[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 10

Episode 10 Recap: The Fancy Dinner Santa Claus Mystery.

Real Title: Santa Claus’s Secret

So the episode starts off with the boys and the supermarket and do I see new haircuts for everyone?? They all look around in amazement and Prince Jung sees a kid sit on a cart with his parents pushing him. Cue Prince Jung in a cart himself while they push him; he looks like a little kid and it’s so cute! Jong Hyun gets a kick out of spinning him around.

They walk by a counter where a worker is handing out free samples of food. Soo Hyuk tells Prince Jung that it’s dangerous so he’ll try it out first. He eats another one and tells them that it’s not bad. The lady offers one to Hyun Joong and Prince Jung who both decide that it tastes pretty good. So they go crazy eating the samples while Jong Hyun declines. He’s more curious about what the lady is cooking next, is it something dangerous?

Prince Jung gets fascinated with a guy using scissors to cut off some chestnuts and Soo Hyuk looks slightly amazed too.

They watch another lady grab something off the counter and place it in her basket and they go crazy placing things in their cart. It feels like they’re in a race or something (haha). Prince Jung is too short to reach the higher shelves so his minions have to do it (aww).

At the counter, the checkout lady tells them their total is $657 (?). Hyun Joong is already eating the food (haha). Jong Hyun pays with a card but it gets declined and the checkout lady asks if he has another card. Prince Jung says no bluntly.

Dori (Sumi’s friend) sees them at the counter  and is shocked by the amount of groceries they are buying. Jong Hyun had told her that the president sent them on this shopping errand, he gives her the grocery list which comprises of a few items. She sighs.

They walk out of the market where they are stopped by security when the alarm beeps. The security guard asks if they had accidentally brought out anything and Dori asks if they did. They all shake their heads and the camera zooms in to some food that Prince Jung has sticking out of  his sweater pocket. They all tried to look inconspicuous (LOL). Dori sees it and tries to pry it out of Prince Jung’s pocket but Prince Jung is holding onto it. She finally gets it out and apologizes to the security guard.

The security guard asks them to go back in and pass through again. The alarm rings again (haha). Prince Jung sighs and takes out a pair of children sunglasses (LOL). The vampires slowly take it all out (LOLOL). Soo Hyuk took a lighter?! (hahahha).

Meanwhile, the president seems to be writing a letter, possibly a love letter to someone, when he gets a text message. It’s from the bank and it notifies him that 32080 won was used. He places his phone down and continues stressing over the letter. Omo, could the love letter be for Sumi?!

The vampires are at the department store and are walking around leisurely when a Santa Clause greets them with “Merry Christmas.” They all look at him with a nasty expression.

Prince Jung: What?
Santa: Merry…Christmas….
Prince Jung: What are you saying?!
Soo Hyuk: Who are you?

A little boy with his parents walk up to Santa Claus and greets him with Merry Christmas which confuses the vampires.

Jong Hyun takes out his handy dandy tablet and reports that Merry Christmas is a greeting for Christmas (?) Either  way, it is of no help and Soo Hyuk wonders what Christmas is. They all look and stare at the Christmas tree.

Sumi and Manager Shin is in their room. She talks to him about wanting to do something romantic while he’s clipping his toenails (haha). She says she’s prepared something and it turns out to be leopard printed bra and panties (lol). Manager Shin doesn’t look excited at all and seems more horrified (aw). He seems tortured by the thought and Sumi had already prepared some roleplay for them where she’s screaming for Tarzan’s help. Manager Shin tries to discourage her however this is something she has always wanted to do.

Manager Shin walks away and Sumi chases him slowly while saying Tarzan. They get interrupted however by the president so Sumi goes into mom mode and begins hitting Manager Shin while scolding him. The president asks for some of Sumi’s time and hands her a letter. She’s about to open it but Dori’s voice rings in the room. She suggest they throw a party and they could sing. (I didn’t catch what she said about the dress code). The president likes this idea and tells Sumi to get the party ready. Sumi says she and her “son” have plans however Manager Shin weasels out of them. Sumi seems really disappointed (aw). Manager Shin manages to persuade her and she tells him that he’s so smart.

The vampires are gathered in their room and listening to Jong Hyun as he explains about how Santa Claus would come at Christmas Eve and place gifts in stockings (haha). Prince Jung tells him to get straight to the point and Jong Hyun says simply: whatever Christmas presents you wish to have, he will give it to you. Hyun Joong says that means they won’t get any presents to which Jong Hyun nods since they didn’t tell Santa. Prince Jung tells them they have to go and do one, the minions follow after.

