[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 9

It was time for these two characters to shine this episode and boy did they not disappoint. It make you sad to hear about their lost loves. I’m already tearing up just thinking about it.

This episode reminds me of the Fox and the Hound, that old Disney movie from my childhood here.

Episode 9: Best of Friends and Long Distance Love (note: not the actual title, I made it up)

The vampires come running down the stairs as soon as they hear something in the living room. It turns out the girls has gotten a chicken as a present. They wonder what to do with it and when eating it is mentioned, Soo Hyuk starts to growl and turn.

He starts to turn beast-like with the jacket ripping (rawr).  Minah wonders what that  noise is and she points at the chicken, wondering if it was the chicken (lol). Luckily, Manager Shin walks in in time and tackles Soo Hyuk to the floor. He uses the cover of beating Soo Hyuk at chicken as the reason for Soo Hyuk being on the floor. The other vampires grab Soo Hyuk and they all run up the stairs, away from the girls.

Poor Soo Hyuk has to sew the buttons back on his jacket himself, I guess they don’t have sponsors yet so no unlimited free clothes. Manager Shin complains to Prince Jung about how Soo Hyuk craves any animal flesh like chickens, dogs or cats which they are not supposed to eat. Prince Jung is troubled by the lack of food.

Manager Shin takes the vampires to his room where Sumi has prepared special dishes for them. The dishes are covered so each one is a surprise.  Manager Shin says that they are all delicious. Sumi tells them that if they find a dish good, she will make a lot for them. Prince Jung is impatient and wants to know what they are already.

The first one is liver (?) which they are all repulsed at. Jong Hyun tells them that the vampires pass on that. They are get even more grossed out when Manager Shin eats it in front of them. The second dish is soondae which they get even more grossed out by. Manager Shin tries to convince them otherwise but no dice. The third dish was hard to see what it was but it looked really gross so it’s no wonder the vampires were scared. Finally, the one that made them squeamish and terrified was the octopus. Sumi tried to demonstrate to them how to eat it as well which did not bode well with them. They were screaming like someone got murdered (LMAOOOO).

The vampires are hungry and they try to hold in their hunger. Prince Jung tries to hold it in for the sake of his pride. LOL he tries to say his full name, but because of a lack of energy, he barely makes it halfway. Hyun Joong tells him not to waste his energy.

Prince Jung: Where is Soo Hyuk?

Jong Hyun: A while ago, he went inside the piano.

They hear a girl scream and Prince Jung thinks they are in danger so they walk down the stairs instead of run since they are out of energy (lol).

It turns out someone had eaten the chicken. The vampires sneak back up the room where they confront Soo Hyuk, who is in the piano. Prince Jung asks him if he ate the chicken and Soo Hyuk shakes his head. Prince Jung tells Soo Hyuk to look him in the eye and say it with his own mouth. As Soo Hyuk says no, he coughs up chicken feathers which angers Prince Jung. They go outside where Prince Jung tells him about how they first met and how disappointed he is. They were supposed be a team, live or die together. Soo Hyuk bows down apologetically. The girls come up and bring them a chicken, that one is their’s. LOL. Prince Jung orders Soo Hyuk to take care of the chicken and its needs.

Prince Jung tells Soo Hyuk to follow his example and he takes some chicken feed out of the bag. He happily feeds the chicken until it bites him which gets him angry but he tries to contain his anger. Soo Hyuk starts to change and Prince Jung scolds him. He tells Soo Hyuk to talk to the chicken so Soo Hyuk points his finger at it and scolds it for hurting Prince Jung (LOL).

Jong Hyun and Hyun Joong at wondering what they are going to do about Soo Hyuk when the phone rings. Hyun Joong held it upside (I did that once too haha) and switched it right side up. It turns out to be a telemarketer that’s advertising health related products. The telemarketer greets him as “Customer” to which he replies that he’s not (he thought “Customer” was a name). Telemarketer asks for his name and then tells him that she loves him which causes him to blush. Poor Hyun Joong, he doesn’t know that it’s a advertisement trick but he falls for it and the telemarketer tells him that she will call back tomorrow. Jong Hyun asks who that was and he tells him it was someone that loves him (hahhaa).

