Myung Wol the Spy: Final Thoughts

Everything had gotten delayed for the past few weeks and thank God, I was able to finish watching the last seven episodes in one go. Although there were so many things happening inside and outside the story, I watched it despite my own fear about the flow of the story itself. It turned out that the writers still managed to pull off the plot quite well, though not perfect, it still satisfied me, at least. Watching this just needs some patience and willingness to accept that everything is not perfect.

Because of the matter with Han Ye-Seul, I admit that I watched episode 11 with myself full of fear. I was so scared that the drama would be a mess and worse, its production could be stopped just like that. Thank God, everything went well and they were back together to finish the drama.

It’s true that the first part might be filled with so much quirkiness and I must admit it was an enjoyable ride. As the story itself suggests about the lives of spies, some serious matter are going to be included in the latter part of the drama. I didn’t even regret the fact that I chose to watch this drama, because there are some moments that I truly enjoyed watching, especially in the second part.

The main focus: Myung-Wol and Kang-Woo. They were so cute with each other after they reconciled, with the date and matching things they had. It’s a bit cheesy for someone like Kang-Woo to do it but I still loved it so much. But after Kang Woo found out about the truth, things started to go a bit stagnant.

The cool and wavering Myung-Wol keeps appearing one after another and honestly, it sometimes piss me off a bit. Ryu must be an extremely patient man to be able to put up with her from the beginning. Not that I hated her, she herself is an amazing woman when it comes to fighting and action, but when it comes to making decisions and setting the priorities in her life, she is not that great in that field, particularly when love is in the way. Nevertheless, it made Myung-Wol a bit human and she definitely won’t be going into the ‘human machine’ route once her love mode has been activated.

What about Kang-Woo? I think in my history of watching dramas, he’s the one of the leads that I pity the most. He’s the most constant character in the second half, admitting his love towards Myung-Wol and didn’t waver until the end. But the fact that he couldn’t do anything (or to be more exact, didn’t know how) to help his loved one who’s in danger broke my heart a little. I didn’t know whether it’s Kang-Woo or Eric, but that man looked really tired. I’m not really sure it’s Kang-Woo who’s tired from all the mess or it’s simply Eric who’s drained from the shootings.

But I still have people who I also pitied about: Ok-Sun and Hee-Bok. They had been preparing to leave for countless times (or wasn’t it only two times?) and only God knows what they were feeling every time they failed to return to North. I knew the feelings of having to pack and unpack your luggage: it’s hard and time-consuming, and moreover, it’s pretty disappointing to get your high hopes being crushed down multiple of times.

At least, I didn’t have to waste my hate for the four main leads. The bad guy wasn’t in the circle, although still associate with them. Chairman Joo was one tough cookie, lined by endless amount of his chocolate chips (my ‘sweet’ term for the thugs) around him. His degree of evilness is beyond imagination and I just couldn’t hate him anymore. I just sighed and went “Oh, it’s him again…” He is a man who shouldn’t be trusted at all. Luckily In-Ah didn’t inherit his level of untrustworthy.

In-Ah was in the middle of my good and bad books. I’ve said earlier that she had the potential of being a total bitch, given her little ability and her fortune but fortunately, she didn’t choose that route. Excellent move, girl. That should earn her some plusses in her pocket from me and she had been doing justice all the way towards the end. Her development was the thing I looked for the most after Woo-Wol physical distance which keeps increasing and decreasing due to the endless plans to escape by Myung-Wol.

Yeay for the moment when In-Ah was actually quite dazed by Ryu’s high level of coolness when he fought off her grandfather’s thugs! It’s adorable as she kept replaying that scene in her mind aimlessly and went into her usual antics of “Ah! I don’t care! I don’t care!” when she realized how weird she was behaving at that time.

The priceless moment when Ryu was hiding under her blanket and actually stayed on her bed beside her. Heee~spazzing

“In-Ah-ya~~” was probably one of the main phrases that I mindlessly muttered when I was watching. Ah, I truly felt bad for her. She might be living better than Myung-Wol but her life wasn’t that amazing either. Being rejected twice weren’t nice memories, and having a bad grandfather just topped it up. Poor In-Ah. Ryu had that sparkle in his eyes when you confessed, it’s just you’re doing it at a very wrong timing.

