[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 11

Someone gets a new job. Another one reveals his cheeky side. The other guy becomes emotional, while the other girl is quite upset over him. ‘She’ gets out of her gloomy side, thanks to the brilliant person. The husband and wife are almost significant this time; only the husband comes out for a while. A good news: the stalker’s identity is finally revealed. No more guessing game for us, but not for the characters.


Mu-Yeol comes clean about his real intention appearing early in the morning at Eun-Jae’s house: to ask her to protect Jong-Hee, i.e becoming her bodyguard. Eun-Jae stares at him through blurred eyes, questioning why, above all bodyguards in this world, he has chosen her. Mu-Yeol says she’s the only one he knows and have faith in, as she has helped him so much. He pleads her to help him, even to the extent of calling her by her full name: Yoo Eun-Jae.

She sends him outside and starts to explain her reason, but Mu-Yeol gets a call from Manager Kim and completely ignores her. Eun-Jae isn’t going to let him go and throws a snowball at him. He looks at her with a questioning look while Dong-Ah’s puppy whimpers at them before walking off.

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