Royal Family : My Halfway Journey

Currently watching the seventh episode of Royal Family, this means that I’m almost halfway the journey to the end of this 18-episode seriesI’m not really sure why nowadays, I find dramas with serious tone and circles around people who are matured than me (am I that young to say so?) to be more entertaining than those centered around teenagers or youths like me. Well, there are times that we have to be more matured, right? I guess it’s the same for my Kdrama taste.

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It’s Full of Love!

If this week of mine is full of tiring presentations, it’s different in their world. It’s a week full of love for everyone! How I wish I can live like them, but they also have their own problems. After all, dramas are all about humans, and where we can find living souls without a problem? Even the happiest people have their own hard times. It’s just they know how to enjoy their life to the fullest. Plus, being a person full of love is a big help too.

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Dokko & Ae-Jung’s Reunion

Yup! I’m so excited to see them together in the latest edition  of Harper’s Bazaar Korea magazine. This makes me realize that I do miss The Greatest Love so much. Too much until I can’t help but call them ‘Dokko’ and ‘Ae-Jung’. Oh, I miss both of you, Cha Seung-Won and Gong Hyo-Jin!

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Talking about Love…

..and mine has just went a notch higher for them.

I do think that I’m being too addicted to this drama. Basically, I will try to watch it from the moment I downloaded it. First without subs, then with not-that-proper-subs, after that with proper subs, and continuously replaying it when I feel like I need a good laugh. Awww..While I’m still feeling guilty because I have too much doubt when I first started watching it, now I am so grateful to have the chance to enjoy this drama. And on top of that, I don’t have to endure that much anger on the supposed-to-be-meanie Na-Yoon as she is just another crybaby who gets left out every single time. I enjoy her presence-just-to-be-ignored very much.

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