[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 10

Eun-Jae shuts the door behind her and starts crying outside of his apartment. Poor Eun-Jae. The next day, Mu-Yeol gets ready to leave his apartment when he is surprised to see Kevin rather than Eun-Jae. Starting from today, Kevin will be Mu-Yeol’s body guard.

Episode 10: Yogi Berra’s Silence

Yogi Berra – a New York baseball player who was very talkative; he even talked to the opponents during the game. The only times he was silent was when there were hits and run sign was up! But since he was quiet, the signs were revealed.

Mu-Yeol walked into Tae-Han’s office to ask why his bodyguard has changed even though Tae-Han said it won’t until training starts. Tae-Han only said that because he thought the karaoke incident would take that long to disappear, but with all the other scandals, the karaoke one is forgotten. Mu-Yeol is angry that he was in on the decision, but when asked for a reason why the bodyguard shouldn’t be changed: he has no reason.

Mu-Yeol walks out of there angry and asks Kevin if Eun-Jae was happy that she was gone. Kevin says not really… We flash back to Eun-Jae going to the office in the middle of the night where Kevin also sleeps. I like his night cap haha. She tells him that she can’t be Mu-Yeol’s bodyguard anymore and if he doesn’t allow it, she’ll resign. Kevin asks Mu-Yeol if anything happened lately, but he says no.

Eun-Jae is at her family’s restaurant just sitting there and being gloomy. Her family knows something is up and one of the speculations is she borrowed money from loan sharks. They both don’t want to talk to her because they don’t want to have any serious conversations especially with family members (wait….what?). Eun-Jae finally opens her mouth and asks her dad if his relationship is going well which gets him flustered. He says it’s going well and she tells him that she’s against that relationship which gets him slightly worried, but she was just kidding. Her brother had run outside, but now he’s trying to eavesdrop on the conversation. Eun-Jae asks her dad when he’s going to introduce her to the family since she and her brother are older now and understand. Aww the dad is all shy about it and says it might happen soon.

Mu-Yeol is at Dong-Su’s house talking to him about the bodyguard change. Dong-Su is packing up his office as he asks Mu-Yeol why he’s sad about it. Dong-Su thought he wanted to change bodyguards, but Mu-Yeol makes up an excuse of how the environment changing can mess up his concentration (uh huh, right). Mu-Yeol had thought him and Eun-Jae bonded over fighting and they told him that they usually did rotations for body guarding.

Dong-Su gets the baseball glove from Mu-Yeol that Mu-Yeol found. Dong-Su shows it to Woo-Hyeon and tells him that when spring comes they would play catch; it’s the dream of every father and he even bought it when Woo-Hyeon was born. However, he didn’t factor in that Woo-Hyeon wouldn’t want to because it’s too scary. Dong-Su takes the glove back and there’s this cute little making face war between Woo-Hyeon and Mu-Yeol.

Mu-Yeol wonders when he’ll have a son to play catch with too and this brings up how far he went to Jong-Hee. Dong-Su knows how fast Mu-Yeol can be and asks if liking Jong-Hee too much slowed his game. Mu-Yeol tells him things were going great until the cat blocked him (haha). The cat was meowing, thinking Mu-Yeol was attacking its owner (hehehehe, hooray for the cat!). Dong-Su knows that wouldn’t have stopped him; Mu-Yeol then tells him how he likes Jong-Hee, but they always talk about the past and it’s not like he doesn’t like that. However, when there’s a gap between them, he feels lonely and realizes that back then he might have been too desperate.

Su-Young goes and visits Jong-Hee with food when Su-Young notices her old couple ring. Jong-Hee says casually that it’s just an accessory and Su-Young doesn’t buy it. Su-Young also notifies Jong-Hee that Su-Young’s mother wants to speak to her and that she knew Jong-Hee was here because of Woo-Hyeon. Su-Young’s mom was surprised that she would quit and Jong-Hee says she will be more surprised when she starts to be like Su-Young (a baseball player’s wife). On the drive home, Su-Young looks disappointed.

