[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 3

Secrets,secrets, and mystery..and they are playing spy and detective? This drama has it all, including tear-inducing moments. That doesn’t mean you have to cry all the time; all you have to do is control yourself from laughing too much and be careful not to disturb others with excessive laugh. That would cause a big problem.


After learning about Su-Young being Dong-Soo’s wife, Eun-Jae can’t help herself from staring at the married couple, acting so caring towards each other. She  remembers a few occasions where she ran into Su-Young but she doesn’t want to have any suspicions on her. She sighs extra loudly and accidentally blows a napkin in front of Mu-Yeol, making him angry and loses his appetite.

Episode 3: Role Model Bean Ball

*[Bean Ball – A ball thrown by a pitcher towards a batter’s face in order to scare him.]


Four of them are sitting round a table. While Dong-Soo and Mu-Yeol are talking about their team, Eun-Jae concludes that Su-Young might have a twin sister and cooks up a story about meeting a person who looked like her. She starts asking Su-Young about the possibility of having identical twins, but after hearing that Su-Young’s sister lives in Canada and is about to give birth, Eun-Jae knows that the woman who met Mu-Yeol was Su-Young.


Mu-Yeol asks her the name of the person she met and  Eun-Jae immediately blurts out Dong-Ah’s name. He chides her, saying that people with different family names can’t be twins. She gulps down a glass of wine in a single breath to cool herself but accidentally takes the glass that belongs to Su-Young. Mu-Yeol calls her an idiot.


After the event ends, they are going back, and Eun-Jae eyes Mu-Yeol and Su-Young suspiciously. She’s surprised to hear  him telling her he’ll call later in front of her hubby. Eun-Jae tries to spy on their conversations (by extending her neck nearer to them) but gets interrupted by Manager Kim, who compliments her turtle neck (i.e. long neck from eavesdropping hehe) and advises her to get some treatment.


Dong-Soo asks Eun-Jae where she leaves and tells Mu-Yeol to send her on his way home. Mu-Yeol refuses at first, but then agrees when Dong-Soo wants to send her himself. He’s even angrier when Eun-Jae makes a pitiful face (and the puppy eyes LOL). Off they go, with Mu-Yeol nagging why he have to send his bodyguard home. She begins to ask him about Dong-Soo and winces when she thinks about him having an affair with his best friend’s wife. She perks up when she hears Mu-Yeol almost quit his baseball career once. He feels it’s strange to have her asking so many questions out of the blue but she pretends that she’s curious about how a good guy (Dong-Soo) ends up being friends with him, leaving her description about him unsaid. He guesses about her description about him (with his narcissistic answers: decent? good looking? nice guy?) and laughs it off, but we know better what Eun-Jae would say.


They arrive at her place and Eun-Jae teases him about his endless temper (love this scene!). He tells her to get out of his car (Eun-Jae whines why it’s suddenly so fast hihi) and when she stretches her arm to open the door, she accidentally rips the dress. Mu-Yeol scolds her and nags about the borrowed dress but Eun-Jae ignores him.

Cue to a scene inside Eun-Jae’s house, where Dong-Ah and Chang-Ho, Eun-Jae’s little brother are about to have their dinner. Dong-Ah compliments his cooking and immediately proposes him to be her husband (I love this nonchalant girl hee~). Enters Eun-Jae, who’s shivering in coldness and Dong-Ah asks Eun-Jae to give Chang-Ho to her. Eun-Jae ignores her, saying that she’s, after all, have been using him since forever.


Dong-Ah asks Eun-Jae what happened during the event and starts imagining things that only happen in movies (a guy falling in love when he sees a woman in gorgeous dress etc.). Eun-Jae wants to know their opinion about Mu-Yeol and Su-Young’s secret meeting at the cabin (without giving off their identities) so here’s what their answers are: they worked there, they wanted to meet the owner, they met with a spy there. Eun-Jae quicly cuts off their trail of answers (with an adorable set of “teng!teng!teng! Wrong!!”) when Dong-Ah’s answer is like a scene from movies. She wants a completely ordinary answer  and realizes that there are so many possibilities. Eun-Jae quickly leaves the kitchen when Dong-Ah starts saying that it has to do with cursed place and shamans.


