[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 10

Eun-Jae shuts the door behind her and starts crying outside of his apartment. Poor Eun-Jae. The next day, Mu-Yeol gets ready to leave his apartment when he is surprised to see Kevin rather than Eun-Jae. Starting from today, Kevin will be Mu-Yeol’s body guard.

Episode 10: Yogi Berra’s Silence

Yogi Berra – a New York baseball player who was very talkative; he even talked to the opponents during the game. The only times he was silent was when there were hits and run sign was up! But since he was quiet, the signs were revealed.

Mu-Yeol walked into Tae-Han’s office to ask why his bodyguard has changed even though Tae-Han said it won’t until training starts. Tae-Han only said that because he thought the karaoke incident would take that long to disappear, but with all the other scandals, the karaoke one is forgotten. Mu-Yeol is angry that he was in on the decision, but when asked for a reason why the bodyguard shouldn’t be changed: he has no reason.

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