When Su-Young gets home, Dong-Su shows her his old office that he changed so it could be her mini studio. Although, he knows Su-Young didn’t quit art for him, she could still draw as a hobby. Su-Young doesn’t look very happy about it.

Yoon-Yi enters the bar he works at and greets Dong-Ah. He changes in the room and decides to take a peek at Dong-Ah’s wallet. He takes a look at her ID card before putting it away. He sits with her at the bar and peels the apples for her. He’s curious why she would be working here since it’s not for the sake of money. Dong-Ah looks excited that he thinks she’s rich, but it’s not that, she just doesn’t seem desperate for it. He wishes he had no money troubles like her. He asks her what her parents do for a living; her dad works for a company and her mom was a nurse, but they died in a car accident when she was a 1st year in high school. They were hit by a rich man so aside from insurance money, she also got lots of compensation which helped with her money troubles. Yoon-Yi replies that dead parents are better than parents that abandon their child (aww, it’s okay, you still have your vampire family).

At the coffee shop where the rendezvous is, Tae-Han gets worried when a couple comes in talking about some girl who had gotten into a car accident. What makes him even more worried was when he heard the girl was in a daze. He’s about to go out and find Dong-Ah when she walks in. Tae-Han asks why she doesn’t carry a cell phone and she replies it’s to make him worried when she’s late (haha I know I said this already, but I love this girl). He tells her to stop working at the bar since they don’t get any information, but Dong-Ah tells him her plan to seduce Yoon-Yi with prettiness. She thinks that Yoon-Yi is interested in her after asking her a few questions about her life such as what she’s doing this holiday. Tae-Han doesn’t seems to like this and asks why she would think that. She thinks it’s due to her misfortune with her parents. Dong-Ah continues her plan that she could date him on the holidays and capture his heart. Once that’s complete, she can go Yoon-Yi’s personal places with ease. Tae-Han rejects the idea on the basis that she’s not pretty which shocks Dong-Ah.

The car ride home is silent with Tae-Han glancing and Dong-Ah. He asks her if she’s mad (Mr. Oblivous Robot) and she replies no. He drops her off at her place and she thanks him, but before she leaves, he asks if he can have tea (awww Mr. Robot wants to stay!). Dong-Ah replies that she doesn’t have tea. What about coffee? But he shouldn’t have coffee so late. When he’s about to give up hope, she offers him citron tea which he gladly accepts.

While she’s serving the tea, he decides to sit on the floor (! more on that later) rather than the couch so he comes across a book called “What the Body Desires” (hahah oh Dong-Ah and her erotic books). He drinks his tea nervously and she asks if it’s alright since the tea’s three months past the expiration date (hah). Tae-Han gets straight to the point.

Tae-Han: I didn’t come here to drink tea.

Dong-Ah: Then what is it?

Tae-Han: Dong-Ah ssi, I came to seduce you.

Dong-Ah bursts into laughter.

Tae-Han: Will you date me? What’s your answer?

Dong-Ah pinches herself: Thank you.

Tae-Han: You’re welcome.

HAHA say what? That was the awkwardest, but cutest confession and acceptance I have ever witnessed.

The next morning, Eun-Jae looking at her photo album in bed and she comes across her family photo with the mother’s face cut out. Dong-Ah comes into her room all giddy with excitement and Eun-Jae just replies that she has no food (hah). Dong-Ah wanted to tell her that she’s meeting with Reporter Go and Eun-Jae should come. Eun-Jae replies that she gave up on “Reporter Go” to which Dong-Ah asks why since Eun-Jae never tried. Dong-Ah is surprised that Eun-Jae won over the desire to reproduce for human kind and tells her she’ll become an archaeopteryx, pretty much saying she’ll be extinct. Eun-Jae mutters that it’s like she’s evolving and at this Dong-Ah just bursts into super giddy mode.

Meanwhile, somewhere out there, Tae-Han is meeting his team before Mu-Yeol arrives at the location to do community service. Eun-Jae is shocked that Dong-Ah is not dating Tae-Han and Dong-Ah says she’ll have an erotic life from now on. She’ll be able to do everything that she’s read in books (hahaha). Dong-Ah’s cackling laughter reaches telepathically to Tae-Han and he wipes the sweat off his face (hahahha).

