[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 12

I had waited for a plot line like this for a while, I mean, you have fart jokes already, why not kick it up a notch and do an episode about the toilet and pooping haha. Yeah, you read right.

This was Prince Jung and Jong Hyun’s time to shine as they both battle it out against different things.

Episode 12: It All Comes Down to the Toilet

Dodo and Sumi are admiring Dodo’s ring, she lets Sumi borrow it for a while. Sumi’s making jap chae (clear glass noodles) and gives it to the vampires to eat while they practice their chopstick skills with beginner’s chopsticks (hehehe they’re Pororo!). They all like it and start eating it while Sumi tells Manager Shin about Dodo’s diamond. However, the diamond’s not on her finger, she freaks out and says she’s dead if she doesn’t find it. She looks over at Prince Jung and sees the diamond in the noodles. Too late, he swallowed it. She tries to open his mouth forcefully but is pulled away.

Sumi tells them that Prince Jung will just have to poop it out. Thus brings us to the digestive system lesson of the day! Manager Shin even has a chart and Sumi brings out a kiddie toilet to demonstrate how to use the toilet haha! Prince Jung likes the way the toilet looks. Jong Hyun asks a questions (not sure what it was) and Manager Shin tells him that’s a good question, as expected of the genius. Manager Shin responds about how scary it is the first time (something like that.). Soo Hyuk has a question and asks how it feels and if it hurts to which Manager Shin says no. It actually feels nice (hahaha). Jong Hyun asks another question which prompts Manager Shin to bring out children books about poop (LOL).

Sumi feels bad for losing the ring and she sobs about it in bed. Manager Shin comforts her by telling her Prince Jung will poop it out, but she’s worried that he won’t. Prince Jung interrupts their about to kiss moment by announcing that he might be ready to poop, but he’s not. They leave and Sumi complains about the vampires not knocking (haha).

After a while, Sumi keeps asking Prince Jung if he needs to use the restroom but he says no. Prince Jung says he’s not feeling great so they should all leave. Hyun Joong’s senses are tingling and it turns out to just be his stomach since he’s hungry. He hears something again, but it’s just Soo Hyuk’s stomach wambling also.

Hyun Joong’s using the restroom and comes out. The other two minions eagerly await his answer and Hyun Joong likes it. It’s not bad at all, so Jong Hyun calls next and rushes in. Hyun Joong admits that he’s hungry and Soo Hyuk is too. Jong Hyun wasn’t too successful (I think) and declares he won’t eat again.

Jong Hyun ends up staring at the other two eat their ramen and looks hungrily at it. Jong Hyun starts stating the facts about how bad the ramen is for them like msg content and such. Haha poor puppy, trying to dissuade himself from the temptation. Soo Hyuk refutes it with one sentence: “But it’s delicious.” Jong Hyun declares that even if he dies, he won’t eat it and walks away.

Sumi suddenly gets a call from Dodo (actual name: Dong Dong, I heard wrong before), but she doesn’t answer. Minah walks in and tells Sumi that there’s a phone call from Dong Dong for her. Minah’s a little on the slow side, so eventually Sumi has to take the phone call. Sumi makes up the excuse that she was in the restroom. She tells her that she’ll give Dong Dong the diamond tomorrow.

Kwang Hee is acting like a diva and abusing his manager while he practices being an MC. Min Kyung walks in and holds out a notepad; Kwang Hee signs it, thinking she was a fan. That’s not the case though and he asks who she is. She answers and asks the same question back to Kwang Hee. Kwang Hee is appalled, how can she not know him?! Is she an alien? Min Kyung doesn’t have time for this and just asks him to sign the notepad (I think maybe these are delivery statements?).

Sumi makes different foods for Prince Jung to eat so his stomach can digest it and he would be able to poop out the ring. However at all the delicious food laid out, he just says he won’t eat it. At the pizza, he pokes at it first but ultimately refuses to eat. Sumi decides to end the gentle tactic and start shoving food down his throat (haha). But it turns out to be a fantasy and she looks sooo exhausted. Soo Hyuk brings up another food suggestion…cut to a scene where Prince Jung is scarfing down the ramen. He likes it a lot. Jong Hyun discourages it, but Prince Jung thinks it’s delicious. Jong Hyun’s stomach wambles so he turns away from the food.

Kwang Hee is still hung up about Min Kyung not knowing him so he takes it out on his manager. He shouts at the manager to order some food and heads off to the bathroom since his stomach hurts. Min Kyung arrives and gives the manager the food. The manager begs Min Kyung to talk to Kwang Hee or he’s dead. She’s on a time crunch, but she agrees and asks where he is right now.

Kwang Hee is singing in the bathroom while using the restroom. Prince Jung wants to use it and he looks like he’s going to explode. Soo Hyuk takes matters into his own hands and forcefully removes Kwang Hee from the restroom so Prince Jung can go in (hahaha). Min Kyung is scarred for life as she sees Kwang Hee on the floor with his pants down, she throws him some napkins. She makes a quick excuse that she’s busy and flees.

