December Spreadelicious: The Cover Men

It’s already holiday season for the magazines as their December edition slowly make their way into the market, and this means new pictorials for us! A number of male stars have been chosen to be the cover models for the magazines and I find it a rare occurrence since most of the time, the covers are dominated by female stars and models. I’m just happy to see a pictorial but I won’t complain at all for this feast!

Changmin of TVXQ and Siwon of Super Junior are both leaving for army tomorrow (19 November) and it will be a long wait of two years for us fans 😦 Recently seen in Scholar Who Walks the Night, Changmin received good reviews for his portrayal of Yi Yoon and spent his free time backpacking overseas after wrapping up the drama. Grazia courted him for the last pictorial before his enlistment, just like how the magazine featured Yunho before he enlisted.

I bet fans of She Was Pretty feel sad to let their precious Shin-hyuk go after the drama ends and worse, we won’t be seeing Siwon in a new project in the next two years as he serves his country. I have to admit that it is a bit strange to see him so clean shaven because I’ve gotten used to his scruffy look in the drama! He covers High Cut Vol 162 to remind his fans not to forget him, and together with Changmin, they will be leaving quietly tomorrow.


Credit to | GRAZIA | HIGH CUT | CeCi | COSMOPOLITAN | SURE | Esquire | via naver |

After finishing his drama Yongpal, Joo Won continues with the promotion for his movie, 그놈이다 (English title: Fatal Intuition). CeCi bags him for a pictorial and I think this could be my favourite photo shoot of him, because he looks so charming and adorable! Plus, CeCi is being so generous with the shots this time 😉












Park Hyung-sik is ready for Christmas on the front page of SURE, looking dapper and warm for the festive season. He was last seen in dramaland through High Society, which proved his capacity as a heartthrob, for those who have yet to discover his charm. He’s since actively appearing in variety shows. 

He’s not the main cover man for COSMOPOLITAN’s December issue, but I suddenly thought of him yesterday and felt that I need to include Lee Seung-gi here ^^ He covers the magazine’s men section and it feels like forever since the last time I saw him in a drama. Wait, I think the last drama of his that I watched was My Girlfriend is a Gumiho O.O That was..five years ago? Maybe I should watch Love Forecast soon..

Last but not least, Esquire courts Yoo Ah-in to grace its cover page for the December edition. Everyone wants to have a piece of him! It’s expected since he’s no doubt the most successful young actor this year, with two movies added into his resume and his ongoing drama Six Flying Dragons receiving lots of love from the viewers. Cherish this man before he enlists some time next year after he wraps up the 50-episode drama!

Credit to | GRAZIA | HIGH CUT | CeCi | COSMOPOLITAN | SURE | Esquire Facebook | via naver |


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