7th Grade Civil Servant

With less than a week until the premiere, 7th Grade Civil Servant (or Level 7 Civil Servant, whatever you want to call it) finally gave its official site a complete makeover, ready for the visitors to come flocking in looking for goodies and eye candies. I might be slightly on the ‘eye candy lurker’ mode since this is the return of Joo Won to dramaland after four months~! Not a long absence but hey, I have to be grateful for my flower boys. Hee.


The official site: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/7th/

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A Love/Hate Relationship

Love to see them together, but hate to see them apart.

Sometimes, the word ‘extension’ just serves as an alternate meaning of ‘lagging the story’ for me. Some might view it from a positive angle: more episodes means more time to ogle at your favorite actors or actresses, but for me, more episodes means a stretch of story line that may include unnecessary actions and probably, extensive amount of angst in between. Protect the Boss might be one of the few which survived from the negative effects, although there are some points that aren’t that necessary but included, thanks to the extension. Now I sound like someone who despise it so much but most of the time, it does mean bad news.

Leave the word aside: the story now take a different turn, right into a world with less laughter and a little bit of angst coming in.

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Spazzing Around #2

Looks like this is the final week of Protect the Boss (sobs) and the next contender for Wed-Thu drama, Tree with Deep Roots will begin airing on 5th October. Young King Sejong doesn’t let go of this opportunity to pay a visit to DN Group and it turns out that he’s on good terms with both of the chaebols! A potential bromance? Bring it on!

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Protect the Boss: Picspam (14.9~17.9)

The stills are pouring out like crazy! This time, I took it from the Twitter and they’re so fast in uploading the pics. I do think that they’re as excited as the viewers. And since the preview for ep 13 was out yesterday, the stills are from the preview (as for the time being) but they are so cute. Congratulations SBS, you’ve just piqued my interest up for tonight’s episode.

[This post will be updated until this week ends]

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Unconditional Love

Dear show, thanks for giving me a chance to enter your imaginary world. It’s an impulse to start watching you back then, but I know, that was one of the best decision I’ve ever made in my Kdrama watching history and yeah, I’ll never going to regret anything about it, come hell or high water.

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