporter Go’s involvement is just a bonus for him. Yoon-Yi is actually envious at the baseball players like Mu-Yeol who’s living in wealth although they’re not that bright when it comes to studies. Reporter Go isn’t holding his guard down and starts to put some rationale in Yoon-Yi’s way of thinking: being athlete isn’t that easy. He leaves Yoon-Yi alone, and Yoon-Yi brings out the photo with Mu-Yeol’s eyes being poked. He flips it and reveal a sentence written behind it: “If you mess with Kang Jong-Hee, Park Mu-Yeol will lose it“.

Mu-Yeol is still persistent about protecting Jong-Hee and he is even willing to go abroad if that what it takes for him to play baseball again. Eun-Jae still thinks he’s putting behind what he treasure the most by doing this, but their conversation ends with Mu-Yeol going to sleep.


The next morning Eun-Jae is preparing to leave with Mu-Yeol, but she’s suddenly sick and have to take some rest. Mu-Yeol lets her sleep for a longer time and they can’t go out of the mountain anymore. Eun-Jae wants to get out as from there as soon as possible, but Mu-Yeol worries about her health. He looks at him with teary eyes and hands her the notebook she used to jot down all the places she went to find him.


Dong-Soo is still trying to collect as many signs as possible for the petition. On his way out, he runs into Reporter Go, but he ignores him and walks away. Reporter Go looks back at him while holding something inside his pocket. At Mu-Yeol’s house, the housekeeper ahjumma takes some time after after tidying up his bedroom to pray for his safety (or at least that’s what I think she’s doing).

Back at the temple, Eun-Jae isn’t getting any better. However, she just says she’s still alright to Mu-Yeol. Knowing that she’s freezing, he then wraps his arm around her (eeeepppp!!!). He assures her he won’t do anything and tells her to go to sleep. Between the silence, Mu-Yeol thanks Eun-Jae for everything she hd done for him. Both of them fall asleep and the next morning, they’re walking down the mountain. The reporters are gathered to hear the final outcome of the appeal. Dong-Soo tries to contact Mu-Yeol but fails.


They ride the bus, with Eun-Jae worrying about the appeal and her phone also happens to be out of battery. Mu-Yeol is extremely calm and just like Eun-Jae predicts, the appeal is going to start really soon. Dong-Soo happens to receive a call from the bar owner, who tells him about a voice recorder she found at the room where Mu-Yeol beat Yoon-Yi. Dong-Soo suspects Reporter Go to be the one behind it and calls him. Reporter Go is at the baseball stadium, all set to receive the call from Dong-Soo, who quickly leaves to meet him.


The bodyguard and her client are killing their long time riding the bus and easing their anxiety by trying to do something funny. Unfortunately, all of them (done by Eun-Jae) only receives straight faces from Mu-Yeol. Maybe the guy was a little hard to please, after all. Meanwhile, Dong-Soo has found Reporter Go. He still thinks what he did was right, as the fall for someone is inevitable, no matter what the reason is. He then asks why Dong-Soo is doing so much things for Mu-Yeol, who should be his enemy. Dong-Soo looks at talent more than jealousy, and after telling him his shattered dream of being a pitcher for his baseball team, Reporter Go gives the recorded voices from the device.


Manager Kim is to delay the appeal meeting per Dong-Soo’s request to delay the meeting, so off he goes into the meeting room and starts talking about the history of baseball. He’s super nervous but manages to hide it extremely well (except from the hanky and water) and beats around the bush. Every time the people urges him to say the real matter, he keeps telling them about the history again and again. Luckily Dong-Soo arrives before he gets dragged outside.


The recorded voice is played in the meeting and it turns out that Yoon-Yi first insulted Jong-Hee and resulted in the fight. Mu-Yeol and Eun-Jae have arrived at the terminal, at the same time the appeal committees end their meeting. Another person also arrived at the airport: Kang Jong-Hee (Jessica Jung). She goes to meet Su-Young, who’s surprised to see her.


Eun-Jae and Mu-Yeol are welcomed with giggles and laughs by Dong-Soo, Manager Kim, and Dong-Ah at a restaurant. It turns out that his punishment has become lighter and Mu-Yeol hugs Dong-Soo in delight. They even roll on the floor, with Eun-Jae  joining them of course. He also hugs Manager Kim, who tries his best to as stiff as he can. hahaha! Eun-Jae also get double hugs from him and she’s quick to come between Dong-Ah and Mu-Yeol for a group hug. Poor Dong-Ah.


