[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 4

A glimpse of how hilarious this episode is, just look at Lee Dong Wook’s expression! hahaha!

This episode, we have confrontations, suspicions, hilarity, and mystery all in one package. I don’t know about you guys, but I love a drama where a small conflict isn’t drawn out.

Episode 4: Bone-headed Play

*[Bone-headed play – making a stupid play or a player makes that decision.]

Eun-Jae spies Dong-Su putting something in a cup of tea which she suspects to be poison and Dong-Su hands the drink over to Su-Young. She tries to open the screen door, but in her panic, she opens it on the wrong side. Dong-Su sees her and opens it for her, but she has already gone to the back. She runs and slides to Su-Young and tries to knock the drink of out of her hand. However it’s too late, she already drank it and it turns out to be herbal medicine since her throat wasn’t feeling well. Oops. They all wonder what she’s doing and Eun-Jae makes an excuse that she’s going to the toilet.

They all go to a sauna which is separated into men and women’s section by a bamboo mat. Eun-Jae purposely moves closer to the mat to hear if anything is out of the ordinary on the men’s side since the “killer” is with Mu-Yeol. The women’s conversation turns into a humble/fishing for compliments conversation about their bodies. Things get heated when the category turn into chest size and Su-Young is telling Eun-Jae to come over and look at them to prove she does have a small chest. Eun-Jae is refusing to and this all makes the guys uncomfortable so they slowly move away.

She sleeps in ther dingy room and talks a little trash about Su-Young, saying how she puts on too much stuff to take care of her body. Later on that night, Su-Young wakes up Mu-Yeol and they go under the covers. Dong-Su comes in with a baseball bat and tries to kill the two, but Eun-Jae interferes. They end up wrestling on the ground and suddenly Mu-Yeol and Su-Young dog pile on Eun-Jae. Eun-Jae struggles to breathe and it turns out to be a dream with her monster suitcase inducing the dog pile.

Eun-Jae wakes up and finds Dong-Su outside. She can’t help, but feel sorry for him since he reminds her of her own dad. She decides to give him a little pep talk and tells him how her dad had a hard time at first too. Mu-Yeol wakes up and sees the two of them outside, he wonders what’s going on and hears a little tidbit about her dad. He asks what that’s all about and receives a frustrated look from Eun-Jae who demands why he’s eavesdropping. She stomps away and Mu-Yeol wonders what that was all about. I think he suspects there’s something going on between the two.

Tae-Han is sitting in a coffee shop waiting for Dong-Ah who’s 19 minutes late. She arrives in a fur coat with tall leather boots and sunglasses, she’s dressed bizarrely and the onlookers laugh at her. She apologizes for being late and that she just woke up when he called; she didn’t even wash her face. She takes off her coat and reveals her pj’s underneath with a raggedy shirt. Tae-Han wanted to give her some poems to look at. At the coffee shop, while they are each doing their own thing, Dong-Ah gets too comfortable and treats the shop like it’s her home.

As they hike up a trail, Mu-Yeol asks Dong-Su what they were talking about earlier and he tells Mu-Yeol that she must have figured out that he was quitting baseball. Eun-Jae was just telling him about her father’s disappointment in her quitting judo and was trying to make him feel better. They see the map and Mu-Yeol researches that a lot of people committed suicide here which has Eun-Jae all alert. There is a hard and easy path, Su-Young and Dong-Su pick the easy one and Mu-Yeol chooses the hard one. Eun-Jae picks the easy one too which gets Mu-Yeol angry since she’s his body guard so she should follow him plus it’s like she doesn’t want to give the married couple any alone time. Dong-Su offers to go with Mu-Yeol, but she says no to that too. They should just all go together. This riles up Mu-Yeol’s suspicion that there is something going on like a one-sided love.

Eun-Jae ends up going with Mu-Yeol and she’s picking flowers to see if they’ll be in danger or not. She blames Mu-Yeol if they die. Meanwhile, the married couple are having a great time walking up the hill together. Mu-Yeol and Eun-Jae finish first and she gets antsy has she waits which he misinterprets as her needing to use the restroom.

Eun-Jae wonders what’s taking so long and if something happened to which Mu-Yeol thinks is unlikely since they took the easy route. She counters that accidents happen all the time and it doesn’t matter the difficulty. When the couple arrives, she hits Dong-Su happily and was glad he didn’t kill Su-Young. Mu-Yeol witnesses this and thinks for sure there is a one-sided love by Eun-Jae for Dong-Su.