Prince Jung walks out the bathroom angry, nothing’s coming out. Kwang Hee faced humiliation for nothing. He sulks in the studio and wishes this was all a dream. Manager Shin wants to gives him some medicine, but Jong Hyun’s against it. They decide to use the age old method, having Sumi rub Prince Jung’s tummy and he likes it (hehe). However he ruins it when he asks her to turn her face away. Sumi gets up and demands to know what’s wrong with her face?! She throws a tantrum. Manager Shin offers to rub Prince Jung’s tummy and then walks away in disgust, haha what happened there? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Kwang Hee visits the restaurant that Min Kyung works at and orders three of the most expensive dishes. He eats everything and ends up sleeping drunk at the restaurant. He mumbles something to Min Kyung and falls back asleep. The manager runs in to handle the situation.

The president walks into the kitchen to see Sumi sad and he asks what’s wrong. She’s a bit down today and is about to explain why when she hears Dong Dong’s voice. She ducks and hides underneath the dining table. The president covers up his terrible lie about her not being here by offering to buy Dong Dong something. Dong Dong’s happy and walks with the president out of the kitchen.

Sumi begs Woo Hee for her help and Woo Hee relents after Sumi feigns exhaustion. Woo Hee just has to give the medicine for Prince Jung to take so he can quickly use the restroom. Woo Hee gives him instructions on how to take the medicine and announces she’ll leave. Prince Jung stops her and asks her for a massage; he takes her hand and rubs it over his tummy which scary!Woo Hee to come out and beat him up.

Prince Jung looks out at the city and sadly talks to Papapa and Mama Mia in his head. He spots Min Kyung and they take a short stroll. She tells him to drink a lot of water and offers to treat him to something but he’s already full. She runs off to get him something and she sees a pregnant woman walk. He thinks that she hasn’t pooped yet.

Prince Jung: How long?

Pregnant woman: Eight months.

Prince Jung: Eight months?!

Pregnant woman: It’s not coming out yet.

Prince Jung: It’s not difficult?

Pregnant woman: At first it was hard, I even cried, but now I’m thankful. Do you want to touch it? Do you feel anything?

Prince Jung feels somthing and retracts his hand: What did you eat?! (HAHAHAHAHA)

Pregnant woman: Eh?!

Min Kyung takes him back and he says thanks to her, he feels better. Min Kyung says that good and that everyday, he should eat well, sleep well, and live well (hehe). She cheers him on and leaves.

Kwang Hee wakes up to find himself in the van and wonders how he got here. His manager tells him that he drank too much, when Kwang asks for Min Kyung, the manager replies that she’s gone. This gets him a scolding and a foam finger on a stick poking. Kwang Hee doesn’t feel well and opens the door of his van to vomit. The manager throws the foam finger on a stick out the window and tells him to live better before driving away without him.

Min Kyung is walking and sees a homeless man wrapped in many newspapers. She tries to shake him awake, citing that it’s cold and happens upon a newspaper with the article of the vampires and Kwang Hee. She looks at the picture of Kwang Hee and realizes that he’s a celebrity. The homeless man turns out to be Kwang Hee and she ends up giving him a ride back to the company as well. She tells him to go inside since it’s cold and he doesn’t say thank you, but just says he’s not always like that (?). She says bye to him and says his name wrong which ticks him off and he shouts his correct name at her while she’s driving away.

Success! Prince Jung comes out of the toilet with a thumbs up and looking happy as a clam. Everyone applauds his efforts like it’s a huge accomplishment; Manager Shin even cries. Sumi gets her rings back and Jong Hyun decides to eat ramen. Jong Hyun doesn’t care about the msg anymore as he happily chows down.


This episode was hilarious, it’s like lives were at stake if Prince Jung didn’t poop. It was nice to see Jong Hyun take the limelight for now since Soo Hyuk has been such a scene stealer! Min Kyung was in this episode! Yay! Prince Jung and Min Kyung are so adorable and now i’m conflicted about who to ship sighs

It focused too much on Kwang Hee I thought, I don’t have anything against Kwang Hee, but his acting leaves much to be desired. I think it got a teeny bit better since the first ep, but I still can’t bear to watch his scenes, it doesn’t help that his character is such a diva with nothing to back him up.

I apologize for the late recap, I have a lot of things going on right now so I can’t always recap them constantly, hope you guys understand~

6 thoughts on “[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 12

  1. Thanks so much for your recaps.
    I was beginning to think I was the only person who finds this show hilarious..even not speaking Korean. Plus the eye-candy. (Soo-Hyuk…omo.)


    1. yeah Soo Hyuk is one of the main reasons i’m watching this even though subs, usually, I get bored watching it without subs but since this is a sitcom and not a drama, the facial expressions help. Plus they use simple dialogue and less complex conversations in my opinion, so it makes it easier! hehe I’m glad you’re watching the drama and i’ll keep the recaps coming hehe *hugss*

  2. Hey, when are you going to add the new recaps for ep. 13 and 14, cause i really want to know what’s going on lol ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks!!!

    1. sorry for being so late! i was super caught up with school >__< i'll try to have ep. 13 done by this week :] but apologies if i don't make it ;___;

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