Protect the Boss: Picspam (5.9~11.9)

One of the great things about SBS dramas is they have such a great team of cameraman and photographers. Besides the excellent camera work, the stills taken during the filming are so pretty and it has the ability to make people feel giddy, just from trying to picture the scenes. It feels good to go stalking the official website of Protect the Boss and looking at the pictures. My old habit since 49 Days has returned: saving the stills in my computer. Now, it’s their turn~ the bosses and the secretary!

[This post will be updated until this week ends]


Happy Chuseok everyone!!

Cha Cha Gere is getting everyone’s love!

My favorite four! 😉


A day out with Chairman Cha and Eun-Sul..

Eun-Sul is making a bouquet? The birth of Lady Eun-Sul, maybe?

She looks focused but somehow…bored with the cello.

Here we have…a mini fashion show by Eun-Sul! I love her heels!


My favorite style of her 😀

This totally looks like her current style, except that sparkly bag and shoes. hehe

“Do you approve of this? Don’t blame me afterwards, saying that you used all your card limit!”

“Of course! Anything for my daughter-in-law-to-be!”

While Eun-Sul is spending her time with her daddy-in-law-to-be, Mu-Won and Na-Yoon are enjoying themselves…

…or maybe not?

Na-Yoon: full of emotions..

What about Mu-Won’s singing skills?


These stills are sure to make those who are waiting for episode 11 to become more restless.

Is this going to be a dream? LOL Eun-Sul looks way too relaxed to be laying between two gorgeous man. Ji-Heon’s stare is melting my heart~

Now she looks like she’s in the heaven or something 😀 Ji-Heon please don’t kill me with that stare! Mu-Won looks like a baby here! Cute!

Oh, it’s Ice Cream’s turn! Wait, this is Ji-Heon’s bedroom! Are they drunk together? Again? Mu-Won’s so relaxed while Ji-Heon looks a bit troubled..

A stare competition, with Na-Yoon being in cloud nine between them.

I love everything about this picture: Ji-Heon and Eun-Sul’s arms around each other, Na-Yoon’s peace sign, and Mu-Won’s bright smile. Such a happy casts!

Mu-Won-God showing off his skills..

Cute + bright + precious smile from Mu-Won~


Everyone, I want to hear your scream. Or squeal. Right now. So. Cute.

Are they trying to compete who has the bigger mirror? Then, of course Ji-Heon is the winner! Don’t worry Eun-Sul, you’re not losing anything! I like your new hair very much!


I swear, if I find someone as fine as him working at the coffee shop near my house, I’ll go there every single day. Or I’ll just camp in front of it.

*sigh* Perfection~

These three looks fine when they’re together! Just become friends already, Eun-Sul and Na-Yoon-ah..

This is such a common thing, I think. I remember seeing this last year about Yoochun. They really like to compare the head with the height ratio, like how many of your heads represents your height. Gosh, she is tall and look at those long legs! Envy her =.=

cr: Protect the Boss official website, SBS_BOSS Twitter

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