Tae-Han drops off Dong-Ah and asks for her cell number, she asks if he’s flirting with her and he says simply that he needs it so he can send her Mu-Yeol’s other poetic fan mails. Dong-Ah says he can just drop it off at her place since she’s always home. She walks away and goes back to knock on his window. He lowers it and she tells him it’s not that she doesn’t want to give out her cell number, she doesn’t have one. She didn’t want him to misunderstand and he said he didn’t. She says good bye and leaves with a happy expression on her face (please Drama, put them together!).

They go eat at a restaurant where Dong-Su is treating his wife kindly which makes Eun-Jae looks at him with sorrowful eyes which Mu-Yeol misinterprets as yearning. Mu-Yeol decides to treat her well and give her a piece of his meat like what Dong-Su did for Su-Young. His kindness backfires when she asks if he spit this out (LOL). Mu-Yeol feels insulted after showing some kindness and tries to take the meat back, but she already stuffed it in her mouth.

Back at the inn, Eun-Jae gets indigestion after eating all that meat so Su-young performs acupuncture. She leaves to get digestive medicine for Eun-Jae. Mu-Yeol boasts that his hyung-soo (sister-in-law, referring to Su-Young) has certificates in acupuncture, meridian massage, and cooking. She did all this because she’s an athletic’s wife and it’s not an easy thing to be. He also tells her how Dong-Su and Su-Young are fated and no one can get between them even her family couldn’t stop her. Eun-Jae thinks a person who leaves a family for the person is pathetic and someone who listens to their family is also pathetic. Su-Young overhears this and walks away. Mu-Yeol runs after her and Eun-Jae feels guilty, but shakes her head in shame when she sees this interaction. Mu-Yeol tells her not to listen to that idiot, but Su-Young knows Eun-Jae is right.

Meanwhile, back at home, Dong-Ah is looking over all the fan letters in her room. I love her huge collection of books, by the way. She comes across a letter:

“I lick your eyeballs

To taste everything you saw.

She circles the word eyeballs. In another scene, we see a finger trace over Mu-Yeol’s eyeballs in every picture on the wall.

Eun-Jae wakes up and asks Mu-Yeol where the other two went and when she hears that they went on a walk together, she gets worried.

Dong-Su tells Su-Young how sorry he is for being a loser, but meeting her was one of the greatest moments of his life. She takes his hand in hers. He feels sorry for taking her away from her mother and art since things turned out this way rather than what he had hoped for. She says that she held on to him and she never regretted it, not now or ever. It must have been hard for him to tell her the news of his quitting and he nodded, relieved that all this is out.

Mu-Yeol decides to confront Eun-Jae about her one-sided love and tells her not pursue it since Dong-Su looks only as his wife. Eun-Jae scoffs and tells him not everyone is like him and how she knows of his affair with Su-Young. She is shocked that he would do that to such a good hyung.

Mu-Yeol feels insulted and they both start hurting each other, I guess it’s their way of slapping some sense into each other. The fight gets even more violent with Mu-Yeol keeping her in a headlock and Eun-Jae punching him in the stomach. Eun-Jae tells him that she saw everything and he demands to know what she even saw. Meanwhile, the couple is walking back.

Mu Yeol challenges her to break his wrist when she puts him in a lock. She tells him to loosen his grip unless he wants to quit baseball.

She lets go first and he slams her against a wall and pins her there. He can’t believe she would think that he was having an affair, did he really look like such a bad guy?! Dong-Su walks in and pulls Mu-Yeol away, asking what happened. Mu-Yeol says that it’s Dong-Su’s fault that he looks like such a dirty guy. He walks away and grabs his belongings. It turns out it was a misunderstanding as Dong-Su was acting out of the ordinary and Su-Young asked Mu-Yeol to see what was up. Su-Young though Dong-Su was acting weird because he found out she was pregnant, but Dong-Su was actually just looking into a business venture with a friend at the pension.

Eun-Jae follows Mu-Yeol to the airport, still in her messy state and no shoes, however Mu-Yeol doesn’t even pay attention to her. They wait in silence for the plane and during the plane ride, there was silence as well. Gosh, this is so awkward especially when her sweater shows her wounds and it looks like she was abused. At the airport, he tells her she’s fired and gets into a taxi.

