Detectives on the Go (and for ELLE)

Mystery crime movie Detective: The Beginning is finally set to open in South Korean cinemas on 24th September. Starring Kwon Sang-woo and Sung Dong-il, it tells the story of family-oriented man Kang Dae-man (Kwon Sang-woo) who runs a comic book store and has a great interest in mystery novels. He gets on Detective No’s (Sung Dong-il) nerves when he pokes his nose into police affairs…until one day when Dae-man’s detective friend, Joon-soo (Park Hae-joon) gets arrested for murder. Detective No and Dae-man end up working together to solve the case. I really like action movies so I am looking forward to this one! The posters, stills and press pictures have been released. Check them out 🙂

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Moon Geun Young for Allure

2015 continues to be a great year for Moon Geun-young: she has her movie comeback through Sado/The Throne; variety comeback through Two Days One Night; and soon, drama comeback through The Village: Achiara’s Secret. Allure Korea features the 29-year old actress in a photo shoot for its October edition and Moon Geun-young shares her thoughts on her latest movie as well as her life in the accompanying interview. As much as I love her recent two-toned hair (because it’s purple!), the short hair does suit her adorable self^^

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