October Spreadelicious: The Guys I Love

Someone once asked me,”Who is your favourite actor?” To be honest, I cannot provide a definite answer to that question until now. I just can’t pinpoint which actor has captured my heart wholly, because there are just too many of them. Tee-hee! I guess it’s okay not to be faithful when it comes to this, right? October will be a great month, because the magazines are so generous in supplying all the eye candies to us! It’s raining guys I love, and it’s indeed an early Christmas for me!

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Pretty Ladies IU and Park Bo Young for Ceci

It’s only mid-September but pictorials for October are already being released, awesome! Actress Park Bo Young and singer IU grace the covers of Ceci China’s and Korea’s October issues respectively, showing off their feminine charms. Both of them have had a fantastic 2015 so far with dramas and appearing on variety programs. Now let us enjoy the gorgeous!

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