The vampires bump into Manager Shin and ask if he needs anything so they can tell Santa. He laughs at them when they ask if he doesn’t know Santa. Manager Shin knows Santa, he is Santa. I love the vampires faces when he says that. Prince Jung asks if he’s really Santa and Manager Shin says of course he is. Santa is dressed in red and that was the color of blood. He starts explaining it some more but they all doubt him. Manager Shin still says he’s the original Santa Claus. They decide to just go to the mall Santa. Prince Jung tells the vampires they have to talk to the Santa Claus they just met earlier.

At the mall, kids are having their picture taken with Santa Claus and the vampires march right up to him. They tell him that they have some presents they want to wish for. Santa Claus directs them to get a piece of paper then write on it, follow by waiting in that line for their turn then putting it on the tree.

The vampires are near a pillar and Prince Jung is trying to figure out what to wish for. I didn’t catch what Jong Hyun wished for; it has something to do with being a flower boy though. Soo Hyuk was about to say his wish when Prince Jung interrupts him after seeing a baby on a stroller.

It’s almost finally their turn and Prince Jung is slightly uncomfortable with how the children sit on Santa’s lap and then gives Santa a kiss. If they are going to go there with Prince Jung…this is going to be a hoot!

They wonder if their wishes will come true since they are vampires, however the original Santa was a vampire so it should be okay. Prince Jung is worried about his lips touching someone else’s. It’s his turn to go up now and Prince Jung sits on Santa’s lap (omgoshhh they actually went there!!) Santa is confused by Prince Jung’s actions as Prince Jung wraps his arms around Santa’s neck like a little kid. He then tries to plant a kiss on Santa however Santa backs up. It ends up with Prince Jung falling on Santa and kissing him. Prince Jung gets up and takes a huge breath of air like he just dived underwater for ten minutes (hahahahha).

The older generation are dressed up in fancy gowns and having a glass of wine in the living room. They all act like royalty and Manager Shin comments that this is his first time at this kind of party, but its fun. The dining table is set fancily and there are French entrees on the table such as fois gras and cream pasta.

At dinner, the president asks for kimchi but Dori says they can’t eat kimchi in this kind of setting. Sumi agrees and today they’ll eat a western meal. Sumi plays footsie under the table but when Manager Shin excuses himself, it turns out it was the wrong recipient. The president was actually on the receiving end and he gives Sumi an adorable wink.

The vampires are at the mall and Prince Jung suddenly stops which causes Soo Hyuk to ask if there was anything wrong. He has something else to wish for and Hyun Joong tells him that they should hurry up and go back. Santa isn’t there anymore and Hyun Joong uses his sense, so no more sticking his finger in his ear (lol). He points them to a direction where Santa is peeing in a restroom. Santa asks what they want and get annoyed at getting pee on his hands (ew). He walks away without even washing his hands! (GROSS). Prince Jung follows right after.

Santa greets the little children cheerfully and asks if they waited long. He picks up a child and the vampires walk up to him. Santa is posing for a picture with the little girl and his fingers are poking her cute chubby cheeks (gross for the whole unsanitary thing). Prince Jung tells him he wants to change his wish. Jong Hyun lectures that he could spread a virus to the children because he didn’t wash his hands. Santa covers the little girl’s ears but the mom heard everything and picks up the child. The mothers take away their children in tow.

Prince Jung tells him that he wants to change his wish so Santa will need to give him back his letter. Santa asks how he’s supposed to find it in the whole Christmas tree full of them? The vampires are disappointed that he hasn’t read them yet and wonder if Santa would understand them in their native Vampyrutus language.

Jong Hyun: This is the prince so please humble yourself. We wish we change our wish. And also, please wash your hands after urinating. What do you think? Did I do well? (LOL)

The Santa gets irritated and demand to know what they want from him. Prince Jung asks how could Santa get angry plus he didn’t even tell him his new wish yet and Jong Hyun gets mad about the wish thing also his dirty hands. Hyun Joong shakes his head in disgust. Soo Hyuk suggests that they find another Santa.

The four are really full from dinner and Sumi signals to Manager Shin that they should leave. Manager Shin burps and tells them that he’s really full from dinner prompting the president to comfortably fart (haha). Sumi says this is caused by all the food that they just ate and they should go eat some kimchi (something like that). But they all end up eating kimchi and they eat it like it’s their last meal. Manager Shin then suggest drinking soju which they all agree to (hahaha so much for the western meal). They end up on the floor instead with a mat out to play Go Stop.

