Jang Geun Suk – High Cut Vol 68

Jang Geun-Suk…

Oh, dear Jang Geun Suk!

How I miss your Tae-Kyung hair…

But what can I do..

When Mu-Gyul loves his long hair..

And In-Ha’s style have to suit the 70s..

But now..

You’re trying to be a  Romeo?

Meet Jang Geun-Suk, featured in High Cut Vol 68.

The best hairstyle of him: definitely Tae-Kyung’s style. Though I don’t find that pants (or whatever they are) attractive.

Totally the style of In-Ha from Love Rain. I mean the hair, not the flowery pants.

This one..looks so familiar…like this?

Those smile and eyes..

Seeing this makes me realize that it has been a long time since he last worked in a drama. I’ve yet to watch You’re My Pet (due to, err, mixed reactions about it) but I’ll give it a try someday..maybe I should be looking forward to Love Rain?

source : High Cut


4 thoughts on “Jang Geun Suk – High Cut Vol 68

  1. No matter how much I loved JGS in You’re Beautiful (Yes, it’s past tense!) I still can put myself to like his strange personality, sometimes I even find him show-off especially when he keeps on calling himself as Asia’s Prince! *sigh*

    Kim Ha Neul is one of my favorite movie actress and I watched almost every movies of hers but I’m struggling right now if I should finish this movie. I already started part 1 but I can’t find any driving force to continue it. The Japanese live-action didn’t work for me and I’m expecting the same thing here. I find the story senseless and negatively unbelievable!!!

    1. Hihi^^ I don’t want to judge him or anything..yeah, I’ve heard so much bad things about him, but I’m only focusing on his works and projects ^^;

      I haven’t started to watch You’re My Pet yet, so I don’t know what should I expect..but people are having the same reaction as yours..hmm..now I wonder, should I watch it or not?

      1. I used to be and still am but less so then i was in the beginning, in love with JGS. Recently I feel as tho he has lost in touch with what and who he is acting for. I feel as if everything is going to his head. It seems like he is doing more outrages things (specially his randomly semi-gay like, and yes i did say “gay-like” outfits he has wore in recent events) for attention. I still think he is TOTALLY HOT!! but i miss the old him! 😥 . I also like the j-drama version of “You Pet” as suppose to the k-movie “You Pet”

        1. now I realize your dp is him! umm..yeah, sometimes he feels like an idol more than an actor..
          I’ve recently watched You’re My Pet and the movie is full of fluff. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks that the movie feels ’empty’, the only thing that it has is pretty people.

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