[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 2

This episode is so hilarious, Lee Dong Wook and Lee Si Young are killing me with their expressions!

Episode 2: The Worst Keystone Combination

*[Keystone combination is the best team and in baseball it’s the second base and shortstop.]

The episode starts off with where we left off on episode one when Mu-Yeol comments on the forum if the person he is talking to is “Gull Head” (Eun-Jae). Eun-Jae who is shocked by his sudden question logs off her username: theworldwithouthim. She wonders why he would be in the forum to look at negative comments like a pervert (pfft) in the first place, but then she gets scared as she realizes that he knows now.

The next day, the two are alone in the elevator and boy is it awkward. He starts saying one of the negative comments she made.

Mu-Yeol: ‘We write him as Park Mu-Yeol and read as that bastard.’

However, Eun-Jae denies all this but she falls for his trap when he tells her there’s no use in hiding since they figured out it was her, but she counters that they don’t use real names “there.” Oops. He asks isn’t there some kind of bodyguard-client confidentiality and warns that he’ll sue her.


She dares him to and this causes him to stomp on the elevator floor hard in anger. The elevator suddenly stalls and they panic. A voice on the intercom tells them to stop fooling around in the elevator and they will try to get this problem fixed as soon as they can. They curse at their luck and say loud enough for the other person to hear that they would rather to somewhere else or struck by lightening.

In another scene, Eun-Jae is busy doodling all over one of Mu-Yeol’s photos. She’s such an anti-fan that she doesn’t even eat watermelons because it’s red. Wow. She starts marking it up some more until one of the workers asks her to take the many fan gifts to him. Luckily, Eun-Jae is hiding the little artwork she made so Manager Kim doesn’t notice it.

She’s shocked that people would give gifts to him and Mu-Yeol walks in holding a video camera, sighing about the amount of gifts. Eun-Jae can’t stop laughing about the graffiti that she created in the hall and just plays it off that she’s nervous. Out of curiosity, he asks if she gives gifts to Son Dong Yul (her favorite player in Seagulls) which she replies that it’s none of his business.

He opens one of the presents to find a bra and underwear and wonders if Eun-Jae gives these kinds of gifts too. He wonders what the giver wants from him and offers them to Eun-Jae, but it wouldn’t fit her anyways. She decides to get her little revenge and stare at his crotch which makes him self-conscious. He asks what she’s doing, her response: you looked first. Hahaha I love this girl.

Eun-Jae ends up guarding the door of a VIP in a club when Mu-Yeol and his teammates decide to have some drinks with a few girls. Eun-Jae couldn’t believe that one of the girls would hang out with people that she doesn’t know, but what irks her even more is when the girl says she knows what Eun-Jae did. The group leave the club and Mu-Yeol tells Eun-Jae to leave so he can have some alone time with the girl.

Mu-Yeol leaves the two alone when he goes to  get his car which is when Eun-Jae warns the girl to be careful because there’s a videocamera, weapons, and women’s lingerie in the backseat; she basically makes him out to be some pervert. Eun-Jae leaves right when Mu-Yeol pulls up in his car. The girl looks in the back seat to see the lingerie gift Mu-Yeol got from a fan, the video camera he was holding earlier, and a baseball  bat. It cuts to this weird fantasy of the girl where Mu-Yeol is threatening her to put it on. She runs away in the taxi and leaves Mu-Yeol confused.

While on the bus, Eun-Jae gets a call from Mu-Yeol demanding to know what she told the girl and Eun-Jae swears on the Seagull’s victory that she just told the truth. He asks then why would that woman – but she cuts him off by saying she doesn’t know and that she’s on a bus right now before hanging up. She tries to suppress her laughter, she is having so much fun with this haha! Mu-Yeol grumbles that he’ll get her back.

In a cafe, Dong-Soo is talking to the team’s agent about signing a contract with Dreamers again however they are reluctant since his stats keep dropping every year. The agent lets it slip that the only reason they hired him for a year a while ago was because he was friends with Mu-Yeol. Ouch. However the agent rephrases it to Dong-Soo being the mood maker and how he has great personality. Either way, it must hurt for a baseball player to be picked for personality rather than skills.