Ryu. Oh, dear Ryu. Don’t you know that my ached so much for you? Oh God, writing this became ten times harder when your face kept appearing inside my head.

He got to be the most patient, the most sincere, the most faithful, the sweetest, the kindest, the [insert any good quality with its superlative form here] guy from North that I’ve ever known (not that I knew a lot of them. heh). How can you’re from the North? If you’re born in the South, you’d probably be a romantic guy with a job as something else, rather than a spy. But as Myung-Wol said, it’s their fate.

I’d said this again and again: it’d be good if Myung-Wol and he never went down to the South. Or better, they’d never been assigned the mission to accompany that Kim Young-Tak’s daughter to Singapore. That’s the root to all the problems they had. sigh Then I won’t be writing out my feelings about this drama right now and Myung-Wol the Spy won’t exist. double sigh They’d made a really compatible couple.

Ryu chugging down a bottle of soju just like that. Whoah. I’m amazed. *clap clap*

His stares to Myung-Wol often looked like a combination of father, brother, and lover’s stares. Pretty, wasn’t it? When he told her about her father’s last wish: to take care of her in his place and openly admitted his feelings, I melted into a puddle. When his hand was held firmly by Myung-Wol, I was so sad, knowing that it won’t be long before she let go of his hand. When he would watch the Woo-Wol silently and obediently, I had the urge to drag him away and put him into my pocket. And finally, when he decided to let her go, I’d almost cried with him, only that I had to control myself from bawling my eyes out.

At least, he got some golden moments, smiling like an idiot and a newlywed groom when he tried to help Myung-Wol with her things. Sweet!

Then, when In-Ah had jumped into my good book and she decided to let go of Kang-Woo, I shipped them so hard: Ryu and In-Ah. I thought so, mainly because she was so cute and he was such a sweet guy, and they’d make an adorable couple.

And for the ending….

There were few scenes that deserved some ‘rolling your eyes’ moments but I managed to ignore it, particularly about the camera angles and choice music, but I’m not someone who’s that qualified to talk about this, so I’d keep them to myself.

But my biggest regret was when Ryu’s car exploded. It really killed my mood as I felt the scene was so off. It was so sudden: one time they were smiling to each other, and the next scene, Kang-Woo was looking at the exploded and burning car. At least, if they wanted to keep Myung-Wol and Ryu away for some time, just made the North tried to kidnap them and they had to jump into the sea and hide on a secret island. That would’ve made more sense. Ah, I’m not the scriptwriters. Humm..

Ok-Sun and Hee-Bok surrendered themselves and later, got married and involved in separate food business. How smart! A good way to make money: attack the South people’s taste buds with yummy food. A pretty cool move they’d made maybe based on Hee-Bok’s 30 years of observations on their way of life.

Another yeay for a real wedding! Pretty sweet ending for the main couple, probably going to continue their lives as the superstar couple. Hopefully they would be living like what Kang-Woo had been dreaming about everyday for one whole year:

maybe his biggest wish is to eat Myung-Wol’s cooking.. 

Looks like someone were quite successful in her life: CEO In-Ah!

Oh, and Chairman Joo had been arrested for his countless crime. Good. He need some time inside the prison to reflect himself instead of brooding about the Four Joint Books, or whatever they were called.

Awww…she was totally jealous of Woo-Wol, and she looked so sad when Ok-Sun mentioned about her Choi. But when she returned to her car, the scarf she gave to Ryu was there! Ryu, where are you???

As she was looking around, a guy with a scarred side profile looked over at her. Ryu, you might need some time, but promise me you’d meet her one day, okay? Good boy would never make a girl cry!

Last note from me: Yes, it wasn’t a sweet, funny, heartwarming journey all the way from the beginning to the end but I did enjoy it. It may had some cringe-worthy moments (EVERY dramas had one or two) but if someone just enjoyed the ride without being so judgmental about it or the issues related to it, then it’d be an interesting one: a journey with bumps and holes, but definitely worth watching. Myung Wol the Spy, I give you seven and a half star.

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