Unconditional Love

Dear show, thanks for giving me a chance to enter your imaginary world. It’s an impulse to start watching you back then, but I know, that was one of the best decision I’ve ever made in my Kdrama watching history and yeah, I’ll never going to regret anything about it, come hell or high water.

My brain’s currently being drained from the exams, so just want to share my favourite moments of the current episodes. There’s way too many of them, but I’m taking my most favourites (but it’s still too many LOL).

The Angry Eun-Sul

There’s no woman that can make two chaebols actually afraid of her, except Eun-Sul (and maybe, their grandma). And that can make her teach them some lessons whenever necessary.


At times, even the secretary can become the boss 😀

And make them throw themselves on each other like best buds.

Ji-Heon’s Weird Hobby

Talking to a cardboard figure can cause you to be misunderstood, especially when it’s your parents who found out about that.

“Yah! Are you a pervert? You have this kind of interest?

*That was so wrong, Daddy Cha.

Women’s Biggest Dream


…is to be able to lay between two gorgeous guys.

But unexpectedly, they are just interested in each other, not you.

Best Forehead Kiss Ever!


The most beautiful, sexiest, and sweetest forehead kiss. Love it!


Because I love both of them.


Those killer stares, sending flying daggers to each other…


..but actually in good terms with each other, laughing..

..only when Grandma is around. Looks like she’s not that impressed either.

The Birth of a New Man

Behind every successful man, there’s always a woman.


I just have to adore them.


The pride that a father feels for his son who gets to overcome his fear really touches my heart. Daddy Cha, you’re so great!

Na-Yoon, the Legendary Singer

Because you’re the best when it comes to doing something mindlessly..

Still going strong, though you’re all alone. Congratulations, my dear Na-Yoon.

The Many Faces of Mu-Won

Sometimes, heartbreak just makes you a better person, no?


A set of Mu-Won’s facial expressions: from ‘I’m in awe’ to ‘Can’t you stop it?’

Bibimbap, The National Dish of Korea

Only Ji-Heon is the not-so-lucky guy, to be forced to eat it. With such a big spoon.

And the after-effect:

A tear-eyed Ji-Heon with a mouthful of bibimbap. Probably, full of regret too for asking a meal from them.


The most anticipated OTP after Ji-Heon + Eun-Sul and Mu-Won + Na-Yoon:

One of the most touching scene. Ahhh~ But that doesn’t mean they are in peace: still going around doing jeté in the toilet.


Again, trying to stare each other down.

Sweet Date!

Can a grandma-grandson relationship be anything cuter than this? 😉

Triple Date

The best gathering with unwanted but welcomed guests.


Notice how Mu-Won secretly pours some soju into his glass and adds some Pepsi when everyone isn’t paying attention. LOL Mu-Won, you’re not a good drinker!


cute couples alert!

Random stuff:

  • I just love Curator Hwang’s nails. How cool she is to do that? Even Na-Yoon doesn’t have nails like that!

  • Daddy Cha’s chat with the ahjummas are so funny and cute at the same time. It’s lovely how he can talk about children with them.

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