[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 11

Someone gets a new job. Another one reveals his cheeky side. The other guy becomes emotional, while the other girl is quite upset over him. ‘She’ gets out of her gloomy side, thanks to the brilliant person. The husband and wife are almost significant this time; only the husband comes out for a while. A good news: the stalker’s identity is finally revealed. No more guessing game for us, but not for the characters.


Mu-Yeol comes clean about his real intention appearing early in the morning at Eun-Jae’s house: to ask her to protect Jong-Hee, i.e becoming her bodyguard. Eun-Jae stares at him through blurred eyes, questioning why, above all bodyguards in this world, he has chosen her. Mu-Yeol says she’s the only one he knows and have faith in, as she has helped him so much. He pleads her to help him, even to the extent of calling her by her full name: Yoo Eun-Jae.

She sends him outside and starts to explain her reason, but Mu-Yeol gets a call from Manager Kim and completely ignores her. Eun-Jae isn’t going to let him go and throws a snowball at him. He looks at her with a questioning look while Dong-Ah’s puppy whimpers at them before walking off.

Episode 11: Loss Closing Pitcher

*[Loss closing pitcher: A pitcher who plays when the score difference is big that his side has no hope of winning the game.]

Su-Young is cooking some porridge at Jong-Hee’s house. She enters her room and finds Jong-Hee drawing something on her white wall: a pair of red, bloody eyes (thank God she uses a lipstick) that probably belonged to Short. Su-Young is shell-shocked to find her like that and brings her out to eat. Jong-Hee looks at Su-Young with an unfathomable expression. She tells Jong-Hee not to hide herself like this.


The door bells rings and it’s Eun-Jae, who’s arrived to do her job. She looks at Jong-Hee pitifully and asks some questions about her to Su-Young. Su-Young then leaves for her class and now, it’s Eun-Jae’s turn to keep her eye on Jong-Hee. She sits quite far away and sighs while looking at the expressionless girl.


With his worries about Jong-Hee have already taken care with Eun-Jae staying by her side, Mu-Yeol hops on his team’s bus for the training camp (sort of a camp designed for players with disciplinary problems). Dong-Soo trails along him as he’s been asked to keep his eye on him to avoid Mu-Yeol from being involved in any incident. Mu-Yeol texts Eun-Jae for several times to find out about the situation and she replies shortly for each. He sends texts to her continuously throughout the journey to the camp.


The situation is still the same as earlier, just that Eun-Jae has started to play game on her cellphone. Mu-Yeol’s text interrupts her but she ignores him. She asks Jong-Hee whether she’s hungry or not but no response. Eun-Jae mumbles to herself and Mu-Yeol texts her again. She marvels about the vast difference between the princess (Jong-Hee) and her servant (herself) and completely pissed off with Mu-Yeol, who’s suddenly becomes obsessive with texting.


At the camp, the Dreamers are undergoing some therapy session. Obviously there’s a sign indicating that no cellphones are allowed and they are being monitored, but Mu-Yeol can’t take it anymore. He kicks out his stiffened legs after looking around and brings out his phone. He’s just started to text Eun-Jae when suddenly, she calls him. He decides to answer and Eun-Jae’s scream pierces through the quiet atmosphere from his phone. She warns him not to text her again, while Mu-Yeol is panicking. Haha! Eun-Jae nags about him being too protective and Jong-Hee looks at her. However, she doesn’t say anything.


The whole team gets their lunch and Mu-Yeol looks like he hasn’t eaten any food for the past ten days. Dong-Soo is amazes with the monk’s vegetarian diet that makes him looks good, but Mu-Yeol finds it useless as the monk can’t date or marry anyone. Dong-Soo thinks Mu-Yeol has grown up and matured when dealing with Jong-Hee. Mu-Yeol says it’s because Eun-Jae is there right now, where Dong-Soo wonders why he believes his bodyguard so much. Dong-Soo feels Mu-Yeol isn’t fun to be around and Mu-Yeol starts shaking the table. hee.

Eun-Jae is also having her lunch: a takeaway serving of jajangmyun. She eats it alone, while Jong-Hee doesn’t touch her already cold porridge in front of her.


Reporter Go enter Manager Kim’s office while the latter is looking through a list of suspects. The reporter takes a peek at the list that contains: Park Mu-Yeol, Yoo Eun-Jae, Jin Dong-Soo, Jin Dong-Soo’s wife, Kim Tae-Han, Housekeeper Ahjumma. The list is made based on people who knew about Jong-Hee’s return to Korea. Manager Kim explains that it’s probably the stalker who killed the cat as its eyes were damaged severely. Reporter Go points to a person that’s the most suspicious to him: Manager Kim’s name. hehe.