Mu-Yeol arrives and cue the camera flashes and screaming fan girls. The fans chant as Mu-Yeol picks up trash while wearing his nice clothes and sunglasses (haha). He asks them why they’re here and every time a fan responds, he hears Eun-Jae’s sarcastic and sassy comments in his head. My favorite comeback is when this one older woman tells Mu-Yeol that she wants to give him some restorative herbal medicine before he leaves for off season training and voice Eun-Jae tells her to take care of her husband first (haha).

While Mu-Yeol’s taking a break, the fans give him some coffee and he asks them to give some to Kevin too (aww he finally cares about others). He drinks the coffee and doesn’t think that it taste good because you know, only Eun-Jae’s coffee tastes the best.  This causes him to think about Eun-Jae so he gives her a call, but she doesn’t answer. However, he can’t call again since he has to go and pick up trash now with fan girls screaming his name.

Eun-Jae sighs and decides to get out of bed so she can wash the Park Mu-Yeol rug that she always steps on. She tries to delete his number off his phone, but she can’t bring herself to. She goes and visits her mom’s flower shop and asks her to wrap up some white chrysanthemums which are usually for funeral occasions.

Her mom recognizes her and Eun-Jae cuts to the chase of how her dad is dating someone and if the mom feels sad even though she threw him away. The mom asks her for the reason why she’s saying all this and Eun-Jae tells her how she thought she would not understand her mom til death. The mom notices something is off, but tells her not to make any excuses because of the mom. Eun-Jae leaves the flowers there because it’s for the mom that died in her heart a long time ago; Eun-Jae finally has a heart to feel sad (aww).

The mom calls the dad and cancels the plans to meet the family which breaks the poor dad’s heart (aww). Eun-Jae goes back to work and gets assigned to a new job in which she guards a soon to be divorced woman who is most likely being blackmailed by her husband. Eun-Jae talks casually about Mu-Yeol and tells Kevin to be alert about stalkers and that Mu-Yeol seems to have gotten thinner. She also mutters that he has such a big mouth of a baseball player.

Mu-Yeol finds out that Eun-Jae was sick which he doesn’t believe because “she looks like she can beat up an ox” (hahaha). They start talking about Eun-Jae when she was little and how she was even more of a blockhead than now. Kevin was the one who taught her judo in middle school and in her first year of middle school, she got into a fight with a member of the soccer club and she said the guy provoked her first. Since she couldn’t fight, she bit the guy until the guy cried (hah).

Kevin realized that she was the one and that she could get an Olympic medal with her stubbornness. However, the only obstacle was that she was the same age and size as Kim Eun-Jin ( an Olympic gold medalist in judo). They were both equal in strength but Eun-Jin upped her in intelligence (haha).  When the match ended, she cried and Kevin had to carry her out (hahahhaa)! A few days later she quit judo. Mu-Yeol then went on to the topic of boys and if any liked her and there was one named Kim Yoon-Shik. He did judo too and was one year older. Kevin stops talking and eyes Mu-Yeol suspiciously as Mu-Yeol looks unhappy that another guy liked her (someone bring that Yoon-Shik guy so Mu-Yeol can be jealous!).

Meanwhile, Eun-Jae takes the fragile client to the court and sees the angry ex-husband.

At the stadium, Dong-Su notices one of the player’s, Jong-Il, bat swing is putting too much force on his wrist which is causing him pain. He decides to help the player, but advising him to change his swing. The player takes it all in, but not too happily. He badmouths Dong-Su once he’s inside the locker room about how Dong-Su is not their senior anymore so why should he give them advice, basically calling him third-rate and how embarrassing it is that he’s still here. Dong-Su hears all of this outside and the other players don’t notice him nor do they defend him. Mu-Yeol walks up to Dong-Su and Dong-Su tells him he needs a character course because he exceeded the penalties.

