Suzy for First Look Vol 101

Hanbok pictorial is like a rare gem and I know I have to put this one on the blog because it is just breathtakingly beautiful. Stunning Suzy looks ethereal in pastel hanbok for First Look Vol 101, and it is the first hanbok pictorial for the fashion magazine. Suzy’s upcoming film Dorihwaga (도리화가) or The Sound of a Flower will hit the theaters on the 25th, also starring Ryu Seung-ryong, Song Sae-byuk, Lee Dong-hwi, and Kim Nam-gil. I’m looking forward to the movie but for now, let me appreciate these beautiful shots!











The last one is my favourite! Which one is yours?

Credit to 1st Look Korea

5 thoughts on “Suzy for First Look Vol 101

    1. These are absolutely stunning. The ethereal fabrics, the play of pastels, and Suzy make it universally appealing. Kudos to the stylists, etc involved in this 1st look !!!

  1. When I saw these pics, I immediately declared my crush over Suzy. Days later, my feelings hasn’t changed. The pictures are so serene to look at. And with soft dewy look, it make winter looks oh so lovely.

  2. Totally agree. Each image is so stunning that it’s difficult to choose a favorite. Suzie in a hanbok, and styled so beautifully…the overall effect is simply exquisite.

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