Manager Kim coolly asks him why he says so, and the reporter replies it’s because of his dissatisfaction with Mu-Yeol that made him did it to scare off Mu-Yeol. Manager kim it’s easier for him to expose all Mu-Yeol’s private matters to the press if he had to do with the stalker thing, in which Reporter Go takes out his notebook and asks him to tell him one. hahaha! Then, the reporter tells him his suspect: Jin Dong-Soo. He has the motive of jealously as Mu-Yeol outshines him in a short time.


As Reporter Go is telling Manager Kim about his theory, the Dreamers team is walking in the snow towards somewhere. Mu-Yeol grunts that he’s the most senior among the players and he doesn’t deserve to be there. He’s left behind as he tries to text Mu-Yeol, but soon cancels it after remembering Eun-Jae’s anger. Unknown to him, a car comes from behind and Dong-Soo sees it. He runs and saves Mu-Yeol from being hit, but Dong-Soo himself is hurt. Reporter Go, still talking about Dong-Soo’ motive, suddenly says that it’s impossible and Manager Kim agrees with him.


Jong-Hee is still sitting like a statue on the couch, while Eun-Jae is swaying left and right in her sleep on the dining chair. The door bell rings and she opens the door. Mu-Yeol’s housekeeper ahjumma comes over, per his order, to drop by some meals for Jong-Hee. She tries to convince her into eating but it’s no use. Eun-Jae tells her to let Jong-Hee be and she leaves. Eun-Jae can’t take this anymore and starts giving some advice (in her usual way) to Jong-Hee. Jong-Hee starts to respond and gets all violent, but Eun-Jae is faster and pins her onto the couch. She pleads Jong-Hee not to give more trouble to Mu-Yeol. She coolly answers that she’s a bodyguard when Jong-Hee asks who’s her to Mu-Yeol.


The injury probably gives Dong-Soo and also Mu-Yeol early leave from the camp and they return to Mu-Yeol’s house. Manager Kim arrives shortly after hearing about the almost-accident and Dong-Soo tells him that he saved Mu-Yeol from death. They start talking about it and Manager Kim inform them that Yoon-Yi is being watched by Dong-Ah as he’s the prime suspect. Mu-Yeol hopes the matter would be resolved quickly. Mu-Yeol sends both of them on their way out before going to check on Jong-Hee. While he is away, the housekeeper ahjumma washes the dishes and thinks about something anxiously.


Eun-Jae gives Jong-Hee the porridge and to her surprise, she starts to eat it. Mu-Yeol comes over and he’s surprised to see Jong-Hee eating. Eun-Jae scoffs about why people shouldn’t spoil at their children so much and Jong-Hee throws her spoon at her before dashing off to her room. Mu-Yeol checks on Eun-Jae to make sure she isn’t hurt and apologizes for Jong-Hee’s behavior. She tries not to tell him anything about what she did earlier, but soon she tells him. He chides her for pressing the sick person, but Eun-Jae’s threat to quit her bodyguard position makes him treats him all nice and kind. hihi.


Being a book person she is, Dong-Ah is too engrossed in the book and she realizes that Yoon-Yi isn’t there anymore. It turns out that he’s actually been sitting in front of her (why you’re so creepy..?) and calls her, making her nervous. She gives him excuse that she comes to the library because she wants to read. He wonders why she didn’t accept his invitation to watch movie together, and Dong-Ah says she’s just a little shy and doesn’t dislike him. He proposes for them to date, and Dong-Ah smiles in victory. He finally takes her bait!


Eun-Jae informs Mu-Yeol about what Dong-Ah has been doing: following Yoon-Yi in disguise. They talk over dinner which Mu-Yeol ordered for takeaway. He treats her nicely and passes everything that she wants, looking like a faithful boyfriend. They are about the start another argument (Eun-Jae says Jong-Hee is artistic bullshit LOL) but again, Eun-Jae threatens him about the bodyguard position. Mu-Yeol turns into the nice boyfriend mode again (they look like they’re on a date or something!) and stuffs Eun-Jae’s mouth with a chicken. hahaha! He tells her to remind Dong-Ah to be careful when she’s around Yoon-Yi.


Talking about them, Yoon-Yi brings Dong-Ah to a place to see the stars through dark alleys (creepy!!). She hesitates a little but still follows him. They arrives at a hill and Yoon-Yi starts to talk about his childhood, where he’d come at the place to see the city lights in place of stars. He would watch people’s houses with envy and wished to shut off the lights that symbolized comfort to other people. Dong-Ah looks at him nervously and he wants to drop the subject about stars; instead, he wants to talk about them (double creepy). She suggests for them to go down as it’s getting cold and starts walking away, but he’s faster to block her way (triple creepy for him!).


