Ji Sung Ă— Hyeri for InStyle May 2016

The first batch of pictures are finally here for Ji Sung and Hyeri’s InStyle pictorial after the constant teasing on InStyle’s Instagram account, but I am left craving for more! If you have been out of touch with kdramaland, they will be appearing in the new Wed-Thu drama Entertainer, premiering tomorrow on SBS. The age gap between these two does make people wary of the drama but let’s just judge after it airs, shall we? 🙂

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Entertainer’s First Teaser Unveiled!

I totally did not expect Entertainer to unveil its first teaser today (or technically yesterday) but they did, and guess who is a happy fangirl now? We get a sneak peek of the leads and they were…dancing their hearts out in the teaser. Yes, you read that right. Ji Sung and Hyeri, battling it out on their  own dance floor that is the convenience store. Looks like our Manager Shin is scouting his band of entertainers while showing off his own talents.

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Remember, The Time You Fell for Them!

This is actually an interview by Newsen after the online news outlet conducted a poll to choose the couple with the best chemistry in 2015 dramas. Kill Me, Heal Me OTP, Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-eum topped the poll and Newsen went to give the best couple ‘award’ to both of them. The sad thing is they’re not being interviewed together (too bad!!) but at least, we get to see them again! Remember, the time we fell for Ji Sung♡Hwang Jung-eum…the best couple of 2015 (according to netizens)~

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Ji Sung Becomes the Vampire Next Door

Yeah, you read that right. Ji Sung turns into a vampire for his secret project, a short film feature by Director Im Sang-soo for 20th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) 2015 this October. The 20-min feature, entitled The Vampire Lives Next Door, is a part of Color of Asia – Masters, a joint project of BIFF, Youku, and Heyi Pictures, Inc, which showcases the short features by Asian filmmakers, namely Im Sang-soo, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Naomi Kawase, and Wang Xiaoshuai.

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Three Meals Season 2: Episode 4 (with Ji Sung)

Sometimes I wish we still have Channel M on our cable subscription, because I’d like to watch Three Meals a Day with English subs! The show knows how to reel viewers in, be it for the lush green landscape of Jeongseon or the blue sea of Manjae Island. It’s hard to tear yourself away from the screen, watching celebrities spending their day(s) preparing meals for themselves, and this week, there’s another reason to stay glued to my (laptop) screen: Ji Sung!

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