Contrasting to Dong-Soo’s conversation at a cafe is Mu-Yeol’s conversation with the chief and his manager at a restaurant. The chief lays on the compliments so Mu-Yeol won’t even think about signing with other teams who have been offering to meet with him lately. The chief wonders why a waiter isn’t here.

Eun-Jae’s boss was busy highlighting his name on the printed article about the egg incident when Eun-Jae barges in and protests that he said she wouldn’t have to do the bodyguard gig for long. He tells it’s only been three days but she counters that she could have died thrice! 1. Almost freezing to death in the mountains. 2. Heart almost stopped after a four hour marathon. 3. Mu-Yeol kicked the elevator and broke it. Eun-Jae’s boss finds that strange how a kick could break an elevator, maybe someone tampered with it. Eun-Jae thinks he just wants her to act like a hero so his company could get more publicity. She leaves the office and looks at a flickering light, thinking back to what her boss said about someone trying to hurt Mu-Yeol and if she gets hurt to let him know immediately. She seems to be scheming something.

Dong-Soo is at the gym, stressing out when Mu-Yeol walks in. Mu-Yeol has no idea of the situation with Dong-Soo and tells him not to ask for the raise since Dong-Soo isn’t picky on the terms anyways. Eun-Jae walks in and asks to see Mu-Yeol alone. She takes him somewhere private where she could teach him some judo techniques.

A reporter enters the gym and asks Dong-Soo who Mu-Yeol went to the karaoke place with. He knows it wasn’t the bodyguard and asks if it was Shin Seon-Hee. Dong-Su feigns ignorance about Seon-Hee. Mu-Yeol walks into an abandoned barn/storage and from behind, a figure approaches. He turns around and asks Eun-Jae if he really has to get hit. Eun-Jae retorts that he has to since the police will inspect him when they see his bodyguard injured after an anti-fan attempts to hurt him. This way they’ll both be free of each other since she’ll be in the hospital therefore he’ll need a new bodyguard.

They both seem to be happy to be rid of each other’s presence so they work as a team to pull this through. Mu-Yeol nervously awaits the blow and Eun-Jae builds up that suspense by slowly counting to three. She hits him, but a person driving by notices the storage room open so he locks them in.

Meanwhile, a housekeeper is making some shake when she hears a phone ring, it’s a call from Su-Young, but she doesn’t answer it. Eun-Jae and Mu-Yeol are locked in so she uses her phone. Mu-Yeol thought that they were supposed to leave their phones at home, but apparently it was only his since it could be tracked. Mu-Yeol informs her that he could have just turned it off, but Eun-Jae didn’t know he could do that (haha). Mu-Yeol cries and pities himself for being stuck in here with an idiot.  His self-pity rant stops when she realizes something, he asks if her battery is dead…it turns out there’s no coverage.

Dong-Ah reads a book while lying down on the couch, as if explaining the things from a book’s point of view.

Dong-Ah: When two people are put together in a panicked situation together, their camaraderie  becomes great. If  they’re more scared, their camaraderie becomes even greater. It’s possible that they might start liking each other. It can be explained this way: the human brain can misunderstand fear’s door as a lover’s door.

Dong-Ah stops reading when a man’s voice tells her to be quiet.

We cut back to the two stuck in a storage room. Mu-Yeol keeps on blaming Eun-Jae while Eun-Jae walks around for cellular signal. She finally gets signal and tries to talk to the Manager with Mu-Yeol asking for the phone, but the signal gets dropped and she blames him. They find signal again by the storage window and this time Mu-Yeol takes the phone.

Manager Kim calls Mu Yeol’s number but it’s off so he calls Dong-Soo who speculates he might be a at club since he usually turns off his phone if he’s there. Dong-Soo tells him that he’ll let him know if anything comes up and we see that he’s at his house while his wife is telling a story to their child.

Mu-Yeol lets Eun-Jae climb onto his shoulders as she calls Manager Kim to let him know of their location, but he can’t hear them. She puts her phone out farther and loses the phone after Mu-Yeol drops them both when he is surprised by the noise of the containers falling.

