Magazine Monday – The Leads of She Was Pretty

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you artistic shots of the leading kings and queens who starred in one of 2015’s hottest romantic comedies! Warning: If you are on data plan, you might not want to open this image-heavy post.

MBC drama She Was Pretty has ended, but I’m sure that the show’s characters remain in the hearts of many. With the adorable cast, especially the four leads it is hard not to fall in love with them. The Wed-Thu prime-time drama garnered huge popularity both at home and abroad, raking in high viewership ratings as well as great support from fans. Today is the last day of November, so let us welcome December with different pictorials of each actor! The leads also had a photoshoot with Cosmopolitan together, which was really lovely! ❤ I’m glad that they were all featured in a single picture set, which is quite rare for kdramas (magazines usually feature stars of kmovies together).

First up, we have Park Seo-joon who played Ji Sung-joon, as the plump boy who grew up to become a handsome man. He returns to Korea after more than a decade to take on the position of a Deputy Chief Editor at THE MOST magazine team and surely we know, to find his childhood first love 😉 At the recent Blue Dragon Awards held on the 26th of this month, Park Seo-joon received a Popularity Award for his role in movie Beauty Inside starring alongside Han Hyo-joo. On to the pretties!

GRAZIA February 2014 – The actor relaxes in a bathtub, wearing a shiny suit. Somehow, the pair of glasses suits him here 🙂




Marie Claire July 2014 – The actor broods in this pictorial, pulling off a variety of styles. And he looks so hot in that leather jacket 😉







InStyle Men September 2014 – This pictorial tapped on Park Seo-joon’s manly side as he gazed towards the camera. No more words are needed, because he looks so good ❤






For a compilation of Park Seo Joon’s pictorials, visit the gallery page dedicated to the actor. 🙂

Leading lady Hwang Jung-eum plays Kim Hye-jin who has since grown up to become an ordinary girl. She definitely treasures the special bond forged with Sung-joon when they were children, as she lights up upon receiving an email from him to meet up. However, she lacks the confidence to face him after seeing that he has become such a fine man with a successful career. She ends up as an intern in Jinsung Group’s administrative department, only to be transferred to THE MOST magazine team of the same company. Now that she has to work with Sung-joon in the same team, complications arise.

InStyle January 2014 – Soaked in the picturesque scenery of Bali, she put on various dresses and posed by Nature. She even went to the beach and looks just as lovely 😉

Singles November 2012 – Hwang Jung-eum radiated endless charm, with thick eye make-up as well as clothing which gave her a mature look.

I like this look of hers and the sense of mystery the shot gives off~

Singles May 2015 – The actress travelled to Istanbul in Turkey for this pictorial, and donned on fabulous long dresses among other styles. In the interview with the magazine she talked about her acting career, and dramas that she had starred in.

I love how the wind ruffles her hair! Her sunglasses too ❤

Go Jun-hee plays Min Ha-ri, Hye-jin’s best friend. They have been as close as sisters since young, and are now living under one roof. I really love their friendship, or since there is bromance then this must be sisterly love. After Hye-jin asks Ha-ri for a favour to impersonate herself for a meeting with Sung-joon, this relationship faces a challenge. Will they be able to overcome all odds?

I had a hard time choosing 3 pictorials featuring the actress because she has so many of them and looks gorgeous in everything! She has been featured on countless magazines, probably because she had debuted as a model for school uniforms before acting. I had the urge to put up all her pictorials, but it would be overflowing Go Jun-hee haha XD

Ceci December 2013 – Go Jun-hee pulls off various winter styles as she poses along the streets, and shows us how to enjoy life by sipping a cuppa.

HIGH CUT Vol. 130 July 2014 – Go Jun-hee had a couple photo-shoot with South Korean rapper Beenzino and from the photos, the pair definitely displayed great chemistry together.

InStyle November 2014 – Go Jun-hee posed for the magazine with fellow actor Yoon Kye-sang as a couple. They had starred in kmovie Red Carpet together, which was a romantic comedy released in October last year. There are solo shots of both stars included as well.

Last but certainly not the least, we have Choi Siwon who plays Kim Shin-hyuk, a reporter who is part of THE MOST team. He brings joy to everyone with constant teasing and jokes but is also a nice and warm person, especially to Hye-jin whom he carries a torch for. With his unique charms, how can anyone not be moved by him?!

ELLE March 2010 – For this pictorial, Choi Siwon poses in simple suits whilst showing some skin.

L’ Officiel Hommes December 2014 – The pictorial titled “The Tuxedo Guys” showed Siwon pose with whiskey and his pet dog Bugsy Choi.

L’ Officiel Hommes July 2015 – He was on the magazine’s cover for this issue and this time we see him savouring cream cake, ice cream and blowing bubbles 😀

Eyes into the camera *melts*

Credits | GRAZIA | 1 | 2 | marie claire | InStyle Men | InStyle | Singles | 1 | 2 | Ceci | HIGH CUT | InStyle | ELLE | L’Officiel Hommes | 1 | 2 |


5 thoughts on “Magazine Monday – The Leads of She Was Pretty

  1. Aww.. I loved the drama, so seeing all these pix all together in the same place, is quite a treat! If only they were in a single photoshoot together – that would’ve taken it to another level of awesome! Thanks for the eye candy, Jas! 🙂

    1. Haha I love the drama too ❤ ❤ Heee I’m glad you like the pics! Yeah the only photoshoot they did together was for Cosmopolitan before the drama started. The link’s in the intro of the post! 😉 And no problem kfan; I’m more than happy to share all the pretties.

  2. This drama started out promising, but fail to give any punch at any level. Loved the explosion of cuteness though, which is exactly what the 1st trailer warned us of. Sungjoon and Hyejin were so sickeningly sweet, they hurt my tooth.

    1. Totally agree, loved the beginning, but the final character development was silly and didn’t hold true to the original characterizations. Nothing but sticky treacle at the end. So disappointing.

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