He asks her why she’s been following him these days, and her getting the job at the bar isn’t a coincidence. Yoon-Yi wonders who is her actually. Dong-Ah tries to fool him again, saying that she falls for him when she saw him on the news and apologizes. She wants to leave, but he blocks her again. He says he doesn’t dislike her and caresses her cheek with his fingers. He’s moving closer towards Dong-Ah and she screams before he covers her mouth with his palm (Nooooo!). Yoon-Yi threatens her that no one is near the place and she’d not be discovered easily if she’s to be left there unconscious. He wants to know what’s her relationship with Manager Kim and why she’s following him before punching her. Ouch! Poor Dong-Ah.


Manager Kim senses something is not right after the pencil he’s using breaks its lead. He sharpens another pencil, while Yoon-Yi keeps asking about Dong-Ah motive of following him around. Cringing in pain, she tells him the truth and takes the opportunity to flee when he thinks about it. She’s caught by him again, but a police siren blares, chasing him away. It’s actually an alarm by a person nearby, who turns out to be the housekeeper ahjumma. She approaches Dong-Ah and helps her to move. Dong-Ah refuses to report it to the police and decides to call Manager Kim.


He’s surprised to get a call from an unknown number but nevertheless, he answers it. it’s Dong-Ah asking for his help to fetch herr as she’s hurt. Poor robot, he’s so anxious and even slips on his way to the car! The housekeeper ahjumma leaves to a house, which turns out to be Yoon-Yi’s house. His grandma is worried about Yoon-Yi. The ahjumma tells the grandma not to tell anyone about her. She then gives some medicine to the grandma.


After their dinner, Eun-Jae and Mu-Yeol sits comfortably in the living room, talking about the stalker. Eun-Jae thinks that someone is thinking about killing her, but if Mu-Yeol is the exception, there’s none. hehehe. He decides to stay there in case Jong-Hee wakes up. Eun-Jae decides to leave but reminds himto pay her for 24 hours. She gets tired of him reminding her to come tomorrow. She gets out and sighs, while Mu-Yeol takes a look at the sleeping Jong-Hee.


Manager Kim reaches the place where Dong-Ah told him, but she’s nowhere. She then walks out of a store and responds to the anxious Manager Kim coolly,as if nothing happened. On their way home, she tells him everything about what happened, but she’s acting indifferent towards it. Manager Kim doesn’t say anything but he’s clearly upset with her attitude. Dong-Ah thinks he’s angry because she told Yoon-Yi about their investigation, but he’s actually angry because she treats everything like it doesn’t matter. He opens the door for her and then leaves abruptly, ignoring Dong-Ah. Awww..


She goes inside, where Eun-Jae’s father is playing (or feeding? not sure) with the puppy. He tells her not to come back too late, like a real father. Double awww. She goes to Eun-Jae’s room, but she’s going to sleep. Dong-Ah joins her and gives her a back hug. They have a girls’ talk, but most of it comes from Dong-Ah. She tells Eun-Jae about the angry robot and feels a little upset about it. She then asks Eun-Jae: is she weird? Eun-Jae doesn’t say anything but faces her and asks back what’s wrong. Ah..I love their friendship!


At Jong-Hee’s place, she suddenly dashes out of her room. Mu-Yeol tucks her in bed again and looks at her sympathetically. After some time, she wakes up again and goes out to check on Mu-Yeol. She accidentally wakes him up but doesn’t say anything. Instead, she just leans in and rests her head on his shoulder. He looks almost clueless and strokes her hair. And at the same time, Eun-Jae comes in and witnesses all this. Heartbreak alert!


Mu-Yeol realizes that she’s watching them, so he alerts Jong-Hee to wake up. She sits beside him, but he gets up and decides to return to his house. He reminds Eun-Jae to take Jong-Hee for meal at his house. Eun-Jae greets Jong-Hee and pleasantly tells her, “Let’s go through this difficult day again.” hehe. Mu-Yeol answer the ahjumma’s question nonchalantly, earning him a weird glance from her. hooo~

The anger from last night is not getting away and Manager Kim scolds his underlings, thanks to his bad temper. Mu-Yeol wonders why he’s behaving like that. Mu-Yeol is to help a free meal truck to distribute the food for his community service and ignores the reporters who keep taking his pictures.


