The Dragons Rise for Six Flying Dragons

Several months after the news first came out for Six Flying Dragons, we’re finally getting closer to the premiere this coming October. It feels like an eternity to have waited for the drama but it’s gonna be here soon! SBS is doing an all-out promotion for the drama, releasing stills, teasers, and character details just to lure in more viewers to tune into the drama. The story of six dragons in the twilight of Goryeo and at the dawn of Joseon, how will these people contribute to the foundation of the 500-year old dynasty?

Having watched Tree with Deep Roots, it suggests that this drama won’t be a journey without blood, tears, and sacrifice. Building a new dynasty is not without losing something dear to these people: be it their ideologies, their people, or even their own lives. Although the gain is tempting, there’s a drawback when it comes to humans’ psyche: everyone is not at the same wavelength of thought all the time, and at the end of someone’s loss is another man’s gain.

Although it’s somehow depressing, the story of success is the backbone of Dragons, so we will likely get to see the characters on the same side most of the time, up until their ideologies differ from each other. Make me weep and make me cry, it’s okay as long the journey is going to be an amazing one.

6d11 6d31

Yi Bang-won (Yoo Ah-in) in Dragons is portrayed as a kind and affectionate man, different from the image he is famous for later in his life. It is a stark contrast from the cold Taejong, who won’t flinch at the thought of killing someone who poses as a threat to him. One of the reasons why this drama is going to be a painful journey? Because this Bang-won will be so jaded that he will eventually lose his innocence in return for his ambition, and we will get to see his descent into the ruthless version of himself.

Perhaps, his change can be attributed to a character, who is more passionate that anyone to protect what’s dear to her. There is no giving up in Boon-yi (Shin Se-kyung)’s dictionary, and her heart is big even if the dynasty is crumbling in front of her eyes. Hope is not lost; perhaps, the new era will open up a whole new world, and there will be no more souls being sacrificed.

6d21 6d61

The scholar who saw no hope for Goryeo and found hope through a new dynasty, Jeong Do-jeon (Kim Myung-min). An idealist with the dream to build a nation without any war or aggression. Becoming an advisor to Yi Seong-gye, the man who is once Bang-won’s teacher will turn into the hot-blooded man’s biggest political rival.

A drama about Joseon’s early years is not complete without the man who made it possible for the dynasty to exist. Yi Seong-gye (Chun Ho-jin), the loyal servant of Goryeo. A general who is not afraid of the enemies and battle grounds, if that’s what it takes to protect his country.The support he has from his sodiers and his popularity among the citizens are more powerful than the political influnce held by the nobles. In between the waning Yuan and the emerging Ming, Goryeo’s fate lies in his hand, but Jeong Do-jeon’s idea of a new dynasty changes everything.

6d41 6d51

He was a man with nothing in his possession, except for his dream of becoming the best swordsman in history. Moo-hyul (Yoon Kyun-sang) has a big family, and his dream eventually leads him to meeting Bang-won. His large build and his skills catches Bang-won’s attention, but in the end, the prince’s offer to have Moo-hyul serving him does not get accepted by Moo-hyul himself. He will become Joseon’s best swordsman.

The best swordsman in the history of Korea is no other than Ddang-sae, later known as Lee Bang-ji (Byun Yo-han). If there’s someone who wants to end Goryeo for good, it’s him. Compared to his little sister, Boon-yi, he’s harder to read; no one can guess what this dim-witted guy is thinking. His life centers around his small family and his fate of becoming a farmer, but his mother’s disappearance bring Ddang-sae and Boon-yi to the capital city, where they encounter his future master, Jeong Do-jeon.


Between Goryeo and Joseon, many have to choose their side. Between Yi Bang-won and Jeong Do-jeon, people stand on the side they believe in. Sacrifice will be made, tears will be shed, and blood will be spilled. There will be light and darkness, but one thing I know, the darkest night is just a phase before the brightest sun glows in the sky.

Character teasers:

Dragon #1, Yi Seong-gye

Dragon #2, Jeong Do-jeon

Dragon #3, Yi Bang-won

Dragon #4, Lee Bang-ji

Dragon #5, Boon-yi

Dragon #6, Moo-hyul


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