[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 12

What’s the best way to get a Blockhead to notice you? Knock him in the head of course! This episode is pretty much the episode all fans of the blockhead couple have been waiting for! Enjoy~!

Jong-Hee and Mu-Yeol wait outside the hospital room for Eun-Jae to come out, Jong-Hee looks a bit sad as she thinks back to how Eun-Jae was crying earlier and Mu-Yeol carried her. Mu-Yeol finally speaks and comments how Eun-Jae should have told him he was hurt. Jong-Hee asks if Eun-Jae cried  because she was hurt and her inference is if she cried because of Mu-Yeol. Being the true blockhead  that he is, Mu-Yeol says of course Eun-Jae cried because she got hurt.

Eun-Jae limps out and tells them that she has no broken bones. She mutters a complaint of how Mu-Yeol dragging her to the hospital is just troublesome because now she has to go back and forth. Mu-Yeol goes to support her and asks her if she cried because she was hurt, Eun-Jae said yes, it hurt a lot before and Mu-Yeol mouths to Jong-Hee that he was right. Aish, that blockhead.

Episode 12: Someone has noticed! Appeal Play.

Appeal play – if a player passes a base without touching it, the opponent must appeal it in order to call it an out. Even if a 100 people notice it, but the opponent doesn’t, it’s no use.

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