Dong-Ah and Yoon-Yi say goodbye in front of the bar and go their separate ways, Yoon-Yi looks back to see Dong-Ah get into Tae-Han’s car. Tae-Han stops the car in front of her house and opens up a notebook  that Dong-Ah wrote which lists the things they should do now that they’re together. He points out number 17 which he has an issue with because cell phones have electromagnetic waves and if they keep calling at night, it’ll be bad for their health. Dong-Ah agrees to get rid of that one, but she can’t agree to get rid of number 21 on giving each other nicknames because it brings a sense of closeness; that is what Judy, the writer of “All About 21st Century Love”, taught her. Dong-Ah gets out of the car and Tae-Han leaves, but little do they know, Yoon-Yi followed them.

Mu-Yeol sees fan girls takes pictures with his cutout and even kiss it. He comments that is why he has nightmares (hahahha). He turns around to ask if Eun-Jae does that with Son Dong-Ryul’s cutout too. He realizes belatedly that it’s Kevin behind him. The fan girls try to go up to Mu-Yeol once they see him, but Kevin blocks their way. Mu-Yeol asks what Eun-Jae is up to and decides to  go and visit her. The client is on her way and Eun-Jae watches her leave, but the client’s car is stopped by her ex-husband so Eun-Jae pulls him away as the client escapes successfully. The ex-husband looks angry and thinks that Eun-Jae is having a relationship with his ex-wife. He’s about to hit her and Eun-Jae dares him to. Mu-Yeol interrupts in time and grabs the guy by the collar, threatening to kill him if the guy ever hurts Eun-Jae. The guy runs away and Kevin slyly trips him (hee).

Mu-Yeol wonders why she didn’t stand up for herself like she would when she’s against him. Eun-Jae points out that he curses at her too and Mu-Yeol says him and that guy are different. Only he can treat her like that, no one else is allowed to because Mu-Yeol doesn’t like it. Mu-Yeol messes around with Eun-Jae by putting her in a headlock and ruffling her hair, all while doing his little cute evil laugh.

Mu-Yeol takes her to a BBQ restaurant which he knows she likes and she sighs as she follows. She finally sits in the same table as Mu-Yeol in a public setting because today, she’s his guest, not bodyguard.

Jong-Hee meets the housekeeper by the elevator and asks if Mu-Yeol is home. The housekeeper says he’s not and eyes the rings Jong-Hee has on her left hand. Jong-Hee pouts a little, she wanted to have dinner with him.

Mu-Yeol gives Eun-Jae beef because it’s good when a person is sick. Mu-Yeol talks about how he thinks a little of her and how she probably doesn’t even think about him (boy, you have no idea). Mu-Yeol wants to know why she suddenly left being his bodyguard, but Eun-Jae doesn’t answer.

At the apartment, Jong-Hee does a little cleaning and lets the cat outside (NOOOO). She tells the cat to stay around the halls and not wander too far.

Back at the restaurant, Kevin is having the time of his life eating (haha). Mu-Yeol tells Eun-Jae that their relationship is not a casual, acquaintance type, and notes that she’s acting weird. He knows because she’s not stuffing all the beef in her mouth as soon as she’s done.

Jong-Hee is done cleaning and looks around for Short, but he’s not in the hallway.

Mu-Yeol challenges her, does a normal bodyguard go up a mountain to look for a client? He asks her bluntly if she liked him because he likes her too.

Jong-Hee runs down the stairs and gives a description of Short to the security guard who informs other guards that they are looking for a white cat.

Eun-Jae asks if it’s true and he tells her how she was weird at first, but over time, he found her cute. He now wants a sister like her. Oh heck no, he didn’t just sisterzoned her! He knows she’s mad at him about something and goes on, not seeing that she’s about to cry. He tells her to think of him a hyung…no oppa. Oh gosh, does he really still see her as a guy? Eun-Jae doesn’t want to have him as her brother and he feels offended, but asks why. It’s because he’s selfish, violent, and ignorant. Mu-Yeol gets angry and shouts that he hates it too and that if he got a truckload of little sisters like her, he would hate them all. He gets up and tells her to stop eating since they’re leaving. Kevin quickly shoves the last piece in his mouth before following in suit.