The girls come back after a long dayand decline their invitation to join them at their little party. The vampires come back and Prince Jung asks Woo Hee if she made a wish with Santa. He’s surprised to find out that they didn’t. Minah can’t believe that they still believe in Santa and tell them that he’s not real. Brunette says that they’re really cute.

They sit in their room and Jong Hyun tells them that it doesn’t matter whether Santa is real or not, as long as you just believe him with your heart. Prince Jung sighs and says he feels like drinking soju.

The girls take a picture with a cake, most likely for fan service as the brunette types that after a long day’s schedule, they’re celebrating Christmas with a little party. Silence texts Merry Christmas everyone. Minah and Woo Hee texts cutely but after they’re done, scary Woo Hee comes out as she takes off the reindeer hair band and scoffs about the so called party they are having. They all just go to bed, not caring that they have to wash their faces and make up off.

It’s twelve and the president says they have to make a wish. Hahha the president tied his bowtie on his head. Dori wishes something for the president which makes them all laugh. The president plays Go Stop but loses while Sumi wins. Soo Hyuk sneaks into the kitchen and grabs something. He gingerly walks back into the living room where he places the chestnut clippers in Prince Jung’s stocking (AWW, I love Soo Hyuk even more now).

The next day, Prince Jung, Jong Hyun, and Hyun Joong check their stockings and Prince Jung happily shows them his present. Jong Hyun and Hyun Joong don’t seem too disappointed. Soo Hyuk is happy for Prince Jung and checks his stocking to find out that he got something. It is a vial of blood (?). We find out what Soo Hyuk wished for: something for Prince Jung.

We flashback to when Manager Shin said that Santa is also a vampire. Santa bares his fangs and Soo Hyuk is left speechless.


 I wish I had recapped this during Christmas, oh wells. This episode was heartwarming and cute.

I love most of the boys’ new hairstyles! Soo Hyuk looks hot with that perm! I nominate him to be in Shut Up: Flower Boy Band!! But I still want him on this show too, he can do both right? Hyun Joong looks way better with this hair than the slick back one, he looks more relaxed and it’s less severe. As for Jong Hyun, he looked better with his old hair style but this one doesn’t diminish his handsomeness in any way. Prince Jung looks more boyish to me in this episode, maybe after the whole shopping cart shenanigans, but then again, when wasn’t he a man child?

Soo Hyuk stole this episode for me again particularly because of his loyalty to Prince Jung. The other minions haven’t had a chance to do something like this for Prince Jung yet but I love their friendship. I realize that the group of four: Hyun Joong and Jong Hyun are the closest and Prince Jung and Soo Hyuk are the closest. That’s not a bad thing per say, but they should mix and match it a little.

No Min Kyung in this episode. Boo. I was hoping for more Soo Hyuk and Min Kyung interactions.

The part that resonated with me the most was when the four older people tried to do something new such as the fancy dinner party but ended up going back to kimchi and soju. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of my parents and how they hate American food and would rather have a Chinese dinner. The actors all pulled it off really well, the whole uncomfortable fake party and  then the real party begins on the floor with a few shots and Go Stop.

School’s coming up again so I’m going to be really busy, I apologize ahead of time for the delay in recaps ;____;


6 thoughts on “[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 10

  1. thanks for this – could you translate the letter he wrote. All I could make out was the Prince’s title. was they vials or blood or were they smelling salts or something like that. My guess was they were smelling salts to keep the blood lust down, but that was a complete guess.

    1. I tried to translate it, but I couldn’t figure out parts of it.

      Prince must have (?) this banana flavored bulb(?). I knew the banana flavored and Prince is right but not sure about the other parts.
      sorry :[

      yeah it might be sea salt, but when I looked again, the color was pretty dark like blood so I just thought it was blood lol

  2. hi! i’m a big fan of your recaps for vampire idols. Its too bad there are no subs for this show,,,how are you even able to understand it? I’ve been planning to sub this show since I’m a LSH fan girl! If you’re interested, are you willing to translate for this show? I’ll be the one to time, typeset, and edit. I just need translations… I do hope you could help me. It would mean a lot since fans are dying for a subbed version of the show! Thanks!

    1. i would love to help you however, I’m still a beginner at korean. I am able to understand it only by hearing certain words and applying it to the context. If I was to sub this, it would be inaccurate :[

      Thank you for reading my recaps though :] I wish I was able to help out more :[

        1. I didn’t officially learn korean until September when I took Korean 1 at my University, but now I’m at Korean 2. Most of it, I learned by myself such as the alphabet. By watching a lot of dramas, I started picking up phrases and in many dramas, there are certain phrases that are repeated. That’s pretty much how I started understanding some Korea though there’s still a lot that I don’t know :]

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