Later that night, Hyun Joong giggles while the four are in their piano bed because he keeps thinking about what the telemarketer said while Soo Hyuk can’t sleep because his stomach is growling. They both get on Prince Jung’s nerves and they both apologize. He eventually kicks them all out and they sit outside the piano room. Soo Hyuk is craving for something to eat but Hyun Joong isn’t hungry since he’s full on love (hehe). Jong Hyun complains that he has nothing (aw lol).

Prince Jung yells at them to shut up and it might be the hunger or I’m wrong but Soo Hyuk seems to be mocking Prince Jung. Hyun Joong then says how he feels bad for Prince Jung since Prince Jung’s a potan (ugly) but he’s a kingka (handsome). At the sound of this, Prine Jung bursts from the piano which causes his minions to flee.

His comrades are all asleep but he keeps thinking about how the telemarketer will call tomorrow and she asked him to have his address ready. He wonders what the address is and he walks into Sumi and Manager Shin’s room where Sumi gets frightened. She got so scared she throws him over onto Manager Shin which injures him in the easily prone to hurt area…you know what I’m talking about haha. So of course, they get mad when he woke them up just to ask for the address so he could tell the person that loves him.

He ends up sleeping while holding the phone close, the phone finally rings which wakes him up. It’s the telemarketer who repeats that she loves him today and he’s about to confess too until she asks for the address. He tells her is Gangnam-do Cheondamdong 444414444. She thanks him and he asks for her name which is gives quickly and then hangs up.

They all marvel at the products that were sent to their home and Prince Jung can’t believe that the ugly Hyun Joong is actually a kingka. Jong Hyun has no energy to talk but says she must be a nice lady. Hyun Joong wants to marry her and Prince Jung worries about that but Hyun Joong says it’ll be okay since she’s his first love (awww, poor baby when he gets rejected). Hyun Joong gives Prince Jung a packet and tells him that it’s good for a man’s health. Prince Jung is wary of it and hands it over to Soo Hyuk to try first, Soo Hyuk doesn’t even have the energy to hide his annoyance (LOL). However, the drink turns out to taste good and so the vampires are drinking it, reminding them of Vampyrutus.

Hyun Joong finds a letter from the telemarketer who tells him that next time they should meet. Jong Hyun tells him that it’s a love letter which makes him super happy as the vampires cheer for him. Later on, he works on writing a love letter.

Meanwhile, Soo Hyuk has to face his demons which is in the form of a chicken. He stands a mile away and throws the chicken feed at the chicken. Prince Jung forces him to get closer so he stands a foot away and spits the chicken feed to the chicken using a straw and the chicken finally eats. He turns to Prince Jung for approval but Prince Jung is still disappointed.

He waits for the phone call and checks to see if the phone is working. He even resorts to using his ability…poor guy…he’s lovesick.

When you’re the best of friends
Having so much fun together
You’re not even aware, you’re such a funny pair
You’re the best of friends

Life’s a happy game
You could clown around forever
Neither one of you sees, your natural boundaries
Life’s one happy game

poor guy.

If only the world wouldn’t get in the way
If only people would just let you play
They say you’re both being fools
You’re breaking all the rules
They can’t understand, the magic of your wonderland

The phone ring and right when he gets there, it stops. sigh poor guy.

When you’re the best of friends
Sharing all that you discover
When that moment has past, will that friendship last?
Who can say? There’s a way!
Oh I hope… I hope it never ends
‘Cause you’re the best of friends

Soo Hyuk is reading to the chicken when Prince Jung comes by and sees that the two seem to be getting along. The chicken makes a noise and Soo Hyuk stops the conversation to feed the chicken. Prince Jung is surprised that Soo Hyuk understands the chicken to which Soo Hyuk replies that he hears it with his heart. He gives the chicken water and tells Prince Jung to be quiet because it’s going to sleep soon. How cute is it with Soo Hyuk calls the chicken “KoKo”. It’s Korean for chicken but he makes it sound like a name hehe.

