[recap] The Equator Man – Episode 4

The young ones take their final bows and it’s the time for their adult counterparts to take over the stage. Time flies, almost unnoticed by some people, but quite slow for others. If someone could turn back the time, what would they do? Stay the same, or try to change what they’ve done? Although we can plan and do whatever it takes for our future, the future still holds many great surprises for us and at times, the regret is going to get us for whatever we have done in the past.

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[recap] The Equator Man – Episode 3

Is this the fate’s game? Trampling over the people’s lives, throwing them into the deepest, blackest hole in their hearts. To me, the characters are not at total fault for their greed and betrayal. It’s the cruel fate that’s giving reasons for them to act almost inhumanely. What can they do when at one point, they can only choose to protect one side and eventually sacrifices the other side?

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Yum Jung Ah – Heren April 2012

I watched Jeon Woo Chi a few days (or was it two days?) ago for the countless times already, and had a good laugh for myself, part of it thanks to Yum Jung-Ah’s character there. She’s so different from her angelic-but-not-so-innocent Kim In-Sook in Royal Family. Here, she’s featured in HEREN magazine, April 2012 issue.

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