The housekeeper ahjumma, on the other hand, is feeding the two girls, Eun-Jae and Jong-Hee. Eun-Jae eats the meal heartily, unlike Jong-Hee who looks like he’s going into a war. The ahjumma keeps staring at Jong-Hee but soon stops when Eun-Jae realizes what she’s doing. Looks like Jong-Hee is stuffing too much food to keep up with Eun-Jae as after that, she throws up. But then she goes out, with Eun-Jae trailing behind her.


Their destination: a shop selling all the things for painting. Jong-Hee orders quite a lot of stuffs and walks away. Eun-Jae follows her closely along the pavement when suddenly, Jong-Hee sees a yellow, fat cat. She follows it and Eun-Jae has no choice but to follow her. Jong-Hee eventually loses the cat and walks away in vain, ignoring Eun-Jae.


The camera pans into the room behind the bookshelves and Dong-Ah appears like a zombie after hearing her house phone ringing. The ringing stops and she returns to her bed while writhing in pain. On the other side, it’s Manager Kim who called and he keeps looking at his cellphone, probably wondering why she didn’t pick up the call.


Mu-Yeol finishes his community service and returns home. He decides to give Eun-Jae a call to check out on the two girls. They are not having the best time with each other, with Jong-Hee walking mindlessly and Eun-Jae who has to catch up with her. She’s left behind when she answers Mu-Yeol’s call, but suddenly, another problem arises: Jong-Hee accidentally (or just because she’s too ignorant on things happening around her) runs into a group of bad kids. Eun-Jae quickly ends the call to settle the problem.

The kids are already surrounding Jong-Hee like ants around sugar, telling her to apologize. Eun-Jae tries to settle it without any hussle, but the kids aren’t going to let them go before Jong-Hee apologizes to her. She starts to hit one of the kids when he tries to take away his handbag. Eun-Jae stops her from doing anything that might provoke them.


The ahjumma (I’m getting tired of having to call her with such a long name ^^;) prepares for Mu-Yeol’s dinner, but her mind is thinking about something else. She remembers that on the day of her visit to Yoon-Yi’s place, he actually took a peek of her face between the slightly ajar door. She’s way too engrossed in it and accidentally knocks down the hot soup on her leg when Mu-Yeol’s voice surprises her. He quickly tends her and she looks at him tenderly. Ewww..it’s quite gross actually!


The kids start to attack them and Eun-Jae uses her judo skills to knock one of the girls down. She tells Jong-Hee to run in the count of three. She knocks down some of the kids before running away with Jong-Hee. The kids run behind them. Mu-Yeol is in hurry to bring the ahjumma at the same time to her home. She’s still smiling with that creepy smile. Eun-Jae and Jong-Hee are still running with the kids behind them, but Jong-Hee suddenly slips and falls (arggghhh why of all time~). Eun-Jae is not going to leave her behind and tells her to run while she blocks them. She sees a patrol car nearby and goes to inform the police.


Mu-Yeol and the ahjumma arrives at her place and she informs him that her door password is the same as his. He looks around and regards that she has high taste in decorating her house. She goes inside and starts fixing her hair. She’s about to put on some lipstick (ewwww that’s totally gross!) but soon cancels her intention to do so. Eun-Jae is still fighting over the kids but she’s soon knocked down and being kicked around (I hate to see her like that ㅜㅜ). She starts apologizing to the kids when they step on her, but they run away when the policemen come with Jong-Hee.


Mu-Yeol takes a look at the ahjumma’s photo back in younger days. He wonders if anyone told her to be an actress,but she actually wanted to be a poet. He thinks she should start to do so, but she says she won’t be able to do so, as she needs to be alone in order to become a poet. Oh really? She just smiles at him when he asks whether she’s not alone anymore right now. Creepy ahjumma. Her smile disappears completely when Mu-Yeol receives a call from Jong-Hee. He puts the photo and leaves in a hurry. The ahjumma’s face turns sour. Yeay.


The two girls are at a cafe and Mu-Yeol walks towards Jong-Hee to make sure she’s okay, but the scratch on her face makes him worry and he starts to accuse Eun-Jae of not doing her job. Jong-Hee tries to stop him, but he just gets angrier. Eun-Jae walks away, limping with her legs hurt. Jong-Hee goes out after her and Mu-Yeol too. Eun-Jae ignores him and walks away while crying. Mu-Yeol lifts her up in a cradle and carries her towards a taxi while she’s screaming for him to put her down. She cries in the taxi, with Jong-Hee looking at her.

The ahjumma is all alone. She goes inside a dark room, with thousands of Mu-Yeol’s photos pasted on the wall. She mutters Jong-Hee’s name under her breath.

She’s the stalker; the person behind all the mess happening around Mu-Yeol.