The result for the test of supplement drink is out: it contained formaldehyde with a dose that could kill a person. Manager Kim doesn’t say anything about his team’s involvement and says it’s a personal matter to the scientist. Mu-Yeol’s teammate has recovered and they head to the training session, while Eun-Jae is stuffing herself with ramen inside the office. Reporter Go approaches her, again trying to fish out stories about Mu-Yeol.Eun-Jae tries her best to ignore him. She sees Dong-Soo passing by and gets an idea.


Eun-Jae asks Reporter Go whether he’s Mu-Yeol’s stalker but he denies it. Then, she starts to ask him about Dong-Soo and Mu-Yeol, to which Reporter Go agrees to tell her the story if she wants to share with him the story about the noraebang. He proceeds to tell about Mu-Yeol’s career that had been put on the line, thanks to his temper and he’s saved by Dong-Soo. Eun-Jae hears it with enthusiasm and quickly leaves when Reporter Go finishes his part. Cheeky girl.


Dong-Soo returns to his house with his little cute son, Woo-Young after buying groceries and cake.They take a look at the planner and divides the tasks remaining: his son to do the birthday card and Dong-Soo to do the cooking. How cute is that? He heads to his bedroom and his face changes a bit when he sees a discarded pregnancy test kit in the waste basket.


Eun-Jae follows Mu-Yeol to the mall, where he buys a necklace for someone. She looks at him with disgusts and wonders who is going to receive it. She doesn’t even wish to get something like that and Mu-Yeol teases her. They arrive at Dong-Soo’s house and although Eun-Jae plans to wait for him at other place, she ends up crashing the birthday party for Su-Young. They celebrate it and Jo-Soo hands his mother a drawing of her. Mu-Yeol brings out his present and even put it on her himself with Eun-Jae looking at them, amazed.


She shoots a pitiful glance at Dong-Soo but stutters when he realizes she’s looking at him. Eun-Jae finds out that they met in college and she’s even surprised to know that it was Mu-Yeol who introduced Su-Young to Dong-Soo. Mu-Yeol scolds her when she asks too much questions (Are you Yoo Jae-Suk? LOL) and she pisses off to see Su-Young being too kind to Mu-Yeol in front of her own husband. To cool off, she stuffs herself with the cake.


After the mini party, Eun-Jae plays with Woo-Young in the room, while the three friends sit over some glasses of wine. She spies on them and doesn’t expect that Su-Yougn would lean in and whispers to Mu-Yeol when Dong-Soo leaves to receive a call. She looks at them while playing with the boy and suddenly, she screams, surprising everyone in the house.


Eun-Jae kills two birds with one stone: playing with the boy and scaring the secret couple off. Eun-Jae puts the sleepy boy in bed and looks at the family photo. Su-Young enters the room, and Eun-Jae wishes her to keep her happy family for a long time to come.


Since Mu-Yeol is drunk, she has to drive him home. He reminisces about his good old days with his friends. She decides to say something out aloud since he’s drunk, while the scene changes to show Eun-Jae’s father, working hard at his shop:

You said that Dong Soo is a great man, isn’t he? I want good people to be happy until the end. But when a problem surfaces, the good people always get hurt.

Her dad looks around, and when Chang-Ho isn’t near him, he opens a book and takes out a picture of his family, taken when Eun-Jae’s mother was still with them. Awww.. He smiles to himself, and without him realizing it, Chang-Ho looks at him and sighs.


A customer comes in, and they welcomes him: he’s Reporter Go, checking out the place (maybe after he found out about Eun-Jae’s family and her background). He marvels about the decorations of the restaurant, full of Blue Seagulls’ things. He makes a single compliment on Seagulls,and he gets a plate of flatfish as complimentary gift that makes him chokes on his soju.  So much pride for the Seagulls fan. Reporter Go ends up spazzing like old friends with the father and son about Seagulls.