The phone rings and Jong Hyun is about to pick it up when Hyun Joong rushes to it. It’s Sumi’s friend asking for “Sumi unnie” which he says there is no one by that name and hangs up. Sumi comes in asking who it was to which Hyun Joong replies that it was someone looking for “Sumi unnie”. Sumi gets angry and shouts that it’s for her but Hyun Joong doesn’t understand since her name is “Baby”. She retorts that only Manager Shin can call her that. She calls her friend back but Hyun Joong ends the call, he’s afraid the telemarketer by call back during that time.

Manager Shin wonders why Hyun Joong is so down and Prince Jung tells him it’s because of a girl. Manager Shin tells him that there are four styles of love: acquaintance (?), platonic, game (treating it like a game), and eros. Prince Jungs asks which type he thinks Hyun Joong’s girl is and he replies game where she pushes and pulls. Hyun Joong replies that all he has left of her is this love letter which he hands to Manager Shin. Manager Shin realizes immediately that this is just a thank you letter and tells him that it’s a telemarketer. Prince Jung doesn’t believe him so Manager Shin dials the phone number on his cellphone and puts it on speaker for everyone to hear. The telemarketer’s voice is heard and Hyun Joong grabs the phone, heartbroken that she would call him “Customer”. He cries out that it’s him but the telemarketer hangs up on him. He then asks what’s the phone number for this (LOLOL).

Sumi greets them when they walk into the kitchen and she accidentally cuts herself with the knife. The vampires look at Soo Hyuk in fear but he whispers the words “Koko” to calm himself down and they applaud him. He had finally controlled his blood lust. Soo Hyuk says this is all thanks to Prince Jung’s chicken.

The president comes in with a pot and tells her to use this to cook the chicken. At the word chicken, Soo Hyuk panics and runs over to the rooftop where the chicken cage is.

Aww poor baby.

Hyun Joong comforts him and they sit there. They both reminisce about how they can still hear their voices and the bittersweet parting.

Prince Jung and Jong Hyun find them and he comforts  them both on their lost loves. He then tells them that until his father forgives them, they’ll have to stay here for a while and adjust to the human life. Sumi had cooked something for them to try and they should at least try it.

Sumi looks exhausted and Prince Jung says that on the count of three, they’ll eat it. They wonder what this is and Manager Shin says this is egg. It’s the first time they have ever seen something like this so they quickly try it at the count of three to find that it’s really good. Soo Hyuk says it’s strange how eating this reminds him of Koko.

She says it’s because this is what Koko laid before it died. Hyun Joong asks if this means  that the egg is Koko’s child. Manager Shin shakes his head no, but it’s too late as Sumi says it doesn’t even matter.

He’s scarred as he shouts for Koko while they others tell him it isn’t.


Why this episode rocks my socks?

  1. Lee Soo Hyuk

  2. There’s a chicken. A chicken. I love chickens!

  3. Kim Hyun Joong who should not be mistaken for Kim Hyun Joong from SS501 cause this guy has acting chops!

Although this episode should focus on Hyun Joong, Soo Hyuk slightly stole the limelight from him with his interaction with Koko which was so adorable. It totally beats out  that picture of him and a puppy.

I love the episodes but I can’t wait to see them actually being idols rather than just being in a company, plus Jong Hyun needs his moment too!

Now I’m um…off to play mahjong now with my friends who are here now…see ya!


7 thoughts on “[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 9

  1. I’m enjoying your recaps. I haven’t found English subtitles available anywhere, and it’s wonderful to read your detailed descriptions of the episodes. Thank you very much!

    1. you’re welcome! i hope you continue reading them! i’ll try to write the next one as soon as I can ^^

  2. Hi, thank you so much for the recaps. I come across this blog after watched White Christmas and found the 3 of the cast were also in this together.
    Could you please share the link to watch Vampire Idol eng sub? I’ve only found few episodes on youtube.

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