Lee Je Hoon & Jo Jin Woong of Signal for Vogue

These two names are probably more familiar in movieland than in dramas, but the two actors are going to appear on the small screen with upcoming cable drama Signal on tvN! Given the stellar cast, it’s like we’re in for a movie 😉 The hype has been around since forever, and the show’s premise sounds very intriguing. They have been featured on the January issue of Vogue and the background of the pictures have Signal’s synopsis as their theme with radios, an hourglass as well as other communication devices. Both Lee Je-hoon and Jo Jin-woong look so fine in leather jackets, coats and suits ❤ What a delight to see them in a pictorial together!

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Park Hae Jin for Vogue

It sure feels like forever since the last time we got to see Park Hae Jin on the small screen, and his last appearance in Bad Guys left fans craving for more. The good thing is we will get to see him in the first week of 2016 through the drama adaptation of popular webtoon Cheese in the Trap! VOGUE features the actor for its December issue in a layback but playful pictorial, and maybe this will be a consolation while we wait for January…

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October Spreadelicious: The Guys I Love

Someone once asked me,”Who is your favourite actor?” To be honest, I cannot provide a definite answer to that question until now. I just can’t pinpoint which actor has captured my heart wholly, because there are just too many of them. Tee-hee! I guess it’s okay not to be faithful when it comes to this, right? October will be a great month, because the magazines are so generous in supplying all the eye candies to us! It’s raining guys I love, and it’s indeed an early Christmas for me!

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September Spreadelicious: Yeo Jin Gu

There aren’t many child actors who can sustain their popularity as they grow up like Yoo Seung-ho and Lee Hyun-woo (just to name a few), and Yeo Jin-gu is no doubt joining the band of grown up child actors making names both in big and small screens. He has a relatively successful career in his tenth year as an actor despite being only 19 in Korean age, and it will be fun anticipating how far he will go in the future. His latest movie, The Long Way Home with Sol Kyung-gyu will hit the cinemas this September, and the boy is being featured in the September issues of ELLE and VOGUE.

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Jung Il Woo for Vogue

I am a not a good fan of Jung Il-woo since I couldn’t even finish The Night Watchman’s Journal last year (please forgive me ;A;) but I do hope that he will have a good and watchable project soon. He’s recently reported to join a Korean-Chinese web drama but he still make some time for another pictorial. Yeay! His latest photo shoot is with the clothing brand Theory Men and it will be featured in VOGUE’s September issue.

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