The next day, someone comes knocking at Mu-Yeol’s door early in the morning. It’s certainly not Eun-Jae, since she’s still riding the bus sleepily. Mu-Yeol calls her and tells her to go straight to the gym and lies about him not being at his house. It turns out that he got a guest at his home: Su-Young. She’s worried about Dong-Soo; he knew about her pregnancy and she’s not too pleased. Mu-Yeol feels it’s better if he knows about it.


Eun-Jae arrives at the Red Dreamers’ office and she runs into Director Kim. She thinks he’s going to chide her about her responsibility, but it’s not about that. A newspaper wrote a report about her family being a die-hard supporter of Seagulls and her being an admin for “Fark” Mu-Yeol anti fan club. Director Kim knows that the press is going to dig around the matter as they suspected the noraebang incident had to do with a woman. He also discloses about the formaldehyde that was found in the supplement drink belonged to Mu-Yeol.


Dong-Soo is discussing with a representative about his future. He meets with Eun-Jae on his way out and they have coffee together. He starts to marvel about having one-sided crush. Eun-Jae thinks he’s talking about his wife, but actually he’s describing about the baseball he loves. Suddenly, he gets a call and rushes out, leaving his jacket behind. Eun-Jae runs after him, just after he hit some carriage on his way out. It turns out that his son is hurt. Eun-Jae drives him to the hospital while Dong-Soo tries to contact Su-Young, but he fails to do so.


They arrive at the hospital and Dong-Soo is relieved as Woo-Young doesn’t get hurt badly. Eun-Jae stares solemnly at the father and son, probably reminiscing about her own family. Woo-Young then proudly tells some children about his father and they look at him with starry eyes; one of them even asks for his signature. However, they quickly swarm around Mu-Yeol when he arrives at the hospital with Su-Young.


They recognizes him: the man in ramen CF, the man on one’s sister’s poster, and the man whom one’s uncle hates. Unlike the friendly Dong-Soo, he’s shrugs the kids away. Woo-Young doesn’t like to see Mu-Yeol being more favored than his father and goes to hug him. Eun-Jae looks at Mu-Yeol and the boy with mixed feelings. She decides to ask Mu-Yeol about how he came to the hospital together with Su-Young, but he says they met in front of the hospital. He accuses her of doing a big mistake.


Inside the house, he shows the same newspaper report and accuses her of talking bad about him. Eun-Jae defends herself as it wasn’t her who said all that, but he knows that it might be her father’s doing. Mu-Yeol tells her to throw away the newspaper along with some other trash. On her way out, she sees two glasses on the coffee table; one of them having a lipstick stain of the same shade that Su-Young worn when she saw her before. She tells Mu-Yeol to sleep before leaving.


Eun-Jae ends up bringing home the box containing the trash to her home. She finds some good pictures of Mu-Yeol for her to lash out her anger on him. Dong-Ah goes through the other things inside the box, mainly fan letters and pictures. Eun-Jae is still fuming about Mu-Yeol and Su-Young’s secret relationship. But then, Dong-Ah finds a poem written on the back side of one of the pictures:

I want to dig out your eyes that’s looking at someone else;
I want to tear apart your lips that are calling someone else;
I want to break your heart that have someone else.

According to Dong-Ah, the Japanese poem was written by a girl who committed suicide by drinking poison after finding out about her cheating boyfriend. Eun-Jae suddenly thinks that the poem might have something to do with the formaldehyde.


She goes to report it to Director Kim (and even admitting that she scribbled on some part of the photo hehe), but he isn’t buying her explanation. However, he gives his promise that Eun-Jae would be free from the job if she manages to catch the stalker. She also shows the photo to Mu-Yeol, but the guy also treats it as nothing. She wonders if he had betrayed someone in the past, and he jokingly says, “Your Seagulls! Hihihi!” Their argument starts to get longer but it resolves itself when Mu-Yeol says he’s going to Japan and she’ll have her vacation. Eun-Jae smiles.


