[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 7

One time he’s worshiped (and also cursed) by many, but a slight turn of event makes him being stepped on easily. This is probably one of the biggest problem Mu-Yeol has ever experienced in his career, and I can’t help but to feel sorry for him. And people around him, especially the loyal Eun-Jae.


Mu-Yeol tenderly tends Eun-Jae’s wound on the forehead. He puts the band-aid on her and she looks at him with an unfathomable expression (but it’s killing me! ><). He then tells her to go home after having a hard day protecting him. Eun-Jae walks out slowly, her hand touching the band-aid from Mu-Yeol. Mu-Yeol brings down an old box and look through a book with handwritten sentences of a child, probably his diary.

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[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 13

The limelight falls on Hyun Joong and Prince Jung this episode! We get to see some pairings though they’re not solidified yet.

Note: Thank you Charron for founding out the silent girl’s name is Yu Bi (finally, a name!)

Episode 13: Bunny love and how to take care of a man child.

The boys are finally preparing for their debut as they have a photo shoot, but they’re all so awkward (haha). It’s like awkward smiles and poses all around from the boys while the president and the photographer try to guide them. The photographer tells them to smile and he’s liking the minions smiles but not Prince Jung’s. So he has a serious face on instead (hehe).

Hyun Joong is walking around with popcorn, unaware that some girls are staring at him, he smiles shyly when he hears them (hehe). His super hearing picks up something popping and that is when a little girl gives him a bag of Pop Rocks, a type of candy that pops in your mouth. He thanks her and pops some into his mouth, but he wasn’t prepared for the shock of it literally popping in his mouth so he falls. She hands him a balloon and takes a picture. She hands him the polaroid, but he tells her he doesn’t have money. She gestures that he doesn’t need to pay and just take it.

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[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 6

This episode was really about how something so mundane can affect a person’s life be it for good or bad. Mu-Yeol faces his harshest challenges yet and we also get a glimpse into our main characters’ pasts and how they came to love baseball.

As Eun-Jae leans in to kiss Mu-Yeol, Mu-Yeol’s eyes open slightly, but her eyes open even wider. They stare at each other for a few minutes before Mu-Yeol falls asleep again. In the danger zone, she quickly grabs all her belongings and run out the door; she doesn’t even bother wearing her shoes, just grab and run! She stands out the in the hallway and berates herself.

Episode 6: A pitcher who gets substituted (Gang Pan) before taking the mound.

[In general, it means quitting something involuntarily.]

Mu-Yeol wakes up and thinks that it must have been a dream.

The next morning, Eun-Jae is hesitant to ring the doorbell of Mu-Yeol’s apartment, but she didn’t have to as Mu-Yeol opens the door. Mu-Yeol laughs when the door hits her and asks why she is just standing there. Then he gets concerned, thinking it’s a hard hit (aww he cares!), however Eun-Jae responds with a why which causes him to say he’s not going to bite her.

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[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 5

Watching porn is a normal everyday activity. Kisses can hunt you down. Oh, wrong. Even the lips can be something addictive to a woman with the name Yoo Eun-Jae, minus the kiss. That’s what I learned from this episode. Finally, I understand why they put the “this program is for 15 years old and above only” before each episode 😀


So..the episode starts with Eun-Jae alone in her bed, replaying Mu-Yeol’s words about having something and someone that’s so precious to him. She denies it and rolls around, while Mu-Yeol return to his house with Kevin, still in gloom after the loss of his necklace.

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