When Mu-Yeol gets back home, he greets his housekeeper (I think it’s his housekeeper) by calling her imo (aunt). He asks if he looks like a bad guy and tells her not to answer that. He gives her a gift, a seashell, and apologizes for not giving her a proper gift since he didn’t have time. The aunt says he is a bad guy and places it in her pocket. Eep I hope she’s not the anti-fan because that would break poor Mu-Yeol’s heart.

When Eun-Jae goes home she is greeted by Dong-Ah with a huge hug who gushes about missing her, but all that changes when Eun-Jae tells her she doesn’t have a gift. LOL. Eun-Jae is embarrassed about how she assumed things and Dong-Ah tells her it’s due to subconcious-awareness. Eun-Jae saw her dad in Dong-Su and Eun-Jae tells her that she’s right. Her family comes in and treats her well until Dong-Ah tells them that she didn’t buy any gifts (LOLOL).

Eun-Jae apologizes to her boss, but her boss won’t accept that apology and tells her to get the client back even though she was fired. Eun-Jae tells her boss that she doesn’t want all the pressure and she knows that his dream is to have Whitney Houston as his client (haha). She doesn’t want to beg for the job back but her boss forces her to.

Tae-Han won’t let Mu-Yeol fire Eun-Jae because it’s only been 15 days since the karaoke incident and people know that there’s a stalker after him. Plus the prints on the letter  and picture match so there is definitely someone out there stalking him. Mu-Yeol refutes that there are other bodyguards out there so Tae-Han submits and says he’ll find another one for him.

An unknown woman, with a tattoo on her collar bone (Lee El), finds a yellow envelope on the floor which holds a picture of Mu-Yeol with his eyes scratched out.

Mu-Yeol’s new bodyguard is Eun-Jae’s boss and when they enter the elevator, Eun-Jae is inside with her client. Mu-Yeol treats Eun-Jae like she’s invisible and makes small talk with her client. Eun-Jae feels really uncomfortable being there, but her boss makes her do so. During the fashion show, Mu-Yeol struts with an angry look probably reflecting his emotion when he saw Eun-Jae.

At the after party, the unknown woman walks up to Mu-Yeol and whispers something unaudible, but she probably seduced him. As she walks up the stairs, she’s on the phone with someone to make a meeting saying something about 12 o’ clock, Eun-Jae’s bodyguard senses are tingling and she knows something is up. She notices her tattoo on the collarbone.

Eun-Jae looks at the woman and Mu-Yeol go up the elevator, her boss gives her a signal that everything is okay. Eun-Jae goes up to her client that the car is here and gets a text message from her boss to wait for him. As she sits in the lobby, she hears the guy say something about 12 o’clock; her suspicions increase when his tattoo is similar to the one the unknown woman had. She finds her boss and finds out Mu-Yeol is upstairs; she then asks if he brought a car but he didn’t. She looks at the clock which is almost 12, but decides to just follow her boss out. Her conscience causes her to run back inside.

Eun-Jae calls Mu-Yeol, but he ignores her calls since he doesn’t want to speak with her. At the same time, tattoo guy gets a text message telling him that it’s time. To stall for time, she goes to every elevator and pushes all the buttons so the tattoo guy has to wait longer. She goes up to the front desk and asks for Mu-Yeol’s hotel number, but finally gets clearance for it when they recognize her from the karaoke incident. This is the greatest time to have funky hair. She runs up all the flights of stairs and Mu-Yeol hears someone at the door.

Yay it’s Eun-Jae. She doesn’t give him an answer and just grabs his clothes to shove at him. He’s lost and keeps threatening her, but she doesn’t answer. She pulls him by the bath towel to get out of the room…and oh no, his necklace! They speed up when she hears the elevator sound. They hide and Mu-Yeol realizes she had just saved him when the tattoo guy enters Mu-Yeol’s hotel room. The unknown woman’s sweet demeanor changes when she sees the tattoo guy. Their plan failed.

She checks to see if there are any people and when the coast is clear, she ushes him forward. PFFT I would have loved a front row seat to the viewing of LDW’s abs and just to see him hilariously try to wear clothes while preventing his bath towel from falling and while running. They manage to get to Mu-Yeol’s car and drive off.

In the car, Eun-Jae tells him he would have been ruined if she wasn’t there. She says he should have picked his mate carefully and why go straight a hotel? Mu-Yeol just sits there and takes it all in. She could have just ignored it since they have no relations anymore. Mu-Yeol can’t handle it and swerves over to the side of the road; he tells her to get out since he would rather be blackmailed. They stop arguing when they hear a cellphone, but neither wants to answer it.

