[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 16

Lots of misunderstanding in this episode and shenanigans again by the vampire gang! Of course, this was another human lesson for the vampires with the topic being desires. So be prepared to have your little vampires’ innocence be taken away in this episode!

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[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 15

Nothing plot driven happens in this episode nor were there any revelations. It wasn’t one of the funniest episodes ever since there wasn’t much shenanigans being pulled by the vampires. But there was a guest star in this episode with Kim Wan Sun!

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[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 14

From here on out, I’m going to do mini recaps since the episodes are only 20 minutes long and plus my Korean isn’t good enough to recap everything exactly how it is. I am able to get a gist of it and from time to time I am able to understand some dialogue, but only if it’s the basic kind. So here I go!

Oh, another note, I’m going to start calling Hyun Joong, Woo Bin since that is his official stage name.

Plus I found out the other girls names: Woo Hee (leader), Soo Yun (the one with long black hair), Yu Bi (the silent one) and Minah (Girls’ Day member). Oh and the lady that’s Soo Mi’s friend is Jenny.

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[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 13

The limelight falls on Hyun Joong and Prince Jung this episode! We get to see some pairings though they’re not solidified yet.

Note: Thank you Charron for founding out the silent girl’s name is Yu Bi (finally, a name!)

Episode 13: Bunny love and how to take care of a man child.

The boys are finally preparing for their debut as they have a photo shoot, but they’re all so awkward (haha). It’s like awkward smiles and poses all around from the boys while the president and the photographer try to guide them. The photographer tells them to smile and he’s liking the minions smiles but not Prince Jung’s. So he has a serious face on instead (hehe).

Hyun Joong is walking around with popcorn, unaware that some girls are staring at him, he smiles shyly when he hears them (hehe). His super hearing picks up something popping and that is when a little girl gives him a bag of Pop Rocks, a type of candy that pops in your mouth. He thanks her and pops some into his mouth, but he wasn’t prepared for the shock of it literally popping in his mouth so he falls. She hands him a balloon and takes a picture. She hands him the polaroid, but he tells her he doesn’t have money. She gestures that he doesn’t need to pay and just take it.

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[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 12

I had waited for a plot line like this for a while, I mean, you have fart jokes already, why not kick it up a notch and do an episode about the toilet and pooping haha. Yeah, you read right.

This was Prince Jung and Jong Hyun’s time to shine as they both battle it out against different things.

Episode 12: It All Comes Down to the Toilet

Dodo and Sumi are admiring Dodo’s ring, she lets Sumi borrow it for a while. Sumi’s making jap chae (clear glass noodles) and gives it to the vampires to eat while they practice their chopstick skills with beginner’s chopsticks (hehehe they’re Pororo!). They all like it and start eating it while Sumi tells Manager Shin about Dodo’s diamond. However, the diamond’s not on her finger, she freaks out and says she’s dead if she doesn’t find it. She looks over at Prince Jung and sees the diamond in the noodles. Too late, he swallowed it. She tries to open his mouth forcefully but is pulled away.

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