Kang Dong Won for High Cut

It’s a season full of treats for Kang Dong-won’s fans following the premiere of his latest movie, The Priests this week. He’s been working diligently under the radar, filming a slew of movies this year, and he also appeared on a variety show after more than ten years. Will this be his first step to make his drama comeback too? We can only hope and wait for it ^^ At least HIGH CUT understands our hearts because they are featuring him not for one, but two consecutive issues of the magazine! He’s their favourite star, after all~



(Vol 160) From the shadow into the light;




(Vol 161) For ever and ever.




Credit to HIGH CUT

I’m not kidding when I said that he’s High Cut’s favourite, because he has been their cover boy for a couple of times already: Vol. 19, 40 (three versions), 91, 112, 130, and the recent 160 and 161.


2 thoughts on “Kang Dong Won for High Cut

  1. High Cut is KDW’s biggest fan lol. And I’m glad he looks happier and more comfortable now with being on tv, and he doesn’t look like he’s forced (he doesn’t have agency atm though). Cherish while it lasts because soon he’ll be in a cave shooting his newest film Hidden Time, and he will hide until A Violent Prosecutor promotion time.

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