Jong-Hee and two other guards search around the streets for Short, but the cat is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, it seems someone is spying on Jong-Hee in the dark. Eun-Jae and Mu-Yeol are still fighting and Eun-Jae asks why he came looking for her? She was just about to control her feelings.

Jong-Hee heads back to her apartment where there is a pink box waiting outside for her (oh no…).Mu-Yeol and Eun-Jae sever their ties, but the situation is put aside when Mu-Yeol gets a panicked phone call from Jong-Hee. He knows something is wrong and rushes over with the other two. Jong-Hee just holds the phone, trembling and traumatized. Mu-Yeol is on the phone with her as Kevin drives with Eun-Jae in the back seat. Jong-Hee screams a blood curdling screech. The neighbors come out after hearing her scream and they panic at the sight of what’s in the box, which is Short (noo!). Jong-Hee starts biting herself as a way of keeping it together.

The scene cuts to a mysterious person who is throwing away gloves that are covered in blood and we see a box cutter that is also stained red. Mu-Yeol gets there just as Jong-Hee collapses and takes her inside. He struggles to prevent her from biting herself. He keeps whispering to her that it’s going to be okay, but none of it is getting through to her as she grieves over Short. Eun-Jae watches all of this with a sad expression.

Eun-Jae goes outside and picks up Jong-Hee’s phone as Kevin inspects what’s in the box. The police arrive and talk to Kevin. Jong-Hee ends up biting Mu-Yeol, but he doesn’t complain and Eun-Jae closes the door. The security guard explains to the police what happened and they leave with Short. Jong-Hee has finally calmed down and Mu-Yeol tells her it’s okay all while looking angry.

Eun-Jae sits in the dark sullenly and Chang-Woo freaks out when he sees her there (random: I like his duck sweater!). When asked what she’s doing, she says she’s being jealous of an unlucky girl; she can’t believe how she’s acting right now.

Eun-Jae cries in the dark alone while Mu-Yeol, fuming, holds a sleeping Jong-Hee in a brightly lit room (I’m liking the parallels). Tae-Han and the guard go over the tape from the elevators and the security guard explains they don’t have camera in the hallways due to privacy complaints. Tae-Han reports this to Su-Young and Dong-Su. The criminal took action because there were no cameras and there were no fingerprints on Short. The police say they will pay attention to what’s going on however no actions will be taken since this was a cat and not a human  being.

Mu-Yeol asks Tae-Han if they can delay today’s schedule, but Tae-Han says it’s impossible. Eun-Jae answers the phone call drowsily, but is wide awake when she hears the caller’s voice. It’s Mu-Yeol and he’s outside her house right now. He wants to talk to her. She tells him to wait and she quickly washes her face, picks something out to wear, and puts some frozen meat over her puffy eyes. Mu-Yeol asks why she took so long and comments about how her face is so swollen which causes her to quickly cover her face. She counters that he didn’t come all the way here to talk about her face, did he?

They relocate to the living room and he takes in all the Seagull decorations everywhere. She quickly prevents him from looking at a carpet of himself.

Mu-Yeol: Your father and brother aren’t here?

Eun-Jae: If they were, how could you come in? Do you want something to drink?

Mu-Yeol: No need.

Eun-Jae:…How’s Jong-Hee?

Mu-Yeol sighs: How is she…she’s already sensitive enough. I’m so nervous now.

Eun-Jae: Why did you come? You said we’d never see each other again.

Mu-Yeol: It’s not the right time to talk about  that. You…will be Jong-Hee’s bodyguard.

Crack. Someone’s heart just broke all over again.


I can’t believe the drama is going away from the funny scenes this episode, this episode had a darker tone, but it was still good. Great breakdown scene from Jessica and Lee Si Young’s acting just blew me away, how many times will we see this girl get hurt? I’ve seen her heart break more times than the characters actually playing baseball! 

