Tree with Deep Roots – Gallery

Checking it out mainly because of Joong-Ki, but decides to give it a try because I’m interested after reading the synopsis: solving murder mystery that leads to another bigger mystery. It’s a sageuk (obviously) and full of hanboks, so I think it’s going to be one of my stress reliever when I can’t understand a single word when I’m watching. Anticipating this to be good as the predecessor dramas in this timeslot have been quite a bomb in terms of ratings and storyline.

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Park Shi Hoo – High Cut Vol 61

It’s Park Shi-Hoo! Or should I say it’s Seung-Yoo? The pictorial is taken during The Princess’ Man shooting for High Cut. *sigh* Should I fly to South Korea and grab a copy of this?

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Joong Ki’s Teaser Collection

After a bunch of magazine photo shoots from him, this time, it’s his time to shine both on the small and big screen. It’s nearly the time for Joong-Ki’s film Many a Little Romance with Han Ye-Seul and drama Tree with Deep Roots to air, and it feels so good to see him in both hanbok as a king and daily clothing like a normal boy next door. Ah, the charms of a birthday boy!

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