Just when they are about to take photos, Su-Young arrives with another guest crashing the party: Jong-Hee. She hugs Mu-Yeol tightly and Eun-Jae tries to pull her away, but she is stopped by Mu-Yeol . ouch. He still cannot believe Jong-Hee is in front of him and she hugs him one more tiem, while Eun-Jae being the spectator, her heart broken into pieces.

[END of Episode 7]

Heartbreak!!!! And it hurts >.< I am a shipper of Eun-Jae & Mu-Yeol, so this is normal. Especially when the ex has finally appeared in the story, that is the largest factor that will push the story forward. Maybe after this, the focus will be both on the stalker issue and the loveline. Should I expect some makjang element here? Hopefully not.

Eun-Jae and Mu-Yeol…together, they are a hilarious set of dumb and dumber, or Thug and Retard. I don’t know if it’s just me or everyone feels like this, but when Mu-Yeol calls her “retard”, his tone is almost the same as people use when the call out “honey” though not that sickly sweet tone (yet). I love their characters and I’m looking forward to their romance, but I’m just hoping that their love isn’t an ordinary one, and they don’t change into an extremely ‘lovey-dovey’ couple. I prefer them to stay just like what they are right now.

As for other characters..more past has been revealed, especially Reporter Go’s accident. Writer-nim is definitely doing an excellent job by setting a nice background for each of the character, no matter how small their roles are. In other drama, a reporter might just be a reporter, but here, we even get the story on how Reporter Go stopped his baseball career and ends up being a reporter. A nice way to give the audiences on how things are from his point of view, I myself thinks that he has a reason to do what he did. But in the end, he still knows the differences between right and wrong and ready to admit his mistakes.

There’s high probability that Dong-Ah’s past would also be revealed, as the writer hinted about her being unable to believe in the concept of “tomorrow”. She might have bad experience and lost her family, and to keep herself in her own comfort zone, she lives the life her own way and doesn’t care about what will happen tomorrow. Poor Dong-Ah. Mr Robot, please take care of your Battery! 😉

Nervous Director Kim is hilarious. Because he has such a straight poker face!

I’m so going to miss their hairstyles..because a makeover is on the way..

9 thoughts on “[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 7

  1. Oh the hair, I’ve just starting to like it, and I’ll probably miss it, it really does in some superficial way enhance how they’re a grumpy-dumbness pair. And Mu-Yeols douchestache is warming up to me in a way too. But I’ll welcome the pretty that’ll come with the makeover.

    Thanks for the recaps, I’ll keep on reading them.
    Love how you refer to Dong-Ah as the battery.

    1. I actually hate the makeover (for the tiniest bit) but after watching how cute EJ is during the self-makeover session I think I’ll just go on with her new cuter look. And MY’s sissy pretty boy new look (as per what EJ said)..I’ve been practicing to see him clean-shaved by watching SOAW again..and I think I can accept the transition. I’ll miss the mustache/pornstache/douchestache (they have so many names LOL) 😀

      After this I’ll just refer Manager Kim and Dong-Ah as Robot-Battery couple 😉 minimize the hassle, multiply the cuteness. They just appear for few minutes on the screen, but they have so much appeal to others to have people rooting for them!

      you’re welcome ^^ and thanks for dropping by here~

  2. yehey, the romance aspect of the storyline moves forward in this episode. I really yet have to make a romantic connection with the two leads before and at least now I can visualize the possibility of that with this episode.
    I love it that Dong-ah knows how to push Mr. Robot’s buttons.
    and how cute is Manager Kim’s reaction when MY is going to give him a bear hug… huh, it looks like he is going to catch a disease or something.
    Love reading recaps of wild romance here.

    1. I’m so rooting for EJ..no matter what happens, I want her to end up with MY! 😉 hehehe..that’s why she’s the Robot’s Battery 😛 but it’s fun to see Manager Kim being less robot-like and more human-like. I’m so surprised to see him actually sweating and nervous! Never thought he’d do that! hehe

      awww..thanks for reading! *hugs* I’m also having fun recapping this drama 😀

  3. I agree with you, I don’t want EJ and MY to be all lovey dovey. That would just turn me off. And I love how Dong Ah is the voice of reason in this drama.

    1. lovey dovey + spunk = I’ll be okay with that 😀 just don’t let them turn into different people completely when they fall in love. “Love can change people” saying isn’t going to be used here, hopefully..

      Dong-Ah is one special girl..everything she said made sense! even Mr Robot willingly accepted her idea 😉

  4. Great recap, thanks 🙂
    Does anyone know the title of the song at 44:45, when Reporter Go gets mad with Yoon Yi? I love it but I can’t find it anywhere T-T

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