Now time for my favorite moments, Mr. Robot and Battery, how I love you guys so. I demand to see more of their scenes! MOARRRR! So more on the scene I wanted to talk about. I love love how Mr. Robot was going to sit on the couch, but then sat on the floor with Dong-Ah. It’s like he wants to be on her level and see her eye to eye. He wants to know her, I’m probably thinking too much of a person changing seating positions, but that’s what I see.

Yoon-Yi’s totally creeping me out with his stalking tendencies and I’m hoping it’s because he likes Dong-Ah and not that he wants to hurt her! I won’t believe it! He’s supposed to be Jong-Hyun, the nerdy genius!! 

I’m pretty sure I know for sure who’s the stalker, I have my suspicions! 

One of the poignant scenes  for me was the contrast of Eun-Jae crying alone and Mu-Yeol and Jong-Hee being together. They contrast each other so differently and both have different issues to face. It’s even more symbolic after Eun-Jae told her brother that she’s jealous of an unlucky girl because she has someone who cares for her, while she takes it all on her own.

I was a bit sad about Mu-Yeol in this episode especially the way he treated Eun-jae. I know he means well, but it was heartbreaking to see him slip up and tell Eun-Jae to call her hyung. She’s been guy-zoned, friend-zoned, and sibling-zoned all at once.

Poor Short, you will be missed.

Enough sad, here’s some funny:


11 thoughts on “[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 10

  1. “(aww, it’s okay, you still have your vampire family)” great line. It is the weirdest thing seeing the same Actor play two completely different character at the same time. esp, when one is all evil and 1 is a vampire. 😀
    It is a good thing that I decided to wait to watch “What’s up” – I might have had a breakdown. I got enough of a shock seeing Blood-thirsty vamp (can’t remember his name) in the recaps.

    1. i know right?! like Eun-Jae’s mom is actually in this other drama called Fermentation Family and she looks so different! haha!
      ahh you’re talking about Lee Soo Hyuk!!! ^______________^
      His character in What’s Up isn’t that different from his Vampire Idol one, at least compared to Jong Hyun and Yoon-Yi LOL! Jong Hyun, I’m liking! LOL

  2. Love Mr. Robot and Battery scenes more than Mu-Yeol and Eun-jae. Though Lee Si-Young’s acting is great. I just love the formal characters more. ^^

    1. Yeah Lee Si-Young is a great actress, but the Mr.Robot Battery couple just appeals to me more, I just like quirky people haha
      but of course, Mu-Yeol making fun of Eun-Jae and teasing her is always great too lol 😀

  3. my least favorite episode of the drama so far. After the angst in this episode i wanted to jump ship… but I’m glad that the next episodes were awesome, so I’m not bailing after all.
    I love the scene of the of Mr. Robot and Dong-ah. its the most awkward confession ever but it was awesome in its weirdness, i was squealing right after. That was the only scene i really liked in this ep.
    The breakdown scene of JH was grating and painful to watch, could have really been done better.
    I liked how MY shows signs of missing EJ but this was the episode that I wanted to hurl a rock towards MY’s head. Really, how dense can you be?
    And i laugh at your comment, “She’s been guy-zoned, friend-zoned, and sibling-zoned all at once”. That pretty much sums up the trifecta of pain thrown by MY to EJ’s already breaking heart. Poor EJ. And kudos to Lee si young’s acting.

    1. Yeah, this one was really depressing, i wanted to hit Mu-Yeol up-side the head and shout at him to wake up!

      Hehe I love that scene! it may not be the most romantic, but it certainly had it’s charm…it might even be romantic in its own weird, twisted way LOLOL

      True, it could have been done better, but not bad for a newbie actor, though she should really tone down on that scream…it really hurt my ears LOL

      I didn’t think it was possible for a girl to be hit with a triple attack like that all at once, so sad ;____; I cry on behalf of her and all other girls who have been forced into that situation. *sigh*

      Thank you couchpotato_md for your comment and I apologize for replying so late! ^^

      1. Hhaha…you just experience jessica’s dolphin scream

        sones love jessica’s dolphin scream like me XD

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