They enter a cafe, where Su-Young and Woo-Young were waiting for Mu-Yeol. Eun-Jae walks away but then decides to spy on the suspicious couple after Woo-Young leaves for the playground. She hides herself and sits near them to eavesdrop their conversation. They are talking about going to Japan and stuffs, leaving her so angry until she holds the knife placed on the table. Woo-Young walks past her table and Mu-Yeol sees her there. She starts to order (and actually stabs the menu with the knife LOL) while Mu-Yeol is talking bad about her to Su-Young.


Back at her home, Eun-Jae lashes out her anger to the punchbag (to the extent of hitting it with a baseball bat). Dong-Ah plays with her puppy behind her and suggests her to tell the truth to Dong-Soo, but Eun-Jae is afraid he’ll end up just like her father. inside their house, Eun-Jae’s father is arguing with Chang-Ho about the farting issue and the father wants to fart whenever there’s people near him, so he won’t feel so lonely. Hahaha. Chang-Ho then  suggests him to do that business in a subway full of people. Hehehe. Eun-Jae is torn between her career and sense of humanity.


At the team’s office, Mu-Yeol asks about Dong-Soo’s contract with their team to the representative. He playfully threatens to leave the team if Dong-Soo’s not going to be on the team. However, Dong-Soo’s name isn’t included in the latest contract and he himself is thinking about retiring.  Dong-Soo, on the other hand, is doing his training alone  while being deep in thought. On his way out of the locker room, he meets the junior player and gives away his bats.


He then drops a bottle from his full box and Eun-Jae picks it up for him. He walks away, but suddenly she sees something inside the box: methanal or formaldehyde. Eun-Jae follows him to the front door and her mind keep s working, linking between the Dong-Soo’s words about one-sided love, stalker letter, and the methanal. She weighs the possibility of him already knowing about the relationship when Mu-Yeol surprises her. She looks at him pitifully, telling him he’s been caught. Eun-Jae’s even surprised to know that Dong-Soo, Su-Young, and Mu-Yeol are all goign to Japan, sponsored by Mu-Yeol himself. Eun-Jae eyes Dong-Soo with worry.


Dong-Ah is burying her face in a book when she receives a call. It’s Eun-Jae, who’s fervently asking how did the Japanese girl killed herself. She actually screams into the phones when Dong-Ah refuses to leave the book she’s reading on the moment and surprises everyone around her. While the two friends are having their massage, Eun-Jae also calls Director Kim to confirm the effects of methanal and quickly hangs up when Mu-Yeol and Dong-Soo come out. She tries to act nonchalantly and smiles, but Mu-Yeol says it makes him feel bad. They leaves the place.


The girl with the book, Dong-Ah, finally finishes the book in her hands (which turns out to be a comic) and savors the sweet moment of finishing a book. She goes to find the book about the suicide on the most amazing bookshelf in kdramas (it’s actually sliding bookshelves!) and starts browsing through the book.


At a restaurant, Mu-Yeol is doing an interview and Eun-Jae is standing behind him. He even gives a warning to people calling him “Fark” Mu-Yeol and glances at her, but she’s being occupied with something. Director Kim wants the part to be cut out, but the director thinks it’s interesting. All of a sudden, Eun-Jae receives a call from Dong-Ah, who describes to her how the girl killed herself: she invited her cheating boyfriend with her friend to a mansion and served them drinks laced with poison. Unfortunately, she’s the only one who drank it and died. Eun-Jae ends the call and although Mu-Yeol keeps talking about her indirectly, she completely ignores him.