It’s the tattoo guy calling it while the unknown woman calmly drinks her beer. She changes out of her bathrobe while the tattoo guy waits impatiently. As she checks herself in the mirror, she spots Mu-Yeol’s necklace on the table.

Mu-Yeol and Eun-Jae fail to crack the password on the phone so they decide to take it to Dong-Ah. Right when Dong-Ah sees Mu-Yeol, she points at him and says: “The bastard?” Eun-Jae confirms it and Mu-Yeol just glares. Hehe loves his facial expression. We find out that Dong-Ah is a writer (no wonder she has so many books!) and Mu-Yeol asks if she is the girl that looks like Su-Young. Eun-Jae nods and he asks if she can even recognize people. Eun-Jae asks if after reading the Da Vinci code, can she crack this. Dong-Ah looks at it with intense concentration.

Mu-Yeol asks if she’s using special powers and Eun-Jae tells him to wait, Dong-Ah spends 1/3 of her life reading useless stuff. She knows everything. Mu-Yeol gives Eun-Jae a blank expression when Dong-Ah asks them how they turn on the cell phone hahahahhahaa. Dong-Ah is amazed and she starts showing her cracking skills. Since it’s a four digit code, it only uses 0-9 so she would have to use factorial repetition – the basics of decoding. The number of possible outcomes is: 10,000. Now they’ll try all of them. HAHA.

Mu-Yeol gets up with frustration, he’s not going to sit there and try 10,000 possibilities. Eun-Jae gets up too in disappointment. When they get up, Dong-Ah figures out the code and the two rush to sit down. It turns out the code was just 0000. Mu-Yeol shouts to give him the phone, but Eun-Jae takes it and whacks him in the chest to keep him quiet. Her family might hear him.

The famiy does hear something but they think it’s the television. They don’t believe that she would have a man, same with Dong-Ah. The brother asks if the dad is waiting for a call, but the dad is. However he lies to his son that he isn’t. The brother feels something is fishy.

Eun-Jae and Dong-Ah looks at the scandalous photos with excitement. Mu-Yeol just looks at them with an exasperated expression. Eun-Jae shakes her head, if he had gotten caught, he would have been over. The unknown woman was a pro judging by the video the girls discover of a man asking unknown woman what she wants, she will get.

A call comes for Eun-Jae’s dad and her brother eyes his dad suspiciously. The dad goes outside. He’s talking to someone on the phone…is it their mom?

Mu-Yeol gets up to leave and Eun-Jae asks if he’s missing anything like ohh…I don’t know…a thank you. He ignores her and she calls after him that this makes up for the Japan incident. He grudgingly obliges. Dong-Ah thinks she’s seen unknown woman somewhere before, but Eun-Jae doubts it since they have different lifestyles.

The dad’s conversation outside gets interrupted when he hears the gate closed by a man. He presses his face to the black gate to see who it is and the brother comes outside. They only see the nice car and they conclude that miracles do happen if that lazy person (Dong-Ah) could get a man. They decide to keep it a secret from Eun-Jae since they think that Eun-Jae thinks that she’s better than Dong-Ah. Her father resumes his conversation on the phone when the brother is gone, but the other person already hung up.

After Mu-Yeol is done showering, he realizes his necklace is missing and asks the Aunt if she has seen it. Eun-Jae is in her office toying with the phone when she decides to call the numbers on the recently called list. One phone number is disconnected, but another one answers angrily stating how everything is already done and she should stop calling back. It must be from one of the blackmailee.

Mu-Yeol goes to the hotel and the worker replies that nothing has been reported missing. Mu-Yeol asks Eun-Jae if blockhead/retard/gull head went to work today. He calls her when she’s happily looking at the money she just made from selling a phone. She runs back to get the phone after getting a call from Mu-Yeol. However the phone’s memory has been erased so nothing is left.

Mu-Yeol gets angry because that necklace was important to him. Eun-Jae offeres him the money to buy it back but he can’t because it’s priceless. He asks if she has anything like that for herself, but she can’t answer that rather she’s not sure.

Eun-Jae buys meat for her family and bestie which they’re all happy about. Dong-Ah grabs a few pieces of samgyupsal (pork belly), but grabs only one when Eun-Jae’s dad calls her a bad girl. He’s referring to yesterday and the brother comments that he had a nice car. Eun-Jae comes back and asks if any of them had anything priceless that was worth more than money. The brother doesn’t get it since anything with monetary value is precious like expensive things. Dong-Ah asks if this is a riddle. Eun-Jae sighs, she’ll never get any answers from this group.

