Leads of She Was Pretty for Cosmopolitan

Surprise, surprise!! We have a new pictorial this time: Cosmopolitan Korea gathers the four leads of the latest MBC drama on  Wed-Thu slot, She Was Pretty, in one place for a photo shoot to grace the pages of the magazine’s October edition. Colour me excited for this! The drama aired its pilot episode last night, and the timing for their pictorial is just perfect to lure more fans into watching. Plus, it is a rom-com set in a magazine company, so it’s just fitting for the leads to have a photo shoot of their own to promote the series…right?

There’s an interview with the leads and I’m going to translate it…after I am done with squeeing for the pictorial and watching the first two episodes of the drama! Hwang Jung-eum and Park Seo-joon look SO good together (as if we don’t know it yet :P), but I’m a bit sad we don’t have a couple shot for Siwon and Go Jun-hee. I hope the drama will be a delightful ride because the cast is just precious ^^











9 thoughts on “Leads of She Was Pretty for Cosmopolitan

  1. The leads look amazing together. Wow! As for the guyyyyyys they’re just so – hot – and Si-Won can so pull off the beard. Ladies look great as well. Anyway, awesome cast, I hope this romcom won’t disappoint 🙂

  2. I’m really tempted to start this but it’s painful waiting 2 episodes per week. I’m going crazy waiting for The Eccentric Daughter In Law to air every week. Gonna hold up on til halfway.

  3. I don’t know about watching the drama (I am not a big fan of “Let’s talk down the female lead” plots) but that last green dress in the photo shoot was excellent!

  4. So glad for a drama. Well done, well written and all the characters have their share of charm and flaws. Am I the only one who is more drawn to Siwon-Hwang Jung Eum pairing? Their photos together is oozing sensuality and chemistry. And that green dress at the end, I will have hard time picturing Hwang Jung Eum as average from the next episodes after seeing this.

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