She thinks about Dong-Soo’s family, and that brings in her own memories about her mother leaving her and her brother. She keeps thinking about her father and Woo-Young that bears a resemblance to little Chang-Ho. Eun-Jae becomes so passive as she keeps thinking about it and Mu-Yeol himself is wondering why she’s behaving like that. Kevin pushes her to be included in the camera shot so she can promote his bodyguard service on air, free of charge. The director approaches the host and points to Eun-Jae while giving instructions to her.


The host decides to ask Eun-Jae personally, whether she’s an anti fan of Mu-Yeol. She admits it, but her task as bodyguard matters more than her own feelings, hence it’s her job to keep her client safe, be it her friend of foe. She also says that Mu-Yeol personally invites her to go to Japan.Kevin praises her, but she makes it clear for him: even if she’s going to save Mu-Yeol, she’s doing it for the sake of others. Mu-Yeol can’t do anything since it’s been announced to the whole nation and he has to bring her along. Eun-Jae aims to persuade Dong-Soo not to do anything harsh.


However, another problem arises: Eun-Jae’s passport has expired as she made it ten years ago and never traveled abroad since. Mu-Yeol is happy, but there’s another solution for the problem. Eun-Jae ends up getting the first class, while Mu-Yeol is sandwiched between two sleepy big guys in the economy class. He keeps nagging about Eun-Jae’s large luggage and their arguments continue inside the taxi, making the taxi like their own house.


They are headed towards a place near the Mount Fuji and arrives at a cozy resort. The owner shows them around and the time to divide their rooms arrives. Eun-Jae gets a store room for herself (sort of Harry Potter’s small room hehe) and she decides to accept all the treatment and do her best.


Time for dinner, and Eun-Jae is so excited to see so much food being served, but Mu-Yeol’s glare stops her. The owner asks whether four of them are couples, and Mu-Yeol says yes. But when she asks whether he’s married with Eun-Jae, he flips out. Although she doesn’t know Japanese, Eun-Jae knows that’s the only reason to make him blow his top. She asks for more drink from the owner and Mu-Yeol offers her his full cup.hehe


Mu-Yeol goes out to lash out his anger by swinging his bat and Eun-Jae has to trail behind him. She looks around suddenly sees Dong-Soo putting something in Su-Young’s drink from the window upstairs. She’s quite surprised but she can’t do anything when Su-Young enters thhe room and sits across her husband. She  then drinks it, leaving Eun-Jae staring at them.


So, Dong-Soo is the stalker?

Probably not. And I think it’s just Eun-Jae being extra cautious in protecting Mu-Yeol. Aww. I can’t help but tear up whenever Eun-Jae-s thoughts about her family comes up. It’s provide a nice background of her life and gives her the reason to deal with Mu-Yeol’s relationship with Su-Young. Well,she isn’t someone who have the authority to dwell into her client’s life, but she has a solid reason to prevent anything bad to happen to a family, and she herself has experienced how it feels to live in an incomplete family. For that, she’s trying to protect the family, while protecting her client form being harassed by the stalker. With Dong-Soo being the prime suspect, that’s probably the best thing for her to do for the time being.

Hopefully Eun-Jae won’t be the one who’s going to ruin anything. I’m afraid her suspicion will lead others to suspect her back. That would be a headache to deal with..

And the best expressions for this episode goes to..


Kevin’s spazzing face and Mu-Yeol’s WTF face. So winning, both of them. Not to forget,our dear Eun-Jae..


..with her girly passport photo and her hidden talent of playing robots. Maybe she once played with her brother. hihi

9 thoughts on “[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 3

  1. Really loved your recap. Wild romance is just so funny and the lead chemistry is amazing! Btw, during the dinner at the resort, I thought Eun Jae was asking the Japanese owner lady to fill her cup. And how amazing is Dong-Ah! Great to see a book-crazy side character in k-dramas and yeah, that book shelf totally blew me away.

    1. oh, you’re right! silly me ^^; I laughed too much during that part and overlooked that one..thanks for bringing it up! 😀

      haha..I really love dong-ah! she’s one weird character but I love her life..filled with books~

      thanks for reading ^^

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