July Spreadelicious: Good Friends

With 10 days left until the movie Good Friends‘ premiere on 10th July, the leads: Ji Sung, Joo Ji-hoon, and Lee Gwang-soo, are featured in several Korean magazines to promote their movie. It’s a rare occurrence to see these three stars together on one page, so enjoy this while it lasts!

The movie, also known as Confession, centers around three good friends: Hyun-tae (Ji Sung), In-chul (Joo Ji-hoon), and Min-soo (Lee Gwang-soo), who have been close friends since their school days. Their friendship is put on a test when an act they commit together turns into a crime. The dark trailer gives a sneak peak of what’s in store, for those looking forward to this movie and these pictorials manage to infuse the tone of the movie into the shoots.

VOGUE takes the bluish background of the poster for its July pictorial featuring the three gentlemen, all decked in dapper suits.

gf+vogue+july14+1new gf+vogue+july14+2new gf+vogue+july14+3new gf+vogue+july14+4new gf+vogue+july14+5new gf+vogue+july14+6new

Ji Sung is laid back in the black-and-white pictorial for Harper’s Bazaar Korea while Singles turns him into a bad boy for its July issue.

jisung+bazaar+july14+6jisung+bazaar+july14+1jisung+bazaar+july14+3 jisung+bazaar+july14+4 jisung+bazaar+july14+5 jisung+bazaar+july14+2

Joo Ji-hoon is to be featured in the July edition of ELLE. I’m still wondering why these people really like to put him in…unique clothes like these.

joojihoon+elle+july14+1 joojihoon+elle+july14+2

Lee Gwang-soo is not to be left behind, talking about the movie in Grazia.


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