[END of Episode 11]

Yeay! My guess turns out to be correct! Yeay!! But it’s somehow creepy and gross to have someone so close to him to be the actual stalker. Poor Mu-Yeol. he’d be surprised if he’s going to find out about this. People around him shouldn’t be trusted that much. hmph.

In this episode, I totally have mixed emotions about Mu-Yeol. Sometimes I hate him because he’s ignorant of Eun-Jae. I really have the urge to knock his head to wake him up and actually see the world around him. For goodness’ sake, the world doesn’t revolve around Jong-Hee only! The scene where he scolds Eun-Jae was the moment I exploded because he’s being a total jerk, only seeing what he wants to see. Argh! I’m quite upset with you, Mu-Yeol!

But then..he’s started to look like a sympathetic friend to Jong-Hee, not someone special to her anymore. He looks clueless at times, and him taking extra care of her is just because he feels it’s his responsibility. Wake up, mu-Yeol, wake up! She’s your past! Look at Eun-Jae, who’s going to be your future!! Treat him like a girl, not a small boy!

Okay, I’m totally complaining about Mu-Yeol, but he’s beginning to be funnier at times. His desperate-and-I-need-my-ex expression is no longer there, replaced with I-feel-better-with-Retard expression. Yeah, he need to acknowledge that as soon as possible. He’ll be more crazy and more of himself when he’s with Eun-Jae, and I totally love him like that. Hmmm..

I like the new Jong-He. Not to the extent for her to go back to Mu-Yeol’s side, but she looks stronger when she’s with Eun-Jae compared her cute, pretty side when she’s with Mu-Yeol. She might did that to be at par with Eun-Jae, but she does look better with that attitude. No wonder people are shipping Eun-Jae and Jong-Hee together. Hehe. They’d make great friends to each other and I believe it’s going to happen soon as Jong-Hee has started to call Eun-Jae by her full name: an indication that she’s comfortable to be around him. I’ll love her more if she becomes the cupid for Mu-Yeol and Eun-Jae, instead of coming between them. I hope so!

As for Robot and Battery..I’m hoping they would reconcile soon..Dong-Ah is a girl who doesn’t like to show her weaknesses in front of others, probably as her defense mechanism to herself. I believe Manager Kim doesn’t have a clue how she’s actually living her life: alone without her parents. He’d understand her once he knows the real story, so hurry up and get back together!

To make up for the creepy Yoon-Yi, here’s a kind version of him, melting our Dong-Ah’s heart:

Seriously, they are cute together. Manager Kim~ where are you?

19 thoughts on “[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 11

    1. you know, that is one of the things that I’m looking forward in their relationship. haha! I imagine MY would try his best to please his future father-in-law..but knowing his temper, it won’t be an easy job. I’m so excited for it!

  1. Mr. Robot and Dong-ah get back together already!Mr. Robot you’re so cute when you get anxious and angry. But please don’t stay mad at Dong-ah for long.
    I love MY stuffing food at EJ’s mouth and EJ feeding off from MY’s attention. And MY, I love that you swept EJ of her feet literally, shows you are not an asshole after all.

    1. As soon as the stalker thing is resolved, Robot will go to his Battery because he needs her!! at least that’s my theory 😀

      That scene proves that it is possible for them to be a couple 😉 and have you seen ep 12? They sometimes look like a married couple. hehe

  2. I feel the need to comment and say thank you to you.
    Had a great time reading your recaps for a month or two now, am just not certain. but really thanks

  3. hey wonderful readers,

    i will write the episode 12 recap of WR tomorrow and try to post it up by tomorrow. I hope everyone understands, I have a midterm coming up tomorrow and i just had one today >___<;;

    Thank you. ^^

  4. hi, nice recaps. And it’s convenient for me to decide if I should continue watching or drop it…

    I loved the robot and battery …more than MY and EJ actually.
    And I also guessed right – it’s the ahjumma.

    Keep up the good work, totally sympathise with you having to juggle so many things. Hwaiting!

    1. aww..thanks for dropping by!
      people are contemplating whether to continue watching or not but the writer is well-known for making the main couple in her dramas to realize their feelings at the very last minute. so I can say to you: don’t stop watching! only 4 eps to go until the ending…

      Robot and Battery should have their own drama someday 😀 honestly, I still think it’s quite gross for the ahjumma to be the stalker. and she has convenient time to plot and spy around MY’s private life! how scary is that?

      really, thanks for the encouragement! we’re students so it’s a normal thing to multitask 😉

  5. LOL, I guess the housekeeper too !
    I thought it was because she was always overdress ;p
    I mean, who cleans house looking like that right ? haha

    Btw, nice recap! Gumawo-yo 🙂

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