[recap] Tree with Deep Roots – Episode 8

More people and more actions, more emotions and more interactions are shown, which makes the story goes into an exciting yet thrilling journey. Definitely more people are going to get killed, so why not join the forces and get together to solve the case? For example, Seong Sam-Moon and Kang Chae-Yoon would probably make the best partner in playing detectives, with both of them having equal amounts of curiosity.

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[recap] Tree with Deep Roots – Episode 7

At this point, it’s quite hard to just pay attention on the main scenes, as the story goes deeper into each and every character’s profile. Every moment is an important one; every single movement makes you jump. And some scenes just make you want to go live inside the story, despite the murders that are happening in this story almost every day.

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Spazzing Around #4

Almost giving this post a weird title: “Spazzong Aroung”. Meh, maybe my mind isn’t completely here right now. Juggling around several tasks at one time isn’t an easy task, but upon seeing this, my mood becomes better. So much better.

The return of the mighty Song-Song couple.. 😉

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[recap] Tree with Deep Roots – Episode 6

As the mystery enters another stage with more clues and people involved, it’s not an easy detective game anymore for Chae-Yoon to solve. One of the things I’m looking forward is the moment So-Yi will recognize Ddol-Bok, and Chae-Yoon get to know about Dam-Yi who is  still alive. It won’t be an easy path for them to be able to recognize each other back, but I’m wishing these childhood friends will be reunited, and ends the wretched fate they faced when they were younger.

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