Manager Kim goes to Eun-Jae’s home where Dong-Ah answers the door after playing with the adorable puppy. It’s cute how Dong-Ah refers to him as a cool looking man to Eun-Jae’s family who assume that Manager Kim is dating Eun-Jae. Once they see that he’s the manager for Red Dreams, they don’t want him to step even one foot into their property. Dong-Ah butts in and says that it’s actually her property and he’s just renting it which hurts Eun-Jae’s father’s pride.

The two are freezing to death and he asks her if she lived here and when she moved to Seoul. He doesn’t really want to know but at least it’ll keep them awake so they won’t freeze to death. She answers last winter and asks why he hit the reporter. It was because he threw a camera at Mu-Yeol first.  The topic goes to dating and she asks Mu-Yeol if he dated Seon Hee; it turns out she was a two-timer and he was just having fun with her. He asks why she cares anyways and a huge owl comes and scares the both of them.

Manager Kim drives while Dong-Ah directs however she looks at the map upside down but good thing Mr.Robot knows and reads the map himself. During the trip, Dong-Ah admires his profile, I love how open she is about it haha. Eun-Jae and Mu-Yeol decide to have Eun-Jae crawl through the tiny hole near the ceiling on the basis of if a head can fit through, ergonomically speaking, the body can too. Uhh…sure. They try it and what do you know, Eun-Jae gets stuck.

Manager Kim and Dong-Ah find them and Mu-Yeol hugs his manager (aww), meanwhile, Dong-Ah is laughing at Eun-Jae for being stuck up there (hahaha), but Eun-Jae tells her to stop. Dong-Ah goes and pokes Manager Kim on the cheek to ask him to call 119, but he’s already doing it. 119 comes and he reports to the cops what happened though he falsifies it so Mu-Yeol’s name won’t be in it.

Dong-Ah thinks that Eun-Jae and Mu-Yeol have fallen in love with each other which causes Eun-Jae to get riled up and shout at her. The other people get startled and Mu-Yeol watches from the shadows as she gets up and chases after Dong-Ah. The officer thinks that Eun-Jae might have suffered from stress and that suggests that Manager Kim take her for a checkup.

Mu-Yeol goes back home to find a red envelope outside his door. He opens it and it’s a picture of him with his eyes poked out, on the back of the photo is a letter to him telling him how the person wants to destroy all the parts of him that think of another woman. Either it’s one of his crazy ex that sent it or crazy jealous fan girls. He just tosses it away into a box. Dong-Ah greets Eun-Jae’s father and finds that he’s still hurt about being a renter at his age. Mu-Yeol and Eun-Jae are both in the car complaining about how little sleep they had and who needs it more, such children hehe.

Mu-Yeol is being interviewed on camera and his teammates look on with jealousy and admiration. He yawns while on camera and the managers are giving directions on which questions to answer and ask. Eun-Jae tries her hardest to stay awake with methods such as opening her eyes wide. Dong-Soo watches all these with jealousy and sadness as he sees the successes of others.

While Mu-Yeol is being interviewed, Reporter Go comes and tries to fish something out of Eun-Jae, in particular, information about Mu-Yeol and Seon-Hee. But Eun-Jae knows better than to spill the beans no matter how much she may dislike Mu-Yeol. Mu-Yeol sees this and runs over to interrupt the conversation after the interview is over. One of the other player being interviewed asks the interviewer to cut out his scenes and he places his things in a room. He takes out a water bottle, which probably belongs to Mu-Yeol, and starts drinking from it.

While walking to another location of the interview, Mu-Yeol thinks that Eun-Jae may have said something to the reporter however she tells him that she’ll keep the secrets between them two. Mu-Yeol thinks he has a right to doubt that since her mouth moves faster than her brain and she retorts that his fists move faster than his brain. Inside the room where the new location is held, the player that drank from Mu-Yeol’s bottle feels sick and ends up being hospitalized after vomiting. The interview is postponed and Manager Kim takes a look at the bottle while Reporter Go is ready to take pictures. He asks Mu-Yeol what was inside which was just herbs so Manager Kim lies that the player must have had an allergic reaction. He wanted to hide from  Reporter Go that someone is out to get Mu-Yeol and he tells Mu-Yeol and Eun-Jae that he will need a bodyguard now. Manager Kim doesn’t know what was in it, but he sent it to a lab.