At a ceremony, Mu-Yeol sits through it like a ghost. He’s still worried about his necklace.


And so the plot thickens.

How much do I love it that they solve that whole Japan incident in one episode! I was so glad they didn’t string it out since the leads would be all angsty and plus what would happen to the whole bodyguard plot? I like how Mu-Yeol actually feels kind of sad that Eun-Jae thinks he’s like that. It’s as if her opinion of him matters compared to other people he doesn’t know thinking that way. The insecurity makes him seem more human. I prefer our main couple to be stuck in hilarious situations rather than against each other.

On the topic of being against each other, I thought the violence was over the top with Mu-Yeol practically looking like he was going to kill Eun-Jae. It was just too intense, I understand that he might have felt betrayed, but going that far is overboard and too violent for hte situtation.


Mr. Robot, get with Dong-Ah alreadyyy!

13 thoughts on “[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 4

    1. Me 3… I personally think in the latter episode of this drama eun jae will say to my that the most important thing for her that can’t be replaced with money is my

  1. “PFFT I would have loved a front row seat to the viewing of LDW’s abs and just to see him hilariously try to wear clothes while preventing his bath towel from falling and while running.”
    Please count me in as well. 😉
    Thanks for a very detailed and funny recap. I am so glad there are people who are enjoying this drama as much as me. Btw, did it occur to you that MY’s housekeeper could be Eun Jae’s mom, the one who deserted her? Don’t know. But there was a random shot of her not answering the phone or something, right?
    Agree with the violence thing. Could be bcoz MY is the type who answers back his opponents with his fists and don’t think he considers her as a woman. But I really felt bad for her seeing all the marks on her neck and following him like that to the airport. MY, your karma will follow you,man! Guess LDW also doesn’t consider LSY as a ‘fragile woman’ as he himself said.
    Love Dong-Ah and her total unconventionality. Cracks me up each time when she tries to hit on the robot guy. But since the robot guy is one who won’t care about how she dresses or behaves, they are a match made in heaven. Actually when I first heard Dong Ah talk to her dog, I thought she was a dog abuser. LOL Loved Dong Ah’s secret femme fatale smile as the robot guy drives away.
    Plz keep the recaps coming n crossing my everything that this drama keeps on being this good!

    1. I’ll buy the tickets for the both of us to enjoy the show 😉
      hehe you’re welcome! This show should be on everyone’s watch list haha :]
      Ohh, I didn’t think of that; she could be! But I know the first time she answered the phone, it wasn’t for her, but it was Mu-Yeol’s cell phone with Su-YOung’s name on it. Yeahhh she looked like an abused woman trailing after her man, her image probably got ruined by those people’s eyes and I was so scared that they would snap photos or something, good thing this all occurred in Japan, but I wished the violence didn’t occur in the first place. However, I guess it does match LDW’s character since he has such a hot temper.
      Haha! I loveeee Dong-Ah but yeah she did sound like a dog abuser at first but no one loves her dog more than she does hahaha! Yeahh Mr. Robot is so nonchalant about the way people view her, he’s probably oblivious to what people say about him. He’s all work work work and it would be nice to have a little warmth in his cold probably non-existent heart haha :] Hehe I love that smile! So far, out of all the characters I’ve seen Im Joo Eun play (What’s Up and Wild Romance), this is my favorite character haha :]
      Yes, we plan on recapping it to the end, but I really hope this drama doesn’t let me down! >__<

  2. Haha! Love this episode. I had a hunch that Eun-jae’s mom is Mu-yeol’s housekeeper… Btw, Eun-jae’s dad “I hate farting alone” scene whacked me up! Lol..

    1. hehe so much drama if that happens but maybe Mu-yeol will get brownie points from Eun-Jae’s mom since he acts so sweet to her!

      hahhaa Eun-Jae’s dad is sooo awesome! :]]

  3. Just found your blog!! And I’m so happy! You’re recapping Wild Romance! I’ve watched to episode 4 already but I love to hear more thoughts about it 😀

    Btw, that dog is ridiculously cuuuute in that drama but we hardly get to see his/her puppy face!

    1. yeah I love this show haha! it’s sooo hilarious! That dog is soo cute! it makes me want to have that dog and spoil it haha!
      I hope you keep reading our recaps then~! ^^

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