They drive to the stadium so Mu-Yeol can get some practice in, but they hear a noise so they both duck behind his car. Eun-Jae has decided to protect Mu-Yeol plus this way, she will be able to find the anti-fan and be rid of each other’s presence. Mu-Yeol doubts if she could and she replies that she’s a 5th degree black belt in judo. He retorts that he’s a baseball star. She doesn’t see the correlation between fighting and baseball to which he counters if she’s ever hit a ball zooming past her at 150kph. This brings us to the bet with Eun-Jae at bat. If she’s able to hit it, he’ll call her noona and dress up like a girl, but if she can’t, she’ll dress up like one and Mu-Yeol gets to pick the outfit.

I don’t even know who I want to lose since I want to see both of them in a dress (haha), but Mu-Yeol’s teammates know who they want to lose so Mu-Yeol calls in Manager Kim aka Mr. Robot to be the umpire so it’s fair. If Eun-Jae gets three strikes, she’s out but if she’s able to at least touch the ball with the bat, it’s considered a home run. The first pitch, she misses so Dong-Soo gives her pointers on what to do. Second pitch, she tries to tap the ball but Mu-Yeol knew her plan and threw the ball too low. Third pitch, she decides to throw herself in front of the pitch much to the surprise of everyone. She gets hit and falls to the ground.

They all can’t believe she did that! They watch as she falls to the ground in pain, I mean who wouldn’t be? However she snickers like crazy since guess who’s wearing the dress! So what’s the call Mr. Robotic Umpire?

And it’s a strike! Say what? Mu-Yeol is cheering like crazy while Eun-Jae protests, didn’t she get hit?! Doesn’t she get to walk the bases?! Nope, it’s a strike if the player gets hit when the ball is in the strike zone. Poor Eun-Jae, all that pain for nothing.

Eun-Jae begs him not to let her wear this, but a bet is a bet. They’re probably not going to a fancy dinner either since his attire is casual…something tells me she’s overdressed for the ocassion. How fitting is it that she wear a red dress when she hates Red Dreamers. To make matters worse, he’s taking her to a Red Dreamer’s banquet.

But she’s gorgeous so all the guys are staring and one waiter even dropped cups just by looking at her. Mu-Yeol goes and greets the chief and other important high ups, leaving Eun-Jae to fend for herself. She takes a seat and Dong-Soo is kind enough to sit across from her. He compliments her and introduces her to his wife, Oh Su-Young (Hwang Sun Hee).

Eun-Jae bows politely and looks up. She’s shocked that Dong-Soo’s wife was the person she saw at the karaoke place with Mu-Yeol and the woman who declined her a ride down the mountain. What is going on?


This drama is getting interesting and it’s entertaining too! I love all the facial expressions that she makes and with episode 2 finished, we have some plot points such as is Mu-Yeol having an affair with Su-Young? Who is the stalker that wants to hurt Mu-Yeol? Will Eun-Jae ever get rid of her bird nest hair? Okay…maybe that’s not a plot point, but can’t someone get a girl a better hairstyle? Though I am slowly warming up to it since Lee Si Young can pull off any kind of hair, still…stylists, work your magic!

The chemistry between Lee Dong Wook and Lee Si Young is cute and their interactions keep me wanting more.

Another couple I am super interested in is Dong-Ah and ManagerKim…I mean, who doesn’t like a 4-D girl that draws out some warmth from a robot, so cute.

I hope that this drama will show us more of its potential in the episodes to come!


15 thoughts on “[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 2

  1. Oh please continue to recap 🙂 I’ll give you imaginary cupcakes, candy, cookies and whatnot. Hehe. Thank you.

      1. Please continue to recap this hilarious series. I am eagerly waiting to watch the leads fall for each other 🙂

  2. Thank you for the recap, since i watch this without sub This drama is so hilarious and funny, and i cant see why the rating is quite low. LSY is such a fine actress. She can easily pull any scene and i love how she express her role. I watched SOAW, and compared to this i think KDW is way better than that drama. Their bickering is cute and there hasnt been any dull scene … yet.

    1. maybe because the other two dramas in the same time slot have their own supporters. that doesn’t mean this drama is bad..and I agree with what you said 😀 keep supporting this drama! 😉

  3. i love this drama until the episode 8 airing
    whe jessica appear inthis drama